PS5 Controller vs PS4 Controller | see the difference


PS5 Controller Review :

PlayStation 5 Controller vs PlayStation 4 Controller, Let see the difference.

PS5 Controller Review
PS5 Controller Review

But i actually wanted to take a look at this controller and see it’s a big difference from the playstation 4 controller. But how is it so if you’re playing on this, you’re, maybe getting to switch to the playstation 5.

What’s, the differences? What’s like how different is it so? the primary thing of feeling this controller? it’s bigger! It’s like huge actually compared to the present one. My fingers feel much more spread out and it’s, not as compact, because with the playstation 4, it seems like everything’s really like pushed into this tiny controller, and here it’s, more spread out it’s sort of a better layout.

I, love it better and once I picked this up, it felt way heavier. It seems like a more solid design then this feels a little cheaper. So i’d. have to say this is my favorite immediately . i have never been ready to play games, but just feeling it putting it in my hand, it’s, an amazing feel.

So what’s the first thing with the playstation 5, if you are going to play with this? On pc or you’re, going to play it with it on the playstation 5.. so the first differences i can tell are the d-pad is basically smooth here and it clicks more on the other one.

The triggers feel a similar. I’d, need to say the one on the playstation. 5 controller feels smoother then , as you also can see on the face plate, the playstation logo is its own, separate, cutout then on the playstation 4 controller.

It’s own button, which i mean that’s different, and then we even have a microphone here on the playstation 5, which i’ll, get into a minute. write on specs then the d-pad has the the colour of the light underneath the d-pad okay, so another difference which i can see on it is with the triangle, the x, the o and the square.

There is a difference where it’s, underneath the plastic, where it’s, not on the playstation 4 controller. It’s on top of it. So what would happen? Is you’d? Rub it off? it isn’t like if you actually break it.

PS5 Controller Review : Gonna eventually abrade , but i prefer that they put it underneath it and they didn’t put the colours during which i’m. Okay with it keeps it very nice and clean also on the options logo they’ve, also changed it to 3 little lines like i can tell these little differences then over on, where it says, share that has also changed where it’s, no letters, it just keeps it nice and simple that just about then , when I move to the back, it’s no screw holes on the back of it.

When i would play with this, i’d, always get my pinky touching this tiny screw hole on the back, which was a little annoying like this stuff . I’m telling you they create me. I just do not like it, but now they’ve cleaned it up where it’s, all black plastic and they have also put the serial number on the back, not on the piece of plastic and tape where it wont to be now it’s just on the entire back plate, where it just keeps it clean then right here we’ve the push button Which is basically nice, so this controller features a lot of differences.

It also has right here on the ends of it. It’s more sharper. It people are saying it digs into your hands. i do not feel that my hands are sort of a medium. I’d say i mean it depends what everyone has different hands, but it feels really comfortable in my hands.

Another difference on this is often i needed this to happen. This was the only way i would love this controller, and xbox is also doing this too. this is micro usb, and this is usb type c, so they finally moved it over to usb type c, which is amazing also they need moved the light here and they put it underneath the d-pad, which you’ll see, and it just cleans it up and makes It very nice because what normally happen with micro usb is i plug it in to my pc, because i do not really like wireless.

It makes input delay and then, once I just comes out like that and maybe it’s, my micro usb cable too, but that’s always happened to micro, usb phones, they’d, also get they’d. Get worn out and then the cable would be really bad, but with usb type c is its really strong connection, and if you actually yank it, it comes out.

ps5 Controller: Where it’s, you really within the game. You’re immersed, it’s. this is very nice . So once I hit on this controller, it seems to vibrate then , when I hit on this controller, it feels plastic. So i do not know if that’s, the vibration motors that i’m hitting or if it’s, something else, but it feels really solid and that i do not know why it vibrates. But it’s. Just a very good controller. Like i would not say it’s, a good controller. If it’s, not it’s, a really solid controller and whatever you’re, going to do.

If you are going to modify to the playstation 5 xbox – and you only want to see the controller it’s, just they did an amazing job, doing it.

Then i’m excited for this control. I’m excited for next gen consoles. It’s, getting to be very exciting, PlayStation and xbox what they’re, getting to begin with it’s, getting to be super cool, this controller.

This is, i actually like it far more and you will need to see everyone has different hands, so maybe it’s getting to be too big for you. This is a really good controller. Anyway Leave your thoughts below in comment section.

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