Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Review


Welcome to a Little Hope this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any the more details of Little Hope and what we all know so far.

Dark Pictures : Little Hope Review :

Welcome to a Little Hope this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any the more details of Little Hope and what we all know so far.

Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Review
Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Review

This game is created by the same makers, who made the great game until dawn a heavy rain style, horror game that was very cliche in its characters, but resulted in a very engaging game story and scares that catered to many different genres.

The dark pictures project would promise a handful of smaller games and stories. What’s more is that these games would be able to be played multiplayer, and this was a huge thing for me when this was announced, because ever since heavy rain.

This is how i play these type of games: heavy rain until dawn and detroit become human, are all single player games, but have multiple protagonists who you take turn in playing, and thus i have always played those games with a friend and at the beginning we would Each choose a handful of our own characters and just passed the controller along.

Whenever we played as one of our chosen characters, i would highly recommend playing those games this way. I was so happy to find out that this method was then put in a game idea by supermassive games, because with these games you can either play with two people online, but also up to five players.

Couch co-op, where one passes the controller, whenever a new character has its turn the first of those short games from the dark pictures anthology the man of a dam was released last year and was, to be honest, a bit of a missed start, since it did not Even come close to the awesomeness of until dawn since the game was shorter, the characters were way less developed and as a player, one felt much less involved with them or didn’t really care about them.

The setting, though, a bit more original than your average horror game, also resulted in sometimes it not being that memorable with being on the ocean and a ghost ship that you explored where it was pretty much one rusty corridor after the other.

It had some very good scares here and there, but the twist on what the actual evil was on the ship was a bit of a letdown and in the end it was a quite forgettable game, but that game had the disadvantage of coming.

After such a great title, like until dawn and i’m sure that after playing man of medan, many of us had our expectations lowered a bit in anticipation of little hope. But i am happy to say that little hope delivers a great experience and a really solid, engaging story with some interesting twists and turns the setting is way more traditional than man of medan.

Dark Pictures : Little Hope Review : It’s about an abandoned ghost town and witchcraft. But the irony with horror is that cliche or tradition is sometimes really good. Some horror creators try different settings or types of scares and though i’m all for innovation and trying out new things.

Many of these attempts fail to scare us as much as the traditional things i think it might be because of how engraved those scary stories are to us think about it. Scary stories like this have been told hundreds and hundreds of years even before we were born, so entire generations have grown up with scary tales like this and why it’s still so effective same thing, with, for example, that cliche type of asian horror With a pale white girl whose face is covered by long black hair, they have told stories about those types hundreds of years ago, and we still find that scary and effective today.

And so, even though, the setting of little hope is much more common to what we have seen before it’s, all the more effective because of it and the story they built around. It is original enough to where it stands on its own.

Dark Pictures : Little Hope Review : The story in the game revolves around the ghost town of little hope and five survivors of a bus crash that now have to find a way out of there. The cast consists of main character, andrew played by actor, will poulter, who i really liked, and he does great performances in movies like detroit midsummer and the revenant.

He often plays bad guys in those movies and he delivered a great performance as the main good guy. In this story, then, there’s, his college, professor john and fellow students, taylor and daniel, and also senior student angela, who’s older than john himself.

All five have survived a terrible bus crash and find themselves lost in this foggy road. As they cannot seem to find an exit through the thick fog, they will have to search for help in the town, but danger is lurking in the woods already early on in the game.

You find hints of witchcraft like effigies, weird dolls and markings on trees. Much faster than madame medan, it’s already established here, that danger is lurking and that things are not, as they seem the sightings of a little girl running through the forest or the sound of metal scraping across the road behind you hinting that something Is chasing you very slowly, these hints and sightings often go paired with a loud noise, and yes, this game is also once again full of jump scares.

I will say that by now i have become used to the super massive games formula and where both until dawn and Man of Medan scared me very badly a dozen times or so. I only really got jump scared twice in this game, one involving a phone.

Dark Pictures : Little Hope Review : All of the other jump scares are not necessarily bad, but they have the same type of timing and delivery, as in games like until dawn a deer that crosses the road or a hand grabbing you, when you try and pick something up, both have been done very Effectively in until dawn and Man of Medan, and so in terms of their jump scare game, i do think that little hope is a little weaker.

One of the reasons, too, is that some of the horror imagery is not necessarily all that scary man of medan might not have been that great of a game, but the visuals of the horrific things you saw definitely stayed with me.

The grotesque looking nurse was, of course, very frightening or the little child with his flashy’s. Skull are a lot more scarier than some of the things you will see here, like an old woman in white. Now that doesn’t mean that little hope is completely without its cool and horrific visuals and definitely towards the end of the game.

You get some pretty cool, looking dangers you have to deal with, though it once again goes for that creepy mangled zombie. Slash gollum vibe. We have seen in many games, including, of course, the recent amnesia rebirth as the characters explore the ghost town they come across these sections, where they are pulled back in time to the 17th century, when the witch trials happened in that very same town.

Slowly, as you move on more and more of that, background story is revealed, and the particular interesting thing is that many of the characters from that time are complete look-alikes from the actors that play andrew and the main cast they are connected somehow, despite being from different Times and the story that it thereby presents is actually quite cool and intriguing.

It would have been very easy to once again step into cliche and familiar territory, but the twist they give with these type of dangers that are following. You is pretty cool, especially because the game and its story give enough room for you to play detective a little bit and use clues.

You get here and there to create a narrative of your own. I’ve played this game with good friend and all throughout the game story.

I think we’ve covered everything that possesses to be covered with reference to a small amount of information for the Little Hope and Leave your thoughts in comment section

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