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Xbox Series X Review :

Xbox Series X is finally here. it is the most powerful gaming consoles ever made. Now I’ve, been spending some time with the xbox series x and i am getting to write on xbox series x.

Xbox Series X Review
Xbox Series X Review

This review is just going to be a quick summary of my thoughts, just some guy telling you about his new gaming console and if he thinks it’s any good. I’ll, be giving you my thoughts on the optimized games and this post will just be my thoughts on the new console generally . Before i get started with this review.

Xbox Series X Review : to begin with, the console itself is smaller than i had anticipated. It stands neatly next to my tv and that i love the simple tower design here’s, an Xbox one game case next to the series x unit and, as you’ll tell it’s, a decent size, it’s completely.

Inoffensive, getting the series x up and running is straightforward. I did everything via the Xbox app on my iphone, but you’ll quite easily do it the old-fashioned way by just hitting the menu button on the controller.

The first time you power up the console something that’s vital when considering your choice of new gaming kit is, of course, the controller, and i love the latest edition of the Xbox pad.

I’ve, always liked to have a second controller, but the console does come bundles with one. So it’s, not an essential purchase. Microsoft has tweaked things and the new controller feels extremely comfortable and the triggers on the d-pad are improved.

In fact, this is the nicest d-pad i’ve ever used in all of my years of gaming. It’s just so clicky, but yeah. This pad is a thing of beauty, but if you hated the Xbox one controller, you’ll also hate this.

So please bear that in mind. The new console is seriously quiet and i mean whisper quiet playing a game optimized for 4k. Not only looks good, but you’ll, hear no noise coming from your console either so another plus for the series x is the cooling system which appears to work extremely well.

Xbox Series X Review : So is the new Xbox any good? Well, let’s, pull it this way. i could not, go back to the Xbox one after spending time with the series x, everything is as expected and what you’ve, probably already heard and read a million times already, and that’s.

The emphasis on speed for next gen – or, I should say current gen now anyway, speed everything is faster. getting into games is so quick. Now, loading times how quickly the series x turns on even from a cold boot, the way you can toggle applications and whatever game you’re playing.

Everything is so damn snappy. It’s an absolute joy now for the negatives and there isn’t really anything to be concerned about because, in my opinion, Microsoft have got this launch right. But what i would say is that having no true next-gen games available at launch has felt a touch weird.

I’ve, always bought a new game on launch day to play on my new console and with the ps5 we’ll, get to play the likes of spider-man miles morales and demon souls at launch day, actual next-gen exclusives.

Some could argue that we’ve got assassin’s, creed valhalla and gears tactics, but you’ll, also be able to play these on the Xbox one. So it’s, not quite the same, and i have to have a moan about the series x having just the one terabyte of SSD storage.

Xbox Series X Review : Before the series x and the ps5 were announced, i was pretty sure both consoles would arrive with two terabytes. As standard this is all because of price, and i get that we’d, be paying a lot more than 450 pound or 500 if it came with more storage plus there’s, the option of buying an external ssd just plug the Storage expansion card into the storage expansion, port on the back of the xbox series x or the s and you’re away.

But with all that being said, i might have liked two terabyte option at launch. Microsoft has built and delivered a really impressive gaming console. The series x will be my console of choice for all of the multi-platform games and Microsoft has really given gamers a powerful machine at a reasonable price. As always and so let me know what you guys thought about this review if you guys have any questions about the console let me know in the comment section.

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