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Playstation 5 Review :

This is my Ps5 Review and Everything you know about this consoles.

Playstation 5 Review
Playstation 5 Review

We got a custom 8 core amd, zen 2 cpu and just like on the xbox series x. There’s, a amd rdna 2 gpu 16 gigabytes of ram 825 gigabytes of storage. But that’s, not the entire truth. the important truth of the matter is you only have 667 gigabytes of storage.

It’s a little bit less than xbox is 802 gigabytes of storage, but this one is two times faster than xbox. So you kind of have to pick your battles. i do not want the standard edition, but i do not really use the blu-ray player, so it’s quite like a maybe one day down the line.

I might use it, but if you are not into that, you’ll always get the digital edition and save yourself a hundred dollars. Moving on to the front there’s, a power button and an eject button. If you bought the digital edition, you do not get one, because what the hell are you gonna eject there’s, also two usb ports on the front there’s, one usb type, a one usb type c on the rear there’s, two more usb type: a ports, an ethernet jack and a power jack.

Nothing really out of the ordinary. On the rear one thing to notice about the usb ports: they have the capability to transport 10 gigabits per second, but the front usb type. A port is merely capped at 480 megabytes per second, so it’s, not the fastest, but really good to charge your controllers all right.

Playstation 5 Review : Let’s, get the element out of the room here. If you haven’t noticed, the playstation 5 is huge. I mean it’ll still fit in your tv stands, but it weighs about 10 pounds. I mean it’s even bigger than the first xbox, and if you had the first xbox, you recognize how big that thing was and it’s.

Not all bad, though i mean it’s like this alien futuristic chunky thing going for it and the sage are used replaceable, so think xbox 360 faceplates on steroids. Personally, i think sony should sell their custom side panels alongside the special editions of their games.

So there’s like the standard and like there’s. The deluxe, the deluxe version should have custom side panels, and that would be crazy. The ps5 is additionally much quieter. If you have a ps4, you know playing a game sounds like your ps4 is going to take flight and please give your console room to breathe.

I mean any console. Will overheat so don’t overheat, also a stand for the ps5, so you’ll stand it upright or lay it on the side.

It’s, a little finicky at first it’s like a spinning base with a hidden screw, but once you get it set up, i would not worry that anymore. Also going back to removable side panels once you remove one of the side panels, you’ve got access to the storage slot , but more thereon later, with the new cpu and ssd, everything is so much faster and the animations are snappy.

While you’re playing the game and you have got to stop the game and it’s just taking forever because it’s just hanging. It’s over now. All right.

Playstation 5 Review : The ui doesn’t take over the whole screen anymore, so you’ll still see your game while you browse the interface and while we’re on the topic of speed, the playstation 5 loads games a little bit faster than xbox series X, but we actually count within the seconds it’s next gen and that we all win, like i said before, the playstation 5 is 667 gigabytes of storage.

Xbox is 802 gigabytes of storage and they both support. Expandable storage but playstation 5 is disabled at launch. They’re gonna have a software update to enable it, but until then don’t go crazy. Hopefully the update comes out soon later, because nba 2k21 is 114 gigabytes and the new call of duty is 120 gigabytes.

That’s like 40 of your storage. If you already store your ps4 games on an external hard drive, you’ll plug the external hard drive in to have your ps4 games on your ps5. But you cannot install any ps5 games on your external hard drive because speed reasons.

The ps5 and xbox series x are both based off of amd is already in a two gpu architecture, so you’ll, probably see that about an equivalent graphics, between both of them, but how each console gets to the end.

Result is a touch bit different. Ray tracing is going to be the main new feature in next gen outside of 4k gaming and high refresh rates, basically ray tracing’s been a thing for the film industry for cgi for a long time.

That’s always been rendered. So it happens. one time like when you watch a movie, but video games it’s real time. So, if you turn left, you turn right. It’s. Raining reflections are going to be in puddles would be in mirrors and glass.

Playstation 5 Review : This generation on immersion and the very first thing they focused on was audio with the playstation 5 sony introduced 3d audio.

Now you would like to have headphones, you get the total 3d experience and everyone processes 3d a little bit differently. the dual sense control is where the ps5 really shines.

It’s wider, like the xbox leak controller, but slim lights, dual shocks were, i really thought the dualshock 4 was like a great controller, but this one is perfect. The one thing about this control that sets it apart from anything ever made, is the haptic motors and the adaptive triggers.

For me, it’s. the little things that sony did with the ps5, the interface is such a lot faster. It’s. no longer clunky, jumping into a random mission of a random game takes seconds, not minutes. you’ll download and install games so much faster.

I downloaded and installed four games in under an hour that’s incredible. Well, i mean from the ps4 they got rid of the stupid capture, gallery app and actually in-built a screenshot manager and all the streaming applications are in the media.

Section like everything is perfect to upgrade or not to upgrade. I mean there’s. No real question here, if you are a gamer, you’re gonna upgrade, but does one upgrade now that’s? a different question.

Fear missing out says yes upgrade now, but if you upgrade in january, you still have time to play throughout the launch. Titles and 2021 is going to be a crazy year, especially with god of war coming out.

So i cannot await that. I god of war on ps5 goes to be game changing best on the table. If you’ve got any doubt leave in comment section.

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