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Kena: Bridge of Spirits :

Welcome to a Kena: Bridge of Spirits is usually more of an informational Post with regard to all or any the more details of Kena: Bridge of Spirits and what we all know thus far.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits
Kena: Bridge of Spirits

let’s, go ahead and get into what we all know thus far and what’s expected So, firstly,

This game appears as if Zelda-esque. I think in this game you play as Kenner, who is a spirit guide. She comes across an abandoned village to discover trapped and corrupt spirits. It’s your job, to use your staff, your rot. We’ll, get into more of them later to overcome challenges and to assist these spirits to move on and restore the land to what it once was.

Now there’s an enormous emphasis on exploration during this game. This not only helps to further develop your understanding and uncover the law of the world, but it is also there to help you find more of those little companions called rot, and these guys will help you along your adventure along the way.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits: let’s, get into the characters that we know so far. First and foremost, as we said, you’re kenner. Who is a spirit guide? you’re tasked to reinstate the land back to what it was by clearing the corruption and freeing the trapped spirits.

The rot are these little black fuzzy creatures. you’ll find along your way now you are doing start with zero, but over your time of playing, you’ll find and discover them and eventually build a team. Now this team is going to be very useful, as is going to be able to assist you in solving puzzles, assist you in combat and it is also said that these rods have a set of abilities. the only one that was shown off in during a trailer was a rock carry, so the rot carry allows players to command the right to pick up and move certain items around the environment to help solve puzzles.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits: We also see later on the trailer that the rot assists in combat, but we’ll get into that in a bit. We also see a couple of different enemy types within the game itself. So, first and foremost, we see these al moth.

Like creatures, we also see this stick monster that wields an axe. Now we can also see, with this stick monster, that kenner commands her rot to attack this creature. We also see what has been confirmed by the developers as wood knight, who you’ll see, is quite fast, but kenner has gone ahead and blocked an attack with perfect timing with her staff or shield, and this results in the wood knight being pushed back.

And it then gives kenner the chance to go ahead and obtain some more attacks in another enemy. We see is that this guy that comes out from the ground. Now he does look like, i guess kind of a boss for this particular area and once you defeat it, you are able to reinstate the land via that flower in the middle.

You can also see on either side of this character, two smaller enemies spawn. However, it’s, quite quick. It’s more one of those blink and your missing moments, because the footage changes quite quickly, as, as i said before, the flower in the middle reinstates the land to what it was.

So you’ll see quite standing ahead of the flower and she or he restores the land back to what it had been and it clears a corruption. Now the developers have said that restoration and regrowth are big themes in kenner, and that i love the thought of how canada restores the land back to what it was.

I love the animations. I just think it’s, one of the best looking games, then one of the games that got me the foremost excited for the playstation 5. Now you’ll see the landscape change when she has gone ahead and restored the land, and if you’ll check out the back, you see a door or a path that opens up because the land was restored back to what it was so restoring the land will Mean that new paths will open up for you to explore and it’ll open new elements of gameplay.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits: The last creature we see is this giant wolf-like creature in this armor. To me, this one seems like the most intimidating and most interesting boss battle. That has been shown off so far. It’s really fast, can close large gaps and has a long sword.

So he has a long reach as well. So it’d, be really interesting to ascertain how you’ll find him, and i think he’s, getting to be quite challenging. So speaking of combat and discussing the staff is what we said before you’ll use the staff in multiple different ways.

It can act as a, i guess, a sword or spear for a melee attack. It can then morph into a bow which we see in a trailer for a ranged attack, and it can also be used as a shield or defense. Now we’ve. Also saw that shield be used.

When you block with perfect timing, it can push enemies back, and on top of all this, you’ll also send your rod in to help further in combat. Now, if you don’t want to send the rod in to attack the enemies you’ll actually infuse them into your abilities to make your attacks even more powerful.

Let me know what you’re, most excited about whether it’s, a combat with the enemies or just going around and exploring this really nice-looking world. i do know so many people are obsessed with the rot, but let me know what you’re most excited about and let’s your thoughts leave in the below comments

Release Date : March 2021

Platforms : PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5

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