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GeForce RTX 3080 Review :

Today, we’re, writing about the Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics cards. Now this is often getting to be a incredibly detailed review.

Nvidia RTX 3080, the primary gpu to launch amongst their new generation of ampere gpus and with it one among the most important generational leaps in performance that i’ve. Seen if you’re within the marketplace for a high-end gpu, you’re in luck, because this thing absolutely shreds.

GeForce RTX 3080 Review
GeForce RTX 3080 Review

This is the primary video among many for nvidia’s. New rtx 30 series, where we’ll, discussing a few RTX 3080 gaming performance, rendering performance and the way well it handles specific operations like ray tracing and DLSS.

And, of course, what proportion power this thing pulls and what quite thermal performance you’ll expect also. So let’s attend detail now. Most of you’re probably conversant in what is going on here with the RTX 3080 on paper.

After all, there has been plenty of hype over this new series and rightfully so, except for those that aren’t conversant in what is going on here? Let’s quickly, breeze over the specs and the way they compare to last generation.

The new 3080 is made on a smaller 8 nanometer manufacturing process and features some big architectural changes. Programmable shaders on ampere can now do two shader calculations per clock, as against one on turing.

GeForce RTX 3080 Review: The new rt cores have double the ray triangle, intersection throughput and therefore the new tensor cores can automatically identify lower-weight edges within a deep network. The 3080 is additionally the primary GPU to use the new high-speed gddr6x memory from micron, of which it’s 10 gigabytes of it also features a streaming multi-processor account closer to the RTX 2080ti and a listed board power of 320 watts that an equivalent as last generation’s, Titan RTX.

Now the precise card that I even have available for testing today is the asus tough oc, and this card was absolutely brilliant handled all of the testing no problem in the least and was really quiet.

So that’s really unfortunate, but it looks like they were just really strapped for cards and samples when it came to the anz region and yeah. We weren’t sampled with a card. i’m doing my best to undertake and buy one up here , but that’s not looking so great thus far , so i do need to provides a huge because of both asus and msi for organizing some aftermarket cards on behalf of me , especially asus, who were ready to organize A card very quickly and basically made this performance review possible.

I also can say that the tough oc model they sent over was exceptionally good. This card does have a factory overclock over the founders edition, though, also as a 20 watt, higher tdp, bringing the entire board power on paper to 340 watts overall, a superb looking card with a clean design and therefore the fans don’t begin spinning Until the gpu temp exceeds 55 degrees c, all of the testing that you’re close to see is fresh testing from the bottom.

That’s plugged into the asus z490 maximus 12 hero along side 32 gigabytes of ultra high speed memory from g skill and that is clocked at 4, 000 megahertz and cl 15.

So, with this set of hardware, we’re, essentially opening up the gates for the maximum amount GPU performance as we will , which is particularly important for the rtx 3080. Now, additionally to the standard bar charts, which we’ll, get to in only a flash , i also thought it might be useful just to point out the live frame rate performance of the 3080 alongside another GPU.

I think this paints the larger picture of performance, and you’ll also see things that you simply won’t see during a static graph. Also, all of this footage was recorded with an external recorder, so there’s, no performance penalty of the recording itself that you’d, get from something like galanty show or obs.

So here specifically, we’re. watching the generational improvement between the GTX 1080, the RTX 2080 and therefore the new RTX 3080, and it’s clear, the 3080 may be a big leap ahead. It’s just during a completely different league.

Now we’re running a reasonably demanding set of quality settings here. the sport is near max down at 1440p and that is . Why a number of these gpus are struggling so hard? i will be able to likely lower these settings to something more realistic for our rtx 3090 review, but even once we compare it to the 1200 2080 ti from last generation, the new 700 3080 is over 30 percent faster in red, dead redemption 2 and a huge 75 over the quality 2080.

So the RTX 3080 is extremely quick and as a 2080 ti owner myself, of course, you cannot help but feel a touch of buyer’s remorse, but it’s, important to not hold on thereto technology moves quick and therefore the incontrovertible fact that this level of performance is here within the first place may be a great point in rainbow six.

The 3080 averages over 185 fps at 4k resolution, which makes it 35 faster than the 2080 ti and 70 faster than the 2080.. That performance carries strong into 1440p. This thing can maintain above 300 fps at 1440p max quality, no problem.

It’s important to recollect that this is not even the fastest card in their lineup, the 1500 or RTX 3090 launches next week. So keep the attitude of what this card actually is. It’s, a successor to the 2080, and for that quantity of cash you’re getting tons more performance.

Now the 2080 received tons of humiliation at launch for barely being faster than the 700 1080 ti before it, which does make this performance leap for the 3080. Look tons better as compared , but the performance margins here definitely structure for that gap.

In my opinion, and what i mean is over the last two years of gpu releases from both amd and nvidia, i’ve, become really familiar with climbing into the graphs and really digging into the info to seek out the differences.

But here run alongside two of the fastest gpus from last generation, you’ll see that it’s. a transparent big jump because of that faster gddr6x memory. Performance specifically at 4k is where the 3080 stretches a touch further beyond the 2080 ti and therefore the 2080 in shadow of the tomb raider. The 3080 is 28 faster than the 2080 ti at 4k, but quite bit less once we drop the resolution to 1440p in death stranding. The RTX 3080 maintains some very nice frame rates in 4k resolution, whereas the 2080 sits tons closer thereto 60.

Fps mark that’s an evening and day difference in terms of gaming experience and again we do see far better performance scaling for the 3080 at higher resolutions versus last generation against the 2080 ti it’s 28, faster at 4k, but 20, faster at 1440p.

Still, though, this is often a superb gpu for either resolution with a transparent leap before anything that we have seen yet, but 4k gaming, specifically, is where it really excels. So if you game on a 4k monitor – or even you’re – a couch gamer and you favor a 4k tv, the 3080 are going to be a clear upgrade over just about anything.

GeForce RTX 3080 Review : Even a 2080 ti in battlefield 5 at 4k, ultra settings last generation’s. RTX 2080 will have some moments where it dips below 60 fps, but that just isn’t getting to happen on the new 3080.. Now, for people who were expecting double the performance over the RTX 2080 due to what you would possibly have seen in nvidia’s own chart and you discover the difference performance.

Now the 30 series are supposedly full of more compute horsepower for ray tracing and ai operations, so that’s, something that i used to be really interested to check with control. This game looks seriously phenomenal with rtfx enabled and by enabling dlss.

You can entirely recover that performance move now. This game is completely brutal at 4k, and this illustrates what proportion of an upgrade the 3080 is over, something sort of a gtx, 1080 or vega 64.. Those two cards are absolutely crippled at 4k, whereas the 3080 is a minimum of playable, with many room to scale back the settings a touch bit and acquire a better frame rate.

When we take a glance at RTX performance scaling versus a number of the cards from the 20 series, the RTX 3080 gains a 5.3 boost with both ray tracing and dlss, enabled the 2080 ti gains a smaller 3.2 boost and therefore the 2080 actually loses around 27 of frame Rate performance, so it’s safe to mention that the 3080 does pack more rt and dlss performance versus previous generation, but i might admit it’s, not the maximum amount as i used to be personally expecting. As this is often second generation RTX.

You’d, expect a reasonably massive improvement in dlss and ray tracing performance versus nvidia’s. First implementation with the 20 series, but honestly only expect alittle bump. it’s totally possible, though, that current rtx games, aren’t, utilizing all of the new rt core and tensor core power in f1 2020.

The RTX 3080 gains a 17 frame rate boost by enabling dlss, whereas the 2080 ti gains 27 and therefore the 2080 gains 24, so dlss performance scaling versus the 2080 ti and 2080 isn’t anywhere near nearly as good . during this specific title now, blender is one among my very own specific use cases for this GPU, and one that i used to be really excited to check out.

The 3080 is so quick here that for future blender testing i’ll have to increase either the sample count or resolution to point out the particular performance improvement. rock bottom line for now’s that this is often looking like a superb card for 3d work.

You also have an additional 2 gigabytes of Vram to play with versus the RTX 2080.. I additionally tested the v-ray, and here the performance gains over the 2080ti and 2080 are insane, therefore the 3080 is looking sort of a proper workstation GPU when it involves rendering performance in terms of clock speeds for the asus tough oc model.

Here that i did all of my testing with expect stable clock speeds at just underneath that 2 gigahertz mark here there have been extremely small deviations in clock frequency here, which is great to ascertain and from start to end.

We’re, basically watching an equivalent performance with no drop off because the card warms up, and this is often because the thermal performance was right in restraint also . This card runs exceptionally cool that was really surprising to ascertain because with a board power.

Well, in more than 300 watts, you’d, typically expect very warm thermals also , but that’s, not the case here. Nvidia’s Ampere architecture seems to be relatively thermally efficient.

GeForce RTX 3080 Review : Now, as this card is factory overclocked, i could not squeeze out far more in terms of a manual oc. Ampere is voltage locked also . a bit like touring and pascal so don’t plan on overclocking them too far.

Upgrading your power supply, though that’s definitely getting to be something so as for quite a couple of of you, especially those with units under 600 watts. I found total system power at the wall for the RTX 3080 to be around 60 watts above the 2080 ti 75 watts above the 2080 and a mind-blowing 180 watts above the GTX 1080 again. this is often a factory overclocked model with a further 20 watts over the founders edition, but most of you’ll likely be learning an identical spec card. therefore the overall performance of the RTX 3080 is outstanding and it lands it because the best high performance GPU that you simply can currently patronize 500 but the RTX 2080 ti from last generation.

Nvidia did got to pump quite bit more power into the 3080 for it to quite reach those performance levels, but the 3080 is quite controlling that power. Quite well, and with most of you who are watching these quite triple fan two and a half slot designs, you’re not getting to have any problem when it involves thermals and noise performance, specifically at higher resolutions is where the RTX 3080 can really Flex beyond the 2080 ti, this thing is superb .

For 4k gaming, i will be able to say that one thing i used to be a touch underwhelmed with was the performance scaling when it involves ray tracing and dlss. i feel most folks were expecting an enormous bump here over first generation, but i feel this gpu is particularly exciting for those users who may need bought a high performance card just like the 1080, 1080 ti or vega 64 and just skipped the 20 series all at once .

The performance gap between those gpus and therefore the 3080 is completely massive, but you’d, still be paying an equivalent amount for what you probably did for those gpus once they launched now for those wanting a touch more performance than the RTX 3080. Anyway i hope you enjoy this review and let’s provides a comment in below section.

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