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Welcome to a King Arthur Knights Tale this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any the more details of King Arthur Knights Tale and what we all know so far.

Welcome to a King Arthur Knights Tale this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any the more details of King Arthur Knights Tale and what we all know so far.

Whatever this game is described on steam as a unique hybrid between turn-based tactical games and traditional character-centric rpgs knight’s tale is a modern retelling of a classic arthurian mythology story, filtered through the dark fantasy tropes.

A twist on the traditional tales of chivalry and currently this game,

King Arthur Knights Tale Review
King Arthur Knights Tale Review

I mean it’s like super duper, early access, like maybe an hour of content in just the main story, two hours, possibly with the side content. Maybe it goes a little past two hours, but i doubt it it’s, not really that lengthy, which is a bit much it’s a bit.

Considering it’s a bit much considering their asking price. That’s. What i originally meant to say – and i got tongue tied, but let’s, go into the particulars now, shall we so. First of all, i really love the idea of this game.

It’s like a dungeon crawling, the style of diablo mixed with excellent it’s like diablo and xcom and when i say that it there’s. A similar base building slash based customization mechanics similar to the x-com games and when i say it’s like diablo, i mean in the way of like grabbing different allies or teammates traveling down these dark paths level by level.

Looking for legendary, you know looking for a legendary character in diablo. It was diablo and this one it’s, king arthur going through level after level. As i mentioned earlier gear, customization level, customization and morality based system,

I was not expecting any of all this goodness, so apparently you play as sir mordred the nemesis of king arthur at the end of your long campaign against each other. You both strike each other down and die only to both be resurrected.

Somehow, from what i gathered it’s, something about how king arthur is the unkillable king and yet somehow you managed to do it, so it threw the whole world out of whack, and now things are going crazy.

So the lady of the lake raises you back up, so you can track down the resurrected king, arthur and finish the job. But the thing is he’s missing somewhere super far away, so you need allies, you need slaves or servants or civilians or whatever, and since there’s, a morality system, you can kind of choose to rule this kingdom as a tyrant Or as a benevolent king, oh yeah, that’s right you get to take king arthur’s, place rebuild his castle, recruit knights to fight with you and other peasants and basically create your own freaking kingdom.

Here. Okay, do i really need to go into detail about how badass all this is? This is amazing. So far, i am loving the idea of this game. It is so freaking cool, a great concept, with great mechanics going the extra mile by giving us content that just isn’t needed, but it’s very much appreciated.

I was sucked in within the first hour. So when i reached the end of the content, i was truly bummed out and lacking. Like i wanted more, i simply didn’t want the game to end real quick, though let’s. Go into some of the positives that i missed, because i was gushing too much about how much i love the game.

The soundtrack phenomenal the cinematics blew me away with their quality. The voice acting is super awesome and totally believable. Doesn’t sound, fake or practiced at all. There’s, a freaking loyalty system with consequences or rewards based on which knight you’re.

Dealing with the combat is nice. It’s, smooth it’s. Easy to understand the graphics are just amazing, and the attention to detail is incredible: that’s where i want to draw. You know that’s, where i want to point your interest.

It’s, the attention to detail they have here when you’re watching this, take a look at all the little intricacies. Take it look at all the little little tiny stuff that they did on the armor or on the rocks.

I mean it’s, freaking incredible and the choices that you get to make that will shape your kingdom. I mean you’re. It’ll shape your knights, your main character, pretty much everything. I mean this game.

If this game ends up having some kind of romantic interest, it would probably end up being my favorite game ever at least in this particular type of genre, because that’s, a that’s, a deal breaker for me, i love be Some good romance and some good games, so you know add that into this game.

But now i gotta go quickly over the negatives, because i don’t really want to talk about them, but i gotta, and so i’m gonna try to make it quick. I always try to be super neutral and unbiased about this when i do it, but sometimes it’s really hard when a game is either super awesome or super shitty, okay.

So, besides weapons, i didn’t, really see much customization or upgrading in terms of armor. I don’t know if it’s going to be added later or not, or if this is an artistic style. They’re going with because they want all their knights to have particular armor and stand out.

But if you’re gonna do that developers, you need to do a better job, because i could not tell any of my knights apart when i was playing. They all look the same, the the lady knight i got so besides those two.

They all look the same. If you want to do, if you want to keep their arm in the same throughout the whole game, you got to make it more flashy. You got to make it more unique and dynamic all right, so it but otherwise i mean.

I hope, if you, if you are going with that route, that you do that and if you’re, not well either way. I’d, be happy with it because being able to customize my guys armor themselves, and you know the looting system and putting stuff.

You know it’s, just it’s, something that rpg people like to do so. I don’t know, but we’ll, see what happens there. Secondly, you can’t, loot, your enemies which honestly isn’t that big of a deal, but i just wasn’t expecting that level of a setback.

Actually, overall, the looting is kind of boring and lame, and i hope that that gets a little bit more of a rework, because in a game like this, it just feels like it needs more stuff, like that, more looting and better looting, mechanics along with a better Inventory management system i mean i would just love the possibility to be able to play a sir mordred who’s wielding a long sword, either made of fire or coated in fire as i charge into battle right that just that image is just super Cool in my head right now, but you know if that’s, not the way they want to go with this, then that’s fine too, but at least give us something some form of looting, collecting and customizing, because that would just That’d, be another little extra tidbit that we don’t need, but would be very much appreciated, and this game likes to chug a chug, and by that i mean it really grinds out the fps and not in a good way.

In combat the game seems to be rather smooth and easy, but when you’re in the after battle menu or managing your castle or pretty much anything else, besides combat or cinematics, your frames just slow down to a headache-inducing crawl.

It’s, just it. It makes you sick how bad, how choppy it is in between levels. Another negative is the loading screens they take freaking forever. I was sitting through a total of 15 minutes of loading screens in my hour of play time, which means that i only technically had 45 minutes of game time because of loading screens.

Sorry, but to me that’s, a little bit ridiculous. I’m, getting really bad anthem, vibes here and i don’t like that and my final negative is the price tag now look. I normally get a lot of flack because of my opinion on price tags, but if you take a moment and think about all my arguments, logically, they’re, pretty valid 3 out of 5.

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