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Aliens Fireteam :

Aliens fireteam is coming out summer. 2021. I mean it looks promising. Hopefully it’s, not the same thing. We’ve, been through with colonial marines and seeing as they have so many games to learn from since the release of that game and since the release of alien isolation which paved the way.

For you know, alien games or aliens games to be more on the triple a side of things. So hopefully they learn from that and hunting grounds, because we know that was basically evolved. Part two, but let’s, go over to polygon and look at some of the information about the game.

Aliens Fireteam
Aliens Fireteam

Now it’s, going to be a third person cooperative survival shooter you’re playing as a green marine and the events are set after alien 3. You’re on a mission to exterminate there’s 11 xenomorph types we’re, also going to be seeing synthetics and other enemies.

You’ll, be playing in teams of three with class specific talents and there’s. Five classes, gunner demolisher, technician, doc and recon, and these are going to have class specific, like specials. So imagine like borderlands how some of the characters have healing abilities and some of the characters have turrets and there’s.

Aliens Fireteam : Gonna be a four story campaign, so they know that we keep on saying campaign story based games are not dead. We want something that’s tantalizing. We want something that has emphasis on structure as opposed to a free-to-play.

You know longevity live type game now there’s also going to be skill progression and during the game you can actually activate challenge cards which are essentially similar to skulls and halos. So if you wanna, i guess, add more enemies or enemies have better health or you lose your radar.

I don’t, know the specifics, but i know that it says it has challenge cards. If you’re a sweat, then you know there you go there’s the challenge for you.

Aliens Fireteam : There’s, also going to be 30 weapons. There’s, going to be 70 mods, so there is unlockables and there is customization and there is character progression. So you will gain skills. I think this is dope man.

You know developers which is that’s, good. What we need to trade, the knowledge and spread the wealth, so we can get good games. That’s. The point of this is for us to enjoy these games.

Aliens Fireteam : All think man, because it’s, a survival shooter, so it’s, going to be similar to like left 4 dead. I think the concept is cool. The gameplay looked actually pretty solid.

The darkness, like the contrast, the enemy likeness, like the gun, play, looked like return as well, so i mean they obviously know what they’re doing. So let’s just hope for the best man, because these type of games need that kind of support if they are great or if they are less than mediocre, like terminator resistance, for instance like that was good for terminator fans. Anyway I hope enjoy this thoughts and leave your thoughts below your comments section.

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