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Amazon Luna Review :

Welcome to new generation amazon luna is cloud gaming platform. We’ve, seen what happened with google stadia so far right now, google still is not in the very right spot and what exactly is amazon luna? Some of you guys might be answering asking that question and you know to be honest.

I really didn’t know much too much about luna. I only remember it got announced in 2019 from there i really haven’t heard much about the actual service. I’ve, been mostly paying attention to the gaming service, which is never going to be building a couple games.

Amazon Luna Review
Amazon Luna Review

There are a couple games that they’re, going to be working on, but now let’s jump into exactly what amazon luna is all about. For those of you who might not know – and that might not be keeping up amazon luna is a platform or a service that’s, pretty much going to work like netflix.

It’s basically the netflix of gaming. They’re gonna be creating a massive amount of library. Not only is amazon working on their own priority games, but they also plan on bringing different publishers to the platform to provide you guys with more games, for you guys to uncover or to get early access or get these games without having to pay sixty dollars or you’re just going to be paying a monthly service to actually get. You know access to this entire library. Now i know a lot of you guys are asking. Well what happens if i stop playing, do i get to keep the game?

You have to keep paying to be able to play the game. So let’s talk about the cost how much is it going to cost how much money do i have to pay up front to actually get access to this library and is the library that extends it to me being able to you know, go ahead and purchase so luna costs 5.99 right now, right now you’re, probably wondering man that’s, actually pretty cheap. It’s less than 60 dollars. Right now. Remember, games don’t, get released every month or every week or every you know every day, so that 5.99 is only going to cover you for the majority of the time that you’re going to be playing. So you have to be pushing out that 5.99. Basically, the six dollars every single time, which is you know, which is roughly around seventy dollars a year now.

Amazon Luna Review : This does not give you access to other games from different publishers. For example, we have ubisoft, who is also joining up with amazon and they are offering you, ubisoft plus, amazon luna, but you were not going to be able to get or tap into that.

You know that echo system, unless you up the price to 15.99. Now there are two different sets of payments. You’re able to do with amazon luna. You could either do 5.99 or you could access the 14.99 plan via ubisoft plus.

That will give you access to ubisoft plus and also access to amazon luna. I think this is kind of like the best bank for your buck because you’ll, get access to you know assassin’s creed vahalla.

If you haven’t played that that, should you know, give you enough time and enough playing time as possible. You’d, also get access to other sets of games like that are coming out like five card six and a few others, which i really can’t mention at the current time.

But basically you have two prices for amazon luna, 5.99 or 14.99, but you have to go through ubisoft plus to actually get that 14.99 yeah. Now the other question that a lot of you guys have is which devices can i play this on because you know, do i need a console? Do i just need a tv? What exactly do i need? Well, you’ll, be able to access.

You know luna through almost everything you’ll, be able to access to fire tv, a pc, mac, iphone, ipad, samsung any and almost any android device, and the cool thing about this device. Is that you, you really don’t need to be like stuck to a specific tv or a specific cell phone.


Amazon Luna Review : You could actually go and play on your cell phone go play on your tablet because it’s accessible anyway. All you need is your login information and you’re ready to go the how many devices can i play on at once.

Can i play on multiple devices and that is for now currently right now and they do plan on upgrading this to four, but for azer right now you can only play on two screens simultaneously, so you won’t, be able to Play on four, but you will be able to play on two now i know one of the questions everybody has in their mind is what games are in amazon like what? What am i going to get access to, because is it worth me playing the 5.99?

I should just you know, wait for a game that i really want, pay those 60 dollars and in and call it a day or do i plan on playing multiple games throughout the year where i’m, going to need amazon luna? Well, the games you’re, going to be able to access or play is resident, evil, 7 control, panzer dragon adventure games like flag, tie innocence the search 2, and you also get platforms like yokolae and the impossible layer and icon class and everybody’s favorite of course, grid abzu and a brother at tales of two sons.

These are the games that are currently available right now, where you’ll, be able to access this, but you will also, if you go through the ubisoft plus route, you will be able to access games like assassin’s creed vahalla and Far cry 6.

What type of tv do i really need to get the best? You know best enjoyment or what you know. What exactly is the rate that this you know streaming service is going to provide me that i could actually access? What kind of resolution can i get out of amazon luna you’ll, be able to play at 4k 60 frames per second for selected titles.

Now make sure you guys keep that in mind, because not all games are going to be 4k at 60 frames per. Second, some are all going to be dependent on the actual title itself and it’s also going to be dependent on.

Amazon Luna Review : You know on your internet system, because that’s, one very important thing about these services. If you have really bad internet, these services are not highly recommended for you guys, i would probably say just buy a console, get the game and you guys should be good to go now.

As you guys know, almost everything’s, going digitally now kind of want to make sure that once you pay for the service, you really don’t need any other services at all. The main thing is actually getting more publishers, so you don’t join the platform to provide you with more games, because you got to really think about it.

If all the publishers are within the service, then it might be worth paying the 15 and you know getting access to stuff like games from activision, ubisoft, playstation games and stuff, like that, we don’t know if these services are actually going to be Taking off where you know, certain companies like microsoft and playstation are not going to be doing exclusive games anymore.

They’re, just going to be wide open to everybody’s library. Now i don’t think that’s, going to be the case, but there are a lot of these type of platforms that are coming out where it’s, going to be paid services to be able to access these Libraries. How fast does my internet need to be? Well, they’re, saying that the minimum requirement is 10 megabytes per second.

So if you have anything higher than that for your download speed, not mostly up those people mostly download speed, if you have anything above 10, you guys should be good to go now. The good news is that, for everybody, almost the majority of everybody in the us has 50 megabytes per second, that is the average that people currently have or your internet service provider.

They do plan on doing a lot of integrations with luna with twitch. So when you pop up luna, you’ll have the twitch dashboard there. You could see your favorite streamer and if you want to go ahead and launch your game, you’ll, be able to launch your game right off the bat and Come back to twitch platform, in addition to that, they do plan on inviting other sorts of publishers like activision to name a couple.

Ubisoft is already part of the platform and a few other ones that are going to be getting integrated, but you will be needing to pay a higher premium for all those libraries. In my opinion to buy premium pack, so that pretty much covers everything you need to know about amazon luna. Anyway what you think about this platform leave your comment in comment section.

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