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We're, going to write all things resident evil village. I won't, go into any specifics on the story, cutscenes bosses, but guys this is going to be my review.

Resident Evil Village Review :

We’re, going to write all things resident evil village. I won’t, go into any specifics on the story, cutscenes bosses, but guys this is going to be my review.

These are just my top-level thoughts as we walk through some of this game, and I tell you what I had a lot of fun guys to tell you what I want to say. One thing, though, my three favorite resident evil games just before we get into this resident evil 7 biohazard, resident evil 4, and resident evil 2 remakes in no particular order.

Resident Evil Village Review
Resident Evil Village Review

Then probably my three favorite games of the series and I’ve – played pretty much all the games right so that’s, my history on the game. Just so you know that going in you might not agree with those three.

You might have a different three, let me know down below, but you can get a taste of my liking in the video game landscape right, so there. My three favorites in the series. Now this game resident evil village, just so fun guys.

It took me about 10 hours to beat the game on the first playthrough and people say that sounds a bit short well, in reality, it’s, probably one of the longest resident evil games guys. It just flies through at a belting pace.

A blend of action and survival horror it’s not one or the other quite a blend and that might be a little bit jarring to some people expecting a certain experience from a resident evil game. This is as far from the resident evil franchise as they’ve ever gone before the bombastic stories, crazy villains and boss fights, and things of that nature.

Resident Evil Village Review: Very action-heavy, but a lot of fun guys. It flies through the story. It’s. Just it never lets up. The pacing is great. I had a great time now, as I said there’s, plenty of boss fights and villains in this game of all shapes and sizes.

They’re very interesting characters very creepy, and I’ll tell you what there’s one enemy in this game dead set one of the creepiest encounters. I’ve ever had in a video game. I was actually scared.

I don’t get scared of games. Very often, I think the scariest game, if you want to call that scariest game for me, would probably maybe outlast one or two that gave me the most frights. Would you say, but I usually don’t, get a jump, scared, or anything like that, but this creature in this game, guys unbelievable? You gotta play it.

I’m, not gonna give anything away, but geez it’s. Creepy and the gunplay. You know it’s, not fantastic. It’s supposed to be a little bit.

Sluggish, I feel maybe I’m – being a bit lenient on them, but if it was too smooth too easy, then the game maybe would be too easy. Although in saying that the game’s not hard anyway, I played it on normal difficulty, and then I played it on the hardest second way, though both times didn’t really struggle at all, maybe died a handful of times.

Maybe that’s just me, but yeah. I did not have any problems with any of the fights or even the boss, fights um but typical resident evil. You look at the writing’s, a little bit hit and miss here and there as well.

Resident Evil Village Review: It’s. A little bit campy you’ve got the typical management systems in play. Of course, I highly recommend you upgrade that as early as possible, so you can carry more items that are. Always the way to go just makes your life easier.

Of course, plenty of puzzles. Never the great thing about the puzzles is they’re, never too hard, but they make you think a little bit and that’s. The balance that I like to I don’t want something that’s.

Really going to do my head in like a couple in portal 2, even though that was the objective of the game, it was an amazing game, but you don’t want puzzles that are really going to stump you, but you also want to work.

The brain gets a great balance here with all the puzzles and exploration, and you’ve got to go back to certain areas. I’ll. Tell you what the map’s huge. This might be the biggest map at a resident evil game that we’ve.

Seen before great exploration you’ve obviously got the duke that you’ve. Seen the big boy duke you can upgrade your weapons buy. Ammo increases your health with recipes for all sorts of things over there.

You’re, going to be visiting him a bunch of times he’s got some funny dialogue. the voice actor as well great visuals, great audio design, great soundtrack.

Resident Evil Village Review: One thing I have to say is that there were no bugs or glitches, not a single bug or glitch. In my entire experience of this game, that’s incredible for a game in 2021, it’s, sad to say, because a lot of these we’ve, come to expect there to be glitches in these games.

Personally, I did not have a single bug or glitch at all. Isn’t that crazy isn’t that incredible, not that I saw anyway. I thought that’s, amazing and that’s, something that I wanted to say because the polish of this game is incredible.

Maybe I’ll see reviews today and everyone will say it’s a buggy mess. Maybe I was lucky, but I’ll. Tell you what fantastic? What do I expect from other reviews? I probably expect a mixed reception of this game just because it’s, a different, take on a resident evil game.

It’s, got that first-person view blend of action, survival, horror, the writings hit and miss gunplay. I’m very curious to see what other people think, but I tell you what I had a bunch of fun the whole way through and the replayability in this game.

You know a lot of you guys will play through it once and that’s it, but for the guys that want to get more out of it, you will get that there’s plenty to do after you played on harder Difficulties, it was just as fun the second way through for me going through, even though I knew what I was coming up too.

I went down some different paths and found other things I didn’t find my first playthrough and things of that nature. So you know great fun. Great replayability, you’ve also got the mercenary mode you can fiddle around with infinite ammo and buy the bonuses, the art books, the behind-the-scenes stuff in the shop afterward, you got all that good stuff fantastic, but I definitely recommend the game guys.

No matter, if you are a resident evil fan or not, even if you haven’t played any, you can jump into this game and you’ll have a blast because when you get to jump into the game it’s really fun.

I really enjoyed the game guys and it’s sitting at the top of my list. It’s sitting at number one for 2021 at the moment favorite game before this was hitman 3, I hope you enjoyed this review, and Let’s give your thoughts in the comments section.


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We're, going to write all things resident evil village. I won't, go into any specifics on the story, cutscenes bosses, but guys this is going to be my review.Resident Evil Village Review | It's Good?