Razer Kraken Review |Good or Bad?


Welcome to my website, today we're, going to take a look at the razer Kraken headset. You can find it for about $79.99 and aesthetically.

Razer Kraken Review:

Welcome to my website, today we’re, going to take a look at the razer Kraken headset. You can find it for about $79.99 and aesthetically. It’s, actually pretty simple, nothing too crazy. I know they’ve got some with RGB, they’ve got the green ones and I think a couple of different colored variants as well, but I went with the all-black one just because it’s.

Razer Kraken Review
Razer Kraken Review

A nice clean finish as far as build quality is concerned. It’s a pretty, flexible headband that we got over here. We do have a metal frame inside right here for the headband itself. The ear cups are odd like they’re, not things, so they’re very comfortable and plushy, and they have like the pleather here on the outside, but like a very soft velvety material here on the actual contact part that makes contact with your head and Your ears very comfortable, some pretty good death in the ear cups itself, so it’s not going to your ears.

Razer Kraken Review: Aren’t necessarily going to make contact with the drivers themselves and, as far as like tension that you have on your head, as you wear them very comfortable too, not too tight not too loose. It just sits nicely on your dome.

It is a wired headset with an analog connection, so no USB present and it does have for the love of God, thankfully inline volume and mute controls.

The microphone, of course, is retractable, so you can just pull it out and pull it push it right back in when you’re done overall, as far as design and build quality.

Razer Kraken Review: It doesn’t feel cheap, but it still feels like it can break so be careful with that. A pretty comfortable headset in the short term. However, wearing these for a couple of hours, it gets pretty uncomfortable after a while and that’s, pretty unfortunate because it’s.

It’s kind of deceiving that when you put them on and you try them on for the first time you’re, like oh, my god. This is light and very comfortable, and it fits really nicely around my ears. But then, after playing for a while on them, I experienced some discomfort around the ears almost like the tension itself is deceiving and it just gets tenser.

As time goes on – and I just found myself really anxious to get them off of my head – after playing them with playing with them for some time, anyways that’s about it for the build. So let’s, go ahead and look about sound.

Razer Kraken Review: So in terms of sound the razer Kraken’s kind of an oddball because you seem in games like warzone and pubg. I was able to get some really good sound stage out of it and some sound it’s, a good directional cues, so meaning I was able to determine the direction that gunshots were coming from footsteps above below to the left to the right.

All around me perfectly fine, and that enabled me to you know, stay alive as long as possible in most of those games and in other games like action, adventure games like hitman, ghost Tsushima and everything else.

All the ambient sounds and just the the the dialogue and the conversations with people between people sounded great right, but there’s. One major issue that bothers me with the Razer Kraken and that it’s base.

It has way too much it’s way too bassy for my taste. if you like a lot of bass in your sound, you’re gonna love it. This headset, if you don’t like that much bass in your sound, this headset isn’t gonna be any good.

I guess minus the overly powerful bass in my opinion, but for that for around that price is worth. I think the mic has some room for improvement, and so does the sound and especially the sound. The sound is what bothers me. The most are the fact that it’s just so darn bassy that’s. Everything else about the headset is fine. I hope you enjoyed this review and let’s give your comment in the below section.


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Welcome to my website, today we're, going to take a look at the razer Kraken headset. You can find it for about $79.99 and aesthetically.Razer Kraken Review |Good or Bad?