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Gran Turismo 7 :

Gran Turismo 6 came out years ago and it’s. Finally, time for a brand new Gran Turismo game, Gran Turismo 7 was revealed at the PlayStation 5 reveal event last year in 2020. However, while the game has been revealed and showcased, we still do not know a whole lot about the game yet, but we still have tons of information to get excited over.

Gran Turismo 7
Gran Turismo 7

So let’s, get into it for the new and returning features in Gran Turismo 7 from what we can see in the main menu section of the trailer. We can see a driving school, which is great because that’s, something that personally, I’ve always loved from previous Gran Turismo games, especially even in Gran Turismo Sport, which rewards you with gift cards for completing it. The driving school has always been a good way to hone your skills and become a better driver in the Gran Turismo series. We also see an option to purchase used cars on the main menu screen, and this is a feature that fans have been requesting for such a long time used.

Cars are the staple of old Gran Turismo games going into the menus and buying a used car for much cheaper than a brand new version, and you’ve also got tons of unique used cars that you couldn’t necessarily buy from The brand new dealerships so used cars is an excellent addition to Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7: On the opposite side of that spectrum, we also have brand central. This is where you’re, going to buy your brand new cars just like in Gran Turismo Sport. So I have a feeling it’s, going to be sectioned off like Gran Turismo sport into North American cars, European cars, and Asian cars.

I have a feeling that Gran Turismo 7 is also going to do a bit more to make brand central a bit more theatrical than in Gran Turismo sport because Gran Turismo sport was pretty basic, it was cool but pretty basic.

Gran Turismo 7: The escapes feature is amazing: the ability to take these photographs and just perfect every little angle and detail in your photographs is perfect. As I have mentioned in my grantor’s, the most important single-player review escapes is an amazing thing and I’m super glad to see it is returning in Gran Turismo 7.

Now we also see three things that are labeled with the gran turismo logo, so we see gt cafe, gt auto, and gt world. I’ll get into a little later, but gt cafe and gt auto, at least from what I can see.

I can’t, find much information on the two. So if you know any information about these leave in the comments below, we also see your home, which is obviously for just like in Gran Turismo sport for tuning and customizing your own cars and then going through your garage and being able to change cars in the Next section of the trailer we actually see the user click onto the home and what we can see from home.

Gran Turismo 7: Is the option to change your car so same as any other Gran Turismo game just go into your garage and choose from your multiple cars in this garage? You also see an option for car settings, which is good so like in Gran Turismo Sport.

You can have your setups, I’m. Assuming we’re gonna have also different setups for track racing and drifting just like in Gran Turismo Sport. We also see an option called the car index. I’m, guessing that this is going to be an index of information about the car that you’re driving, so maybe it’ll.

Give you a bunch of specifications about the car, some history behind it? I’m, not sure I’m, not confirming anything. This is just my personal guess as to what car index means there’s, also a section for gifts.

When you click on the tuning shop, it gives you the option to buy performance mods as expected, so you could buy car. You could buy a new air filter, a close-ratio gearbox such things as sport, suspension, and sticky tires.

I really like the daily workout in Gran Turismo Sport. It gives you a really good motivation to go out and go their racing, so you can get a free car just for completing.

So nothing neat, nothing that difficult just do two laps of the Nurburgring and you’re good, so a daily workout is a great thing. I’m, really happy to see your daily workout return. We also see the driver level return as well.

what we’ve, already seen of games built specifically for PlayStation 5 from spiderman miles morales, especially you can see, there is virtually no loading times at all in that game, so Gran Turismo 7 is going to have some of the best loading times.

It would be coming in this summer to fall of 2021. I definitely think it will be coming out this year. I hope you enjoyed this post and lately give more information about this game. So let’s give your thoughts in the below section.

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