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Welcome to a Days Gone this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any the more details of Days Gone and what we all know so far.

Days Gone PC Review :

Welcome to a Days Gone this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any the more details of Days Gone and what we all know so far.

Today we are looking at the Days Gone as an open-world post-apocalyptic world. Where you play as the main character, deacon, who’s like a biker boy and you’re on a quest to find clues about his dead wife, while traveling along with this zombie-infested world with your buddy boozer.

Days Gone PC Review
Days Gone PC Review

Who will from time to time come along with you in missions and ride around as one-percenters, which probably means they’re, the one percent who’s still alive and human? What’s? Cool about this game? Is that it actually takes place in a real area, since the studio is from Oregon, the game is actually based in Oregon.

The map is pretty big and you can get around quickly via fast traveling, but that uses bike resources like gas and time or you can just take the scenic route and just ride around and shoot some zombies on the way.

Days Gone PC Review: So a little backstory about days gone, this game came out initially as a PlayStation, 4 exclusive and had recently come out on ps5 and pc, which makes this game the version that I’m playing, which is on pc a port from PlayStation.

Now I know what you may be thinking ports from a console to a pc. Sometimes they don’t do very well, but I can assure you that this game ported very well with also upgrades to obviously the graphics and how it looks, and also as an added bonus, you get pretty much all the content that was on the PlayStation into the pc port, so all the like different bike skins you get and actually when you first start off, challenge mode is already unlocked for you, which I think you can only get after passing the full game, which basically is a zombie shooting mode where you shoot zombies and try to survive as far as long as you can while racking Up the score and more.

Days Gone PC Review: When exploring the land of bend Oregon there are, different things you can do, such as crafting or modding your gun or modding your bike, or just looting Around in the open world to find things for yourself to repair stuff with and actually modding, your bike is one of the bigger things, because that’s, your main way of transportation right.

So there’s like nitrous. You can add a bigger gas tank, different frames,s, and tires, and a stronger engine just making the bike a better thing to use overall and of course, you’ll meet some people along the way.

You’re a biker. It has to feel good right. So yeah I mean the game handles pretty well, you can play keyboard or mouse-like I’m doing or you can use a controller, obviously, which is what the game was natively on before, but overall I mean you’re, not gonna have a bad time it controls really well it’s, not clunky. It’s smooth and flows really well from transitioning from your main weapon to your melee, getting ready to slash that dude’s head off.

It’s, smooth like butter. Coming from a PlayStation port. There’s, gonna be some key differences, one of them mainly being the graphics. Now, of course, it originally came out on ps4 graphics.

Of course, our last-gen right now with the release of ps5 and pc, the game looks really beautiful. It’s very cinematic. It’s, smooth it’s clean and it’s, just nice to look around the environment since it’s, actually modeled based on a real place.

Days Gone PC Review
Days Gone PC Review

Days Gone PC Review: A lot of people talk about the foliage and like the ground and the grass and the trees and the weeds, and you know, of course, there’s. A reason why everyone’s, talking about it. It’s beautiful so when you’re riding around town riding around on that dirt track on your cool motorcycle.

I think this game is actually pretty good and the overall graphics and frame rate are good. Finally, I was impressed with this game and I give of 5 out of 5.0 rating and I hope to enjoy this review. So let’s give a thought about this below the comment section.

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Welcome to a Days Gone this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any the more details of Days Gone and what we all know so far.Days Gone PC Review | It's Better on PC