PlayStation Games Coming to PC | Real or Fake?


PlayStation Games Coming to PC :

Welcome to the gaming news, Today We are looking at some interesting news about Playstation Exclusive Games coming to pc. There are a few leaks regarding a possible deal between sony and epic games, So recently there were some rumors that there was a data breach in epic games, and more than 100 million emails, passwords, and usernames have been leaked.

PlayStation Games Coming to PC
PlayStation Games Coming to PC

There wasn’t any official confirmation by epic games, but if you didn’t know this already, you should go and change your epic games password first and enable factor authentication.

Now, there were supposedly some official documents of the company among these leaks, which have some interesting things in them. As you can see in the image, epic games are offering sony 200 million dollars for bringing four to six first-party titles to their storefront.

PlayStation Games Coming to PC: Now, these first-party titles may include some really good PlayStation exclusives like uncharted or the last of us. Sony is bringing more and more exclusives to pc, including some really good games, like horizon zero dawn, Days Gone, which was a hugely successful game.

Earlier this year, the president of sony, interactive entertainment, confirmed that they will be bringing a whole slate of games to pc, starting from the days gone port. They also said that the opportunity to bring PlayStations to a wider audience and an easier port process meant that making more games for pc was now a fairly straightforward decision for the company.

PlayStation Games Coming to PC: But remember take this leak with a grain of salt, as this might still be disappointing. According to this image, epic games have offered that amount, but Sony hasn’t responded yet now it’s, not only sony, but epic games are also targeting Microsoft and Nintendo to get their games in the store.

According to this leak, epic thinks that Nintendo sending their games over to the store is a non-starter and it’s highly unlikely. That Nintendo would even consider doing something like this. However, talking about the PlayStation exclusives there’s still some hope, but again, 200 million dollars is two less if they’re thinking of bringing games like spider-man or god of war, because sony is still making a hell of a lot of money off Of those games plus selling ps4s and fives, accepting this offer might harm their future sales.

PlayStation Games Coming to PC: As most non-PlayStation owners won’t bother buying a console, according to a document from the epic apple case, epic games has paid 12 million dollars to secure games for the next nine months for its weekly free game giveaways.

So there’s, no need to worry since the weekly free games will still be there and more gaming news will be coming on this website. Let’s comment on this post.

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