Xbox Game Pass 2021 | Should you go for it?

Xbox Game Pass 2021 :

Today, we’re, going to talk about the Xbox Game Pass, its benefits and features, and how does it work on Xbox series x or Xbox? we’re, going to go into some details about pricing.

Xbox Game Pass 2021
Xbox Game Pass 2021

Let’s get into the topic, game pass is a subscription service that you pay for through Microsoft. That allows you to access hundreds of games with a monthly fee. If you had the game pass strictly for your console, you would pay 9.99 a month and then there’s, a game pass for pc that’s 4.99 a month. If you have the regular game pass for console, that does not include the Xbox gold required for you to play online. So you have to pay an additional 9.99 in order to get the gains for gold, which is also another monthly subscription that you have to pay. I went with the best value in my opinion, which is the game pass ultimate, which is 14.99 a month, and with this description, you get the console you get pc gaming and also you get the cloud gaming for your cell phone or tablet right now.

Xbox Game Pass 2021: Microsoft is offering a promotion where you get the game pass for one dollar for the first month and then 14.99 for each month after that, again, as I said earlier if you’re paying for each of these subscriptions separately, you’ll be paying about 25 to 30 a month since our pc game, and also I like to game on the go. I went with the 14.99 option, which I believe is the best value which includes gold. So you get the free games that you can download with gold on your console and you also get hundreds of free games on the game pass.

You can download all of these different games as long as you keep your subscription service. Now the subscription does continue automatically so each month you will not have to cancel your subscription. It’s, one of those things where you sign up for it for the first time and it’ll keep going.

If you’re only interested in trying out for the first month, you would also have to remember to cancel it after the first month. If not, you’ll get charged to 14.99. One thing that I look forward to are the Xbox game studio titles when they release they will be put on the game pass immediately.

Xbox Game Pass 2021: So you won’t have to wait for those titles. You don’t have to go into the store and actually buy those titles. You can actually download those directly to your Xbox once they come out as long as you have the game pass, and I think that is something to look forward to.

If you get the ultimate deal, it’s 15.99, and that includes the pc gaming. That includes cloud gaming that includes your console gaming. That includes your Xbox gold. I mean it includes your Xbox gold downloads that you get each month with the free games.

You get a multitude of different options that you get to choose from you to get deals if you want to actually own the game and buy and purchase a game. You get many deals that come along with that you get the EA play, which I believe I mean that’s, an option, EA play you’re, getting all these games that are included uh through ea, and also you’re, getting your exclusive games from Xbox game studios whenever they drop whenever they release, they are going to release directly to the systems and they’re, going to be able to be downloaded directly on the day.

Xbox Game Pass 2021: I won’t, be surprised if a year down the line, this price actually goes up because you’re. Getting a lot of value for this amount of money for 14.99, you’re, actually getting a lot of value, but again, if this is something that you don’t want.

If you only want to do the one dollar for the first month, make sure you cancel it, because if you do not cancel, they will charge you the next month. Microsoft has been notorious. Whenever you actually purchase a game that’s digital, they don’t like to give refunds. I hope you enjoy this news and leave a comment about this topic.

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