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Battlefield 2042 :

We’re, going to take a look at everything we know so far about Battlefield 2042, according to the devs battlefield 2042 is gonna be quote the next generation of the battlefield. So what does that even mean? Well, firstly, battlefield 2042 is bringing us a completely new theme that we’ve never seen before it’s set shortly.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

Where quote the world is on the brink? Shortages of food, energy, and clean water have led to dozens of failed nations. Now the USA and Russia are once again going head-to-head in this universe, but the twist is you’ll get to play as a no pat, which is basically a specialist refugee soldier, and they actually fight on both sides, which, I guess kind of makes sense but it’s, also kind of even more confusing, so it’ll be good to get some more clarification on exactly how this works later on down the line. The devs went for this theme because of the reception to battlefield 1 and battlefield 5, because, regardless of whether you like these games or not, I think we can all agree.

They played pretty loosely with the historical authenticity and look obviously that doesn’t matter to everyone. Bf1 was really successful, so obviously it doesn’t matter to a lot of people, but for a decent chunk of the player base.

It did, and I really think, dice struggled to find a balance with these games. Battlefield 1 tried to limit customization for the sake of the theme and that didn’t really work to counteract that bf5 tried to bring it back to the point that it barely fit with the theme.

Battlefield 2042: So the beauty of the 2042 setting, if you haven’t already realized, is first there’s, no historical events to pay respect to and that’s really important for dice because we know that they’re. Big on telling new stories, and not just that, but it’s close enough to the present day that a lot of the weapons and gear that we know and love from bf3 and bf4 will probably make a reappearance, and we’ll talk about that in just a bit, but the other point that I want to make is that by playing as no pat soldiers, it means there’s, no obligation for the devs to make sure they look a certain way.

So all of that controversy about cosmetics that plagued the reveal of battlefield v well, that’s, not going to be an issue in this one, and that’s, going to give the devs a lot of freedom down the track to do whatever they want now that might make you think that we’re, going to get a drastically different battlefield game in this one and look from what I can see it does look like there are going to be a few changes, but probably, more importantly, Is the fact that it’s obvious? The devs are trying to anchor this game too, as I said, battlefield 3 and battlefield 4, not just with weapons and gear, but the gameplay itself.

Firstly, as you can see in the trailer revolution is back. We can see a massive tornado ripping through the map and there’s, also a rocket launching in one of the shots as well and didn’t. You just think that a lot of the maps looked really familiar.

I mean they’re, not the seven launch maps are all new, but I think I saw a dama van in there, maybe a siege of shanghai as well, and a bunch of others. I’m sure there’s, going to be a bunch of other crazy stuff to do as well. So, in a nutshell, I think it’s, safe to say, battlefield 2042 isn’t gonna take itself too seriously, and with that being said, this is where we get into the really interesting part of the article, which is the differences and like I said there’s, gonna be a fair few of them, and first up is that for the first time we’re going to have up to 128 player cap servers, which honestly, I think is about as scary as It is exciting this is going to be part of something the devs are calling all out: warfare, which is apparently one of the three distinct multiplayer experiences: that’s, going to be available in this game and, in a nutshell, probably an easier way to put it is that this is the part of the game that features the modes that we already know and love like conquest and breakthrough, and there’s going to be more announced later on as well.

Battlefield 2042: Now the second multiplayer experience is apparently going to be called hazard zone and this time around, which honestly isn’t a huge deal in my opinion, because if you look at the percentage of playtime for most people, single-player is only a small fraction and some people don’t even bother with it.

At all, but for new players well, obviously it’s, a bit daunting to have to jump into multiplayer with veteran players, and so what the devs are doing, this time around is allowing bots to fill up those empty slots which honestly, I think, is A really good idea – and I wonder why it hasn’t – made it into a battlefield game already.

It’s already standard in a bunch of other games and it’s. A really great way to help new players improve their skills and stay on board and not give up because it’s just too hard now. Another thing I should mention is that as well as that, another big way dice are shaking up.

In 2042, they’re, basically bringing the class archetype system back and they’re, calling it specialists and they’re, also mixing it with what we would know as the elites from battlefield v. So, rather than picking the one generalized class you’ll, actually pick a specialist that fits one of the four classes and they’ll have their own unique, set of special abilities and weapon restrictions, as well as their own unique cosmetic.

Battlefield 2042: Look Now, finally, just before we finish up, I really want to make an important point, Battlefield 2042 game to be a ton of vehicles, weapons, and special abilities in this theme that literally just couldn’t exist in a historical setting, probably the main ones you might have seen in the trailer, though, are the wingsuit, the drone dog, The remote turret and a grappling hook as well and, of course, we’re, going to be seeing the return of helicopters and the introduction of VTOL aircraft as well.

I think it’s super interesting and I’m sure it’s, going to shake up the meta a fair bit, but anyway I say one thing. When are you going to be able to get your hands on the battlefield in 2042 and well? We now officially know that’s, going to be October 22nd of 2021, and it’s going to be available on pc, as well as both current and old-gen consoles. Anyway So what you think about this game leave the below section.

Platform : PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X and S.

Date : OCT/22/21

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