Jurassic World Evolution 2 | Theory & Expectation?

Jurassic World Evolution 2 :

Today we are going to look at Jurassic World Evolution 2. First, you can watch the trailer of Jurassic world evolution 2 and get into the article. Let’s get into the title Jurassic world evolution released in 2018 a year ago actually today – and it was one of the greatest games to ever release until people started to notice some flaws.

Jurassic World Evolution 2
Jurassic World Evolution 2

Some flaws of this actually did include the map sizes. Isla nublar is the sauna, especially Isla, Pena. I understand, for one of them is a Pena, but when it comes to Isla, sauna, and izanubla, we expected to have let’s, say more of the island to be able to build on.

Arguably, I believe nublar north a DLC map is actually the biggest map we currently have in Jurassic world evolution, and even still it wasn’t really a lot of space. Not only that, but we didn’t have that much decoration to fill it with either until later, when the DLC is released or, shall I say, updates with adding new rocks and trees and everything and one thing that people really wanted from Jurassic park Or Brazilian genesis – and one thing personally for me that I believe would have been able to help the long-lasting success of Jurassic world evolution would have actually have been a random island generator from Jurassic Park.

Operation genesis, whilst I don’t, think we’re, going to be getting a random island generator. I do believe we are going to have a lot more buildable space available. So, as we know for Jurassic world evolution 2, we are not on Telecinco’s Murtaza archipelago anymore. We are currently on the mainland and it does in fact take place after the events of Jurassic world’s fallen kingdom, and not only that, but we have buildable biomes. The biomes we have seen so far are some sort of alpine winter biome and a deserty type of biome as well.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Now with that being said, how do I know we’re going to have big buildable maps? Well, if I were to show you this image right here,

you can see that we have the innovation center, a nice little main street, some enclosures, and a customizable avery.

Not only that, but if you look behind it we have a very big ocean area, and I kind of see some sort of buildings in the background as well. But, ultimately I do think there are, some rocks now at first.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: I thought I found something, but we didn’t find anything particular. However, we already know that custom aviaries are going to be a thing. This is one of the first things I pointed out when the announcement trailer came out and not only that, but we do suspect that custom aquatic arenas are also going to be a thing.

So do keep that in mind, because I’m, not sure that it’s going to be randomly customizable. You know islands, a huge island that we can build on it’s, going to be a center of an island similar to what prehistoric kingdoms I guess are doing, but we’ll have an alpine. We’ll have a dessert, we’ll probably have a few other biomes as well to be able to build in, but ultimately the map will be big. So again, not only do we have loads of customization things, but we do also have the ability to control nature.

I guess we can also, you know, play around with terrain tools and everything of the sorts, and hopefully, we can go to somewhat of the boundaries over to the other side where the mountains are so then we can customize over there as well.

A sort of serotonin is in there at the moment in that enclosure. But if we look towards where the path is going, not only do we have a lot of space over there, but behind the buildings, we also have a lot of space there and it’s also, bending round now something in the top right corner Is intriguing me in the top right corner you can see there’s, loads and loads of trees.

In the far background, which I believe, besides the mountain in the way between the foreground and the background, will be able to build in between that area, and if my theory is correct, where we’ll only have one alpine biome with the same type of background, currently.

So that does in fact suggest that we are going to have a lot of the island buildable. Not only that, because of how close it is actually built to the mountains, I do believe instead of having boundary constraints, we’ll have mounting constraints instead, so you do have to factor that in so, I believe not strongly, but I do believe that A majority of the places where you do in fact see trees are buildable, so we have to take that into account as well.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: I do hope that is the case because building constraints were a big issue in the Jurassic world evolution. Racing genesis was good because we had building constraints, but it didn’t feel like it, because we had a huge island to build with. So here’s, hoping that Jurassic world evolution 2 will learn from their predecessor of Jurassic world evolution and not just have you know constraints, but have more natural constraints like the mountains.

I do solidly believe that the islands will be very buildable up to the point where every single tree that you see in the background will be a space where we can in fact build on and again mosasaurus needs a lot of water.

There’s. A lot of water in the background, a mosasaur could be hiding there, but anyways guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this topic and let’s give a thought about Jurassic World Evolution 2.

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