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Avatar Frontiers of Pandora :

Today we are going to look at Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, However, we had a speech from eves, which is the CEO of Ubisoft and they ended their presentation with a look at avatar frontiers of pandora.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Has a release date of sometime in 2022. Massive Entertainment is also working on an open-world star wars game and they are supposed to be releasing new content for division two I’ve heard avatar has been in development for a long time.

Now I don’t think it’s actually going to release in 2022. If it does, it’ll be later on in the year, but they have stuff coming up way before avatar releases are in the division. 2 content. So I don’t know why we haven’t heard anything about this new game mode or the new season.

They’re supposed to drop for division two: it’s kind of making me wonder if they’re like is there a possibility that they’re, not actually going to release anything for division two? Are they just going to abandon it fully or is it going to be delayed and not come out at the end of this year? In 2022, we also have red storm working on division heartland.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: We don’t know anything about that. Besides, obviously, the leaks and everything that were released and this avatar game don’t make sense for what massive entertainment actually does so. The first look, trailer for avatar frontiers of pandora was released Yesterday during Ubisoft forward showcasing game footage powered by the latest iteration of the snowdrop engine releasing in 2022 avatar frontiers of Pandora is a first-person action-adventure, experience developed by massive and is being done in Collaboration with light storm entertainment and Disney in this new standalone extension of the avatar universe you play as a Navi, so we don’t get to play as the humans.

We’re playing as the Navi and we embark on a journey across the western frontier and never before seen the part of pandora. They have new creature and unique species and also have some new places, however formidable RDA forces threaten it..

The game will be available exclusively on the new generation of consoles, ps5, Xbox series x and s as well as stadia, amazon luna, and windows pc. So Xbox one ps4, you’re out of it. The game will not release on those consoles and some people might say that’s really good because they can push beyond the limits of the Xbox one and ps4’s hardware, but at the same time, this is massive entertainment.

This is the team that dragged division two through two years of just absolute hell. They even messed up badly with division one, but this game is in the first person. This isn’t. What massive entertainment do their two biggest releases are.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: Third-person games, so I don’t know how easy it’s, going to be for them to change the perspective of the player and whether they’re, going to create a good game or not. I don’t actually know anyone that’s really.

Looking forward to this, I absolutely love avatar and I’m, probably in the minority with that one. But i don’t care. It’s, something I like. However, I just can’t, bring myself to like getting hyped about any game realistically, but especially about this, because I’ve been heavily involved with the history of massive entertainment over the last few years.

So I really don’t have trust, and that is thanks to the developers, and this is only a first look at the game. So I can’t, fully, judge it and say: oh the game’s, dreadful or anything like that. However, it’s Ubisoft that is publishing.

So I think there’s, going to be a lot of microtransactions and stuff, whether it’s done through the year, one pass, and whether it’s done through seasonal content and all that sort of stuff. But this article continues to say the trailer begins with a first-person look at a seemingly familiar lush and beautiful jungle.

In the background, we then see what is revealed as new forms of life and regions of pandora, along with some known avatar fauna, including hexapods, and dire horses.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: The trailer also gives a glimpse of a native community upon an open plane before revealing large resources, development administration, or an RDA facility, with an extensive selection of military equipment at its disposal, including the amplified mobility platforms of the amp suit.

However, there’s, no specified even window for a release date. It’s just some point next year. So yeah, I look forward to playing the game that I don’t think will be a very polished game, even though it’s had years in development or supposedly had years, and obviously, we need to see more.

We need to see some actual full-on gameplay for it, and we’re still a long way off like we might not see anything for the next eight-nine months, maybe a little bit longer. I’ve. Just I’ve got my concerns, one because it’s massive two: it’s first-person and they haven’t made a first-person game before, or they at least haven’t released one Within a year.

Obviously, at this point, we don’t know if the avatar is going to be on alike. A live service model like the division games was or at least the division 2 was, but we’ll have to see. I hope you enjoy this reveal and let’s give a comment about an avatar game.

Platform: PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X, and S

Released Date: TBA

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