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Rainbow Six extraction :

Today we are going to talk about Rainbow Six extraction, I just want to kind of give you my thoughts on the game. So that being said, kind of starting this game takes place with all of the rainbow six siege Operators on what appears to be a looks like objectives.

Rainbow Six extraction
Rainbow Six extraction

Orpheus is what they call it. The place um is in Antarctica and there was an alien ship that crashed, and now there’s. Aliens at this location, and you need to take them out to bring to life, essentially wipe them out in large numbers.

The cool thing about this is there are a few mechanics that I like that there are you know the stealth mechanics here that you’re, seeing the trailer and you know you can play it. Smart, it’s, not necessarily you need to go in run a gun, and if you know, if they spot you, it instantly starts.

Rainbow Six extraction: You know being insanely hard. The second mechanic that I like is they talk about the ability to lose operators, so say your whole team gets wiped each operator that was used by that individual.

You got Kia you have to, then you are then locked out of using sludge again and you then have to use a separate operator until you can recover or extract the operator that you lost. So I think that’s, an interesting mechanic.

Another interesting mechanic is, you can just use all the operators. I really like that and that’s, pretty cool in and of itself, because it definitely gives you different ways to play, and the game will have massive replayability with that.

Rainbow Six extraction: Just because it is a three-man squad, the last thing that I really like about this is that it progressively gets harder to think of it like a roguelike or a dark souls-esque.

So you get more difficult enemies and I assume you get better rewards so that’s, pretty cool. The only thing that I am really worried about, as of now is the price point. If this is going to be 30 to 40 bucks, all right fool may be able to swing it, but if this is a 60 to 70 next-gen experience game, they’re gonna need a lot more than just one map and operators.

They’re gonna need at least five to six maps, and you know pretty much all the operators in the game for me to want to play this. Let’s give your thoughts after watching the trailer of this game.

Platform : PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and S

Date : Set/16/21

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