Guardians of the Galaxy Game | Beast or not?


Guardians of the Galaxy Game :

Today we are going to look at the guardians of the galaxy, Guardians of the galaxy game you will pick up the story about a few years after a massive intergalactic war.

Guardians of the Galaxy Game
Guardians of the Galaxy Game

This is set when the guardians are still a new group having worked there together for less than a year so in short sounds, a lot like a prequel to some of the movies out there as we get a look at it exactly how this fits into the timeline we’ll have to kind of get the game to figure that out fully now this game seems to be going after a very popular game style right now the very branching storylines it’s a very hot thing in video games right now to have every single thing.

You do in the game affect the ultimate outcome, unlike many games where you may have some choices to end up with a few different finishing but you’re pretty much going down a story worth a railing on it and you bounce back and forth between those railings but you can’t really access it exit too far from the intended storyline.

Guardians of the Galaxy Game: The developers say they are working to build a very deep branching story this is kind of a hot thing in gaming very few games have done it well and it’s been something happening for a while now it’ll be interesting to see if the guardians of the galaxy game can be that game with a true deep branching story out there I’m gonna wait and see so many developers are promising this right now but they haven’t been able to live up to the pr will this game be the one that does

What we can tell this game will be full of very large battles richly detailed worlds in a style very similar to movies and feel but with more of a cartoon type style to it So we’re not going for an ultra-realistic here but the world to be very colorful very bright very detailed definitely helping you fit into the mood of the movies now.

There will be massive single-player game modes where you’ll be able to play all by yourself and enjoy a very detailed world but the developers say they’re gonna build a very large multiplayer game to keep you coming back for months and maybe years to come now you hear multiplayer and this kind of stuff you probably like me starting to worry about DLC microtransactions and more which is kind of becoming the main video games out there the developers say.

Guardians of the Galaxy Game: There will be no DLC and any microtransactions when you buy the game you’re getting the game which is a really cool selling point there I’m very excited about the ability to get my hands on it now it is important to know that the developers say that the title guards a galaxy just as the towel of the

game is a working title that they will probably update that to have another name guardians galaxy something or other probably to go with it

we’ll see what that exactly turns into now we do have a confirmed release date often games are announced now without one but this one is coming out on October 26, 2021, right before Halloween you’ll be able to get your hands on this game.

I try to fight for attention in the busy fall gaming slate that’s coming out now the game has been confirmed for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. There could be certain elements that work better there will be interesting to see how they balance a game like this out between multiple platforms through I’m excited to see it come to both in a world. Let’s give a comment and share your friend.

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