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Alienware X17 Review :

Welcome to a Gaming Laptop this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any more details of Alienware X17 and what we all know so far.

Today, We are going to look at Alienware X17, Alienware X17 gaming laptop is anywhere’s completely redesigned premium gaming laptop that will replace the m17 range that has been a solid gaming laptop.

Alienware X17 Review
Alienware X17 Review

That dell has been improving year on year this new chassis is now slimmer at 21.4 millimeters at its thickest point and there is now only one color choice which is a two-tone color scheme the outside being lunar lights and the deck and keyboard using the dark side of the moon color I am personally really enjoying this new design and after having used the luna light mod el for years I like the contrast of the black keys with the RGB effects which can get a bit lost with the white keys the model we’re reviewing today has the new 11th gen 11800h CPU and RTX 3070 with 140w TGP.

This model comes in at just over three kilograms which are being reasonably heavy by 2021 standards is actually not bad at all for a 17-inch gaming laptop the machine feels incredibly sturdy with no creaking or flexing. When you pick it up and as always for an Alienware laptop were greeted with plenty of RGB the keyboard the alien head power button the rear alien head and the improved Tron bar which now has much better lighting and as always you can customize the colors and the effects in the Alienware command center software being a new slimmer design they have changed the cooling solution in this laptop.

Alienware X17 Review: It now has four fans tore move all the heat these top-end components can produce to do this they’ve added venting on both sides as well as the rear vents on the back of the laptop now this means that most of the ports have now been moved to the back of the machine with only the PSU socket and a headset jack being located on either side around the back of the machine.

The port selection is good with a thunderbolt 4 port a USB two USB 3.1 and 2.1 and a mini display port it also has a micro sd reader just in case you plan to use this machine for content creation my only gripe with this is I would have preferred to have a USB or USB-C on either side of the machine as having to lean over that top to keeps plugging in devices can be a bitter some the laptop can be opened easily with one hand and while the lid is a little heavy.

It means the screen has no wobble or play while in use looking at the palm rest it has the same high endurance coating as Palacio’s laptops that seem to withstand staining much better than the old rubber finish it will still pick up marks and palm oils so you’ll need to keep that microfiber cloth at the ready but this is nothing like a razor blade fingerprint magnet the touchpad is glass and feels very solid and tracks well and gestures are also responsive but there’s a slight drag on the surface which I’m not too keen oni much prefer a perfectly smooth touchpad now the keyboard is an area where I have a bit of a grip with this laptop.

I love the feel of Alienware keyboards and the key style is my favorite any gaming laptop hands down but they’ve taken the layout from them 15 r5 and put it on the 17-inch laptop now I understand I’m doing this on the new x15 but the 17 inches I think it deserves a number pad I’m also not a fan of the media keys on the right of the enter key.

Alienware X17 Review: It is useful having dedicated media keys but when they’re right next to the entry I do find I often miss type especially where they push the arrow key directly underneath the entry which I’ll often miss here instead of the right shift moving up to the screen we have 165-hertz 1080p IPS panel on the base model now I want to start with the bad news

This model comes with no mux switch which is a real shame but other than that this 5793 panel is very good with 369 nits of brightness good colors and it feels very responsive looking at the ufo test image it was very clear with no ghosting or trails this would make a great panel for gaming at 1080p and finally all Alienware x17 x50 models now come with windows hello, this is brilliant it’s my favorite way to log into windows. I’ve been using this on this x17 and windows hello has been incredibly responsive and logs me in quickly so this is the webcam and the microphones on the new anywhere x17 laptop.

The x17 not only has four fans but also uses a vapor chamber cooler and gallium silicon thermal interface material so let’s take a look at how this laptop actually performs.

Alienware X17

I’ve tested the laptop on three of its power profiles are quite balanced and max fans to see how the benchmarks react to each of these profiles and the good news is all the profiles are usable even for gaming now obviously it throttles back performance a few percent on the quiet mode to reduce fan noise but this is good news as it allows you to choose either better temps with more noise or a quieter system with slightly higher temps our model has the 11800 h CPU.

Alienware X17 Review: It consumes just over 100 watts now this gives an impressive score of over 5000 points on the cine bench on its max fan profile the geek bench 5 scores were equally impressive especially the single-core scores which have received a big boost with these new 11th gen CPUs now this is going to make the machine feel snappier in day-to-day use.

Let’s look at the charger, the new 240-watt PSU, and let’s compare it to the old 240-watt brick this is great news that Alienware finally updated this power supply as what is the point of making their laptop thinner and more compact when you’re still carrying around a massive heavy brick with it the laptop is also capable of being charged by USB but don’t expect to be gaming whilst arm power delivery mode as you will be throttled because obviously the USB-c chargers run at a lower wattage initial battery testing with this model using Alienware better battery profile gave us just over five hours of streaming video over wi-fi at 50 brightness this isn’t a bad result.

I would love to see the anywhere command center improved but overall this is an incredibly solid package that would recommend to anyone looking for a dedicated gaming laptop and I hope you enjoy this product review. If you want more gaming product reviews and tips please comment below section.

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Welcome to a Gaming Laptop this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any more details of Alienware X17 and what we all know so far.Alienware X17 Review | It's Worth Buying?