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Welcome to a Gaming Review this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any more details of Omno and what we all know so far.

Omno Review :

Welcome to a Gaming Review this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any more details of Omno and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at omna, omno is an atmospheric adventure game with a focus on exploring and interactive puzzles that are set in an ancient world of wonders. It was created by Jonas manke a german developer who worked as a freelance animator for more than 10 years on different movies and games before he started with the development of omno in2016.

Omno Review
Omno Review

When I should compare the game to any other I would say it feels like a mix between journey and a stronger especially with the graphic design and the freely explorable levels you play as a silent character a pilgrim with a staff that can hold and transport light at the beginning of the game you wake up in a swamp with no explanation on who you are or what you have to do you just start to explore and meet the first creatures like little frogs or a huge friendly dinosaur that invites you for a ride to your next stop everything is pretty intuitive

Omno Review: The way of exploring and interacting with the environment the controls the button layout the sensitivity everything seems to be made for the player to simply hop into the game and start without having to adjust anything the controls are not spongy or inaccurate at any time you can perfectly maneuver the little character through the world and jump run dash climb or even ride your stuff and still land on the smallest pillars precisely and even.

If you should miss a jump or a dash you will respawn at the last checkpoint without any loss of progression during your journey across different biomes from lush forests to dry deserts or frozen tundras you have to pick up pieces of light the power of long-lost civilization who is called temple energy.

This light is needed to interact with magical stones and platforms or to open portals that you can find in ancient ruins. This temple energy can be found everywhere in the world hidden in the grass locked up in stones or carried around by the many creatures you will find the world of omno is a vibrant one with cute helpful turtles shy rock-like crabs gigantic friendly dinosaurs and many more by exploring all of the different areas you will find these creatures and a lot of other secrets and collectibles.

Omno Review: Some of them are needed to solve puzzles and progress and some of them are added to the main path the gameplay loop is always the same after a shortcut scene. Where you either float through the air like pieces of light or ride.

One of the giant creatures you access a new area where you can find up to 6 light orbs in different locations alongside other collectibles 3 of these light orbs are needed to complete a level the collectibles don’t have to be found but tell the story some of the light orbs can simply be collected by climbing or jumping to them. While others can only be claimed after solving a puzzle or finding enough pieces of temple energy the collectibles are the so-called traveler stones and there are three of them in each area.

They tell a story of the game as I already mentioned as they hold notes of a former pilgrim who shares her thoughts and experiences with the ones following his path after him you don’t have to find them in order to progress but if you want to know more about the story and background of the ancient world you should help you out a little with both the orbs and the stones.

There are two helpful mechanics in the game one is a dragon-like creature that becomes your companion who follows you around and shows you certain points of interest the other mechanic is a holographic map that can be activated for each area by meditating at a special point then it shows you how much of the area is completed and where the locations of the light orbs are the traveler’s stones are not shown on the map and you only find them by exploring the different puzzles of the game are seamlessly integrated perfectly balanced and differ from area to area each level has its own kind of puzzle.

Omno Review: Some of them are solved by moving blocks or blood forms into the right position for others you need to think a bit more outside the box or change your perspective they are definitely creative and challenging but not frustrating.

There is always a logical solution even if it can take a moment to get it but overall the puzzles fit perfectly to the relaxing atmosphere of the game and don’t disturb it at any time. So if you are looking for a game to relax and unwind without the pressure of beating high scores killing monsters or being faster on the trigger then the enemy omno is the perfect game for you and I know.

The word that describes omno the best cause it is a game that feels complete and polished everything fits together with the beautiful graphics the soothing music the unique characters the well-balanced puzzles and so on it has the perfect difficulty to be relaxing and challenging at the same time. I give a 4.2 out of 5.0 rating and I hope you enjoy this game review. Let’s give comments about this review below the comment section.

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Welcome to a Gaming Review this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any more details of Omno and what we all know so far.Omno Review | It's worth buying?