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Welcome to a Gaming Review this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any more details of Eldest Souls and what we all know so far.

Eldest Souls Review :

Welcome to a Gaming Review this is often more of an informational Post with reference to all or any more details of Eldest Souls and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Eldest Souls, Eldest Souls is a dark fantasy action RPG game. you play as a lone warrior whose mankind only hope against the spreading corruption caused by a vicious war between humans and gods armed with a great sword of pure obsidian you show up to dispatch the remaining old gods.

Eldest Souls Review
Eldest Souls Review

The world eldest souls opening cinematic is a fantastic detailing of the events leading up to the start of the game but I really would have loved to see more of that stylish storytelling throughout the rest of the main campaign in true souls like fashion

The remainder of the story is told through discovered cryptic codex entries in the occasional mad NPC that you stumble upon it’s a style of storytelling that can be intriguing but the issue in eldest souls is that there’s no real reason to go exploring besides looking for tidbits about the lore this is very much a boss rush style game.

Eldest Souls Review: So you won’t be fighting anything outside of the boss rooms and there aren’t many non-story items or upgrades for you to find the world is really well-designed and haunting in many ways from the eerie soundtrack to the creepy locations equipped with frozen cadavers and writhing tentacles.

I do wish however that there were more reasons to explore it and I would be equally excited to see some more great sequences like the opening cinematic in its storytelling as the lore that’s established is quite intriguing as a boss rush souls like eldest souls largest draws in its combat and here.

It’s really quite an impressive system in most ways you have three fighting styles to choose from with each having two skill trees of their own providing a relatively large variety of ways to play each boss that you slay will reward you with a single skill point and you can respect as often as you like as long as you aren’t currently fighting a boss the first fighting style the wind slide acts as elder soul’s high mobility range build the berserker slash tree is a high-damage high sustained melee build and the counter tree provides high defenses through shielding and the ability to counter-attack bosses each boss was super unique in both form and function and some of the skilled trees are much more effective against certain bosses in addition to skill points each boss victory will also award you that bosses hard a powerful artifact containing a smidge of their power that you can use in a handful of different ways the god of lights hard.

Eldest Souls Review: For example, houses the power of light, and depending on where it’s used in your skill tree. it’ll allow you to unleash light-based attacks under certain conditions equipping it to the dash lets you summon damaging spears of light when you dash through enemy attacks but equipping it to your blood burst attack will fire off a beam of light when you use that ability the various skill trees and shards provide a ton of different ways to build your character especially since you can re-spec and swap shards at will the only thing really missing from eldest souls in this regard is that there isn’t any additional weapons or armor for you to find equip and upgrade in combat.

There are several resources that you’ll need to manage to be successful the first and most important is your blood thirst bar filled by landing charged melee attacks your blood thirst bar will provide you with movement speed attack speed and precious life steal one of the only means of healing in the game.

It will also allow you to use blood burst a high damage ability that can be risky to use and consumes all of your meters you also have your stamina that recharges quickly each dash consumes.

One of your three stamina bars and most of my deaths have been because I played a little fast and loose with my dashes and I didn’t have one ready when I really needed it and in this game, you’re never more than a few seconds away from death.

So those dashes and their invincibility frames are vitally important they aren’t quite as tight as I’d hoped however as you can’t cancel your attack animations with a dash so you’ll have to wait for the entire attack animation to complete before getting out of the way the last two bars are your active sharability that unleashes the power of the gods on a short cool down and your fighting style special ability eldest souls does only have 9 different bosses but each one successfully captured that souls-like feeling where after my first few deaths.

Eldest Souls Review: I honestly thought that I would never be able to defeat them then getting closer and closer to each fight until I finally downed them and that familiar feeling of satisfaction came over me the first couple bosses of the game are pushovers but every single one after that was white knuckle gaming that struck a delicate balance between inducing no small amount of rage in myself and always inevitably drawing me back into the fight for one more attempt.

Most of the bosses have huge AOE attacks with poorly defined hitboxes and it takes a lot of learning before you can start to feel comfortable each one also has more than one phase so even after you master phase one there’s always a much faster and more punishing phase to follow once you’ve beaten them all you can then ascend to new game plus.

This is really where the fun is as I said each boss only gives you a single skill point so your skill tree won’t even be maxed out until you’re at the end of the game new game plus really feels like an improvement because you can actually fight all the bosses with a full skill tree and it adds a lot of replayability to experiment with different builds and different fights you can pick up eldest souls right now on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox for 20 bucks sits a great sounding great looking boss rush action RPG. That’s all today and I give 2.5 ratings of 5.0 rating. I hope you enjoy this game review and If you pick this game please comment in the below section.

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