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Welcome to a Gaming Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the 12 Minutes Game and what we all know so far.

12 Minutes Game Review :

Welcome to a Gaming Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the 12 Minutes Game and what we all know so far.

Today, we are going to look at 12 minutes, 12 minutes is an interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop it was directed by Luis Antonio who used to work at rockstar games and Ubisoft before and found his love for indie games.

12 Minutes Game Review
12 Minutes Game Review

When helping Jonathan blow to create the art for the witness he then started to create this project with a small team of developers and artists that turned into 12 minutes the story of the game starts pretty simple a man and his wife have a romantic evening with a dessert and a little surprise when all of a sudden a police detective that ironically looks like agent 47 knocks on the door and accuses the wife of a murder shocked by the situation and not able to act against the intruder.

They both end up in handcuffs and while the wife is calling for help the cop beats the man to death end of the day but we wouldn’t play a time loop game if this would be the end of the story just a second later the man finds himself at the front door again and the Exact same evening starts one more time you as the player controls the man as he’s the only playable character of the game and try to find out what’s going on and how to change the outcome of the day and break the loop to save your wife and yourself.

12 Minutes Game Review: You are doomed to relive the same situation again and again and after each death or latest after 12 minutes the loop starts again and everything is reset the time the environment and the memories of your wife and the detective everything around you starts over and over again without any knowledge of the time loop.

At least as long as you don’t talk about it because after each loop new dialogue options are unlocked based on the information you gathered before and the actions you made and one of them is also to tell your wife about your groundhog day experience and try to convince her that you are telling the truth which isn’t easy of course but that’s just one of many options the game allows you to freely interact with the environment to pick up and combine objects with the drag and drop interface or simply store them in your inventory.

For example, fill a mug with water and give it to your wife because she’s thirsty which will unlock more dialogue options or after the first loop when you know what will happen you can equip yourself with a knife from the kitchen and try to attack the cop or convince your wife to hide in the bathroom.

12 Minutes Game Review: So he won’t find her and soon your character always keeps his memories and whatever else you found out during the last loop and can use it to his advantage to try and break the loop or at least gather a little more information and even though there are only three characters in the game and everything is happening in only one apartment with three rooms.

It has a lot of depth and provides almost infinite ways of breaking the cycle that also means there is no wrong or right in the game there’s only a shorter or a long way to solve it and even though you only have 12 minutes for each loop is enough time to try different combinations without getting stressed. If you need it you can open a small clock that shows you how much time is left but as the environment and music change depending on how far the loop advanced already you will be able to tell the time without the clock after the first few loops the average playtime of the game is about 6-8 hours but since there’s no real ending you can play as long as you want or as long as you are not satisfied with the outcome that means there won’t be any ending specifically set by the developers no goals or quests to complete the game ends.

12 Minutes Game Review: Whenever you say yeah I’m fine with that outcome whatever it is but no matter how long you play and how satisfied you are with your personal ending you can return at any time and start into the next loop to experience what would happen afterward or what will happen if you try a different combination of objects and dialogues which provides a pretty high replay value and as the game doesn’t give you any hints or a helping hand on how to act in different situations you are completely free in your decision.

There’s only a short tutorial that introduces you to the game’s mechanics but that’s it the rest is up to you and the loop and a lot of trial and error but that also means you should be interested in experimenting with the different dialogues and combinations if you need a guiding thread in a game or at least a helping hand now and again or if you prefer games with a real ending in a romantic final cutscene 12 minutes might not be the right title for you and story is unique gameplay and many ways to finding the solution.

12 minutes will be released on August 19th for a price of 25 dollars for PC, Xbox One, Series X, and S. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy this different indie game review. If you like this game please comment below section.

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Welcome to a Gaming Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the 12 Minutes Game and what we all know so far.12 Minutes Game Review | It's worth buying?