How to make a YouTube Channel for Gaming


How to make a YouTube Channel for Gaming :

So you’re here because you want to start a gaming channel on youtube and I’m share some tips and honestly it will help to start the channel.

How to start a Gaming Channel in youtube
How to start a Gaming Channel in youtube

How to make a YouTube Channel for Gaming :

The number one Motivator into creating the channel – Why you want to start your channel and also to set realistic expectations so I’m going, to be honest here if you are starting your channel just because you want to make money off of it it’s not going to work out there is a very very small chance that your channel will ever get anywhere if you don’t actually have the passion and drive to upload videos.

If you love what you’re doing even if you would never be paid for it just sit down and ask yourself why you want to do this as for the realistic expectations part just kind to be realistic with yourself in the sense that you’re probably not going to blow up overnight foremost YouTubers and I say most okay it’s usually a slow and steady progress before you can really start to see some growth on your channel.

The number two is SEO and Analytics – SEO basically stands for search engine optimization and I could go really deep into it but it’s basically how youtube sends your videos to other people or shows it. On the home page to other people or even on the sidebar of this video. First, you can do keyword research work for related Niche or others.

I Suggest some Keyword tools:

1. Semrush

2. Ahref

3. H-supertool

The number three is find a niche – If you’re just playing one game on your channel you want to do just challenges if it’s kind of a building sandbox game do you just want to do build are you just creating characters are you just making funny videos or even tutorials it’s okay to branch out every once in a while but you kind of have to make sure that your channel is pretty much keeping the same niche or else.

How to make a YouTube Channel for Gaming: If somebody visits your channel and they see a bunch of different types of videos that are all over the place they’re not really going to know what your channel is about and a lot of people do look for specific niches and It will help grow your channel.

There are channels about solely building and there are channels about sole storytelling but obviously, this applies to games.

It really applies to every single one of these games. So again sit down maybe get a notepad and kind of write out what you kind of like to do with these games and what kind of videos you’d like to produce one thing i would suggest doing different videos first that you’ve seen have gained a lot of views obviously be original and obviously be creative if you gain a following later then do let’s plays because your lets plays are more likely to do better overall if you have a lot more viewers and a loyal fan base.

The number four is to Interact and be present with your subscribers and promote your content on other platforms – So obviously with these bigger YouTubers that get thousands of comments a day, they’re not able to read and like and comment back to every comment that we get us small YouTubers we have an advantage over they believe it or not because we don’t get as many comments so we are able to kind of reply to almost every comment that we have if you get comments on your videos no matter if you try to comment back to all of them engage with your viewers talk to them.

How to make a YouTube Channel for Gaming: If they ask you a question say you know respond to the question and ask them a question back keep the conversation going and that will definitely help with viewer engagement as well and share your video on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit and i will help you.

Go Start Never Stop and give more quality and quantity of your video. That’s all today guys and I hope you enjoy these tips. Let’s give me big support and share your friends and comment about this post below section.

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