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Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Hell Architect and what we all know so far.

Hell Architect Review :

Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Hell Architect and what we all know so far.

Today, we are going to look at Hell Architect, Hell Architect game is about to manage and build the hell. You play as a role the hell manager as you’re tasked with building up undeveloped parts of the underworld to make your demon overlords happy as you torture sinners in new and exciting ways while tending to their most basic needs as long as you see fit to keep them in your service.

Hell Architect Review
Hell Architect Review

As the game begins you’re treated to a full voice-acted three-part tutorial followed by an actual main story campaign. The tutorial does serve well to familiarize you with many of hell architects mechanics while many of them are staples of the genre like food water and tech trees there are quite a few fun ideas that make it feel like a unique experience. The first is in all of the different torture devices you can build to antagonize your peons each of these was fun and creative in design like the dentist chair that drills the sinner’s face with a giant auger or the catapult that violently pitches people into a nearby spike wall.

These devices generate suffering a currency that is used in the building of most helpful architects buildings the second cool mechanic that initially excited me was in hell architect’s aura system you can purchase decorations hire special demons or even randomly gain legendary sinners who give off auras that have different effects like increased movement speed or faster digging.

Hell Architect Review: The problem with these two systems the auras and the torture devices is that beyond the creativity of their design there really isn’t a lot of functional depth to them the torture devices, for example, get more and more expensive and provide more and more suffering on use there really isn’t any tactical decision making to be had as you always just want to buy whatever is most expensive and move on it’s the same thing with decorations.

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There are 44 different decorations you can buy in a game to place around your underworld to spice things up their designs are unique but every single one falls into two categories it either improves your digging by providing a light aura or it improves your torture devices by being considered dreadful scenery the vast majority of items in the game follow this trend as well for example you need to maintain your sinner’s health by keeping them fed and watered but there aren’t many choices on how to make your hell special instead you pretty much just have to build tier one food and water options and then tier two and so on and so forth and it just feels like most play-throughs are going to be the exact same progression with the only difference being in how you decorate your colony these missed opportunities could have been used to flex some more creativity and allow players to play the game in more ways.

Hell Architect Review: But it’s mostly a single playthrough type of game that’s not to say the stuff you can build isn’t cool though building platforms with bits of broken glass on them. So your sinners will suffer more is great making them eat smelly gloop and drink dirty water was fun too but once you get over hell architects shock humor on your first colony the second time around it’s a lot less charming there is however a special building category that does provide some tactical depth here.

You can find things like the help employment center that allows you to put sinners to work in specific locations like always having mary do brewer duty raising her skill and making your colony overall more efficient or the vault that allows you to dig up artifacts that give you huge bonuses for a couple of minutes at a time and then break and become unusable.

Hell Architect Review: There are several systems that work in hell architect that really brings the gameplay to a slow grind and the first is in its resource generation every building and item in the game costs resources whether it be metal dirt coal crystals suffering or essence but the way that you gather these resources is by waiting you tell your sinners to go to the torture chamber and you wait you tell them to dig and you wait you tell them to make food and you wait and all the while you’re just spending your time watching the resource bars fill up so you can buy your next upgrade.

It does pick up some in the later stages as you build a huge sprawling hellscape that requires you to manage a large population over a huge base but even then there’s still a lot of waiting around due to the arrival timer as you progress through the game new sinners will arrive at your doorstep on a timer with each new recruit the timer increases coupled with the fact that you have to execute your sinners to gain vital essence you never have enough of them and even when you have a functioning automated underworld society you’ll just be staring at that arrival timer waiting for your next sinner. This game was released on Aug 18th and sorry for the late review guys. That’s all today gamers and I hope you enjoy this indie game. If you like this game comment below section.

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