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Call of Duty Vanguard :

Today, we are going to look at Call of Duty Vanguard, Finally, we got some information about this game. let’s look about warzone the biggest official reveal we got honestly for warzone is that an anti-cheat system is finally coming to the mode and while we still will likely struggle until vanguard comes out we can certainly say that the dark times are behind us but that’s not all we got word of a brand new warzone map coming to a warzone and no this isn’t a reskin over Dansk.

Call of Duty Vanguard
Call of Duty Vanguard

It’s finally a brand new map and while I’m nervous about a new map because her dance is well bound to my opinion a new mat will without a doubt be welcomed since we’ve been playing on her dance for a year now no word on if this will release on the day, one I’m more expecting it to come out with season one of vanguard kicking off.

Hopefully, an exciting year of call of duty another detail here is that weapon integration with warzone this time around will be way smoother than it was for black ops cold war and this is solely due to the fact that vanguard is on the iw8 engine which is the same engine war zone runs on, so no more attachments doing different things or weapons feeling entirely different from their multiplayer counterpart.

Call of Duty Vanguard: The best part about all this integration is that vanguard modern warfare and black ops cold war will continue the integration progression system so if you want to play cold war you can still rank up yourself in multiplayer throughout vanguard zone etc so since this basically is related to multiplayer.

Let’s look about vanguard’s multiplayer now these details are certainly the most surprising since the game has been reported to struggle a bit at the beginning of production but that didn’t stop them from giving us 20 maps at launch.

I’m pretty sure that’s a launch record for the franchise or maybe more but I digress 16 of these maps will be for the traditional call of duty multiplayer experience taking place throughout Europe, north Africa, and the pacific. The four other maps are maps made for a new warzone inspire mode called champion hill the reports have been stating that this mode is very similar to apex’s legends arena mode the very popular gunsmith is also returning again but since we are working with world war ii weapons things are slightly different they have now added custom ballistics and ammo types for vanguard’s gunsmith.

Which should give each weapon more options in a setting that will certainly lack a wide selection of attachments something new for vanguard is something called combat pacing which allows players to pick the way they want to play their game these filters are in multiplayer and as described here tactical is sweaty matches standard is a known experience.

COD is a much more casual but superhigh-action gameplay. Honestly, this sounds good but also vague so we can only wait and see what it is exactly also we are getting a new gunplay feature allowing players to blind fire I’m both nervous and curious about this so let’s wait and see but now

Call of Duty Vanguard: Let’s look at co-op or specifically zombies this year’s call of duty zombies experience isn’t developed by sledgehammer games. Yes, I know isn’t it their game well yeah but this time around Treyarch is going to be leading call of duty zombies for another year and I personally love this idea the zombie’s experience is confirmed to be a prologue to cold wars mode as well.

As a continuation to the current dark ether storyline while this is all we have regarding zombies this is more than enough to get me super excited for this mode now finally let’s end off talking about the campaign this story will be set around the rise of special forces this story is also not connected at all with 2017’s call of duty world war ii game.

We will be experiencing all fronts of the war from the pacific to both fronts in Europe as well as the lesser-known front in north Africa this special forces squad will be made up of four people each from a major nation Britain, the soviet union, the United States, and Australia. Their mission revolves around a secret nazi project called project phoenix which is a project that the nazis believe could help prolong their role beyond Hitler in all this is a very interesting reveal for call of duty vanguard.

I am personally super excited about all parts of this game warzone is getting some much-needed help with anti-cheat the multiplayer will be filled with content right from the launcher in regards to playable maps zombies are being made by Treyarch.

The founders of call of duty zombies and the campaign is taking a different approach to previous world war ii campaigns.

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