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Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Kitaria Fables and what we all know so far.

Kitaria Fables Review :

Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Kitaria Fables and what we all know so far.

Today, we are going to look Kitaria Fables, Kitaria Fables is an action-adventure crafting and farming RPG simulator and you play as Nyanza a knight of the empire charged with protecting the residents of paul village from the growing ominous threat of an ensuing calamity you’ll meet the endearing citizens of Kataria and help them with odd jobs and quests while unveiling the world’s lore and slaying countless monsters along the way.

Kitaria Fables Review
Kitaria Fables Review

Kitaria fables attempt to combine action-focused RPG elements with farm life crafting sims along with a story-driven narrative and while there are many ways it succeeds it also comes with a long list of downsides and questionable design choices that are really going to curb a lot of players enjoy the graphical design and sound are really great here and exploring the various locations around Kitaria is a treat but presentation aside.

The actual substance of the story is very forgettable and never really pays off in any of the side missions or the main campaign characters you meet have interesting designs but rarely if ever provide meaningful dialogue to draw me into their quests creating handfuls of these hollow fetch quests that I’m really only competing for the off chance that

I’ll get rewarded with something cool there are even a few particularly tedious quests in the game where you’ll need to provide materials to unlock the next large section of the map there are two of these quests one to get into the southern desert region and another to get up into the northern snowy mountains each one requires you to acquire hard to attain materials and you’re only told about one material at a time.

Kitaria Fables Review: So instead of gathering the whole list you’re running back and forth to hand off the stone and then wood and then shells and so on not all of these quests are this bad but they really don’t get any more thoughtful than this at any point in Kitaria fables and this really segues well into my chief complaint about Kitaria fables and that’s how tedious it is to get around the map especially in the early game.

Fast travel is very limited even in the latest stages of the game and most of the fast travel, points are only one way for some reason the problem is compounded by how slow your character’s movement speed is and the fact that there are so few save points much much, later on, I was able to get the coveted banana leaf that gives you plus 50 movement speed but I would have killed for either amount system or just being able to fast travel from anywhere. As I really don’t see how that would have detracted from the overall experience and in regards to save points there really are only a couple of places to save your game with no exit save and no autosave at all so if you need to save or shut down the game you have to walk all the way back to one of these save points.

The major redeeming factor in Kitaria fables is the combat this is definitely a casual game so don’t go in expecting you know cat dark souls but what does exist is fun and addicting hack and slash complete with spells, weapons, and iframe rolling like many things in Kitaria fables.

Kitaria Fables Review: The early game is pretty tedious and combat is no different when the game starts out you really only have access to your sword and can generally only fight one or two creatures at a time before getting overwhelmed as the story progresses however you gain the bow and arrow and learn how to use magic from the schools of wind, earth fire, and water.

The sword and bow each have a handful of unique skills that can only be unlocked through quests or treasure chests found around the world that requires rare keys to open while the schools of magic have skills that can be learned through crafting at the sage’s shop the downside is that you can only have four skills equipped at a time and you can only swap them at a couple designated locations on the map but finding and testing out these new skills is a very satisfying part of the gameplay.

All the damage is based on your current weapon plus any food buffs you have and the late-game spells and skills are super fun to land on foes the skills in each weapon and school of magic felt unique to that tree and made for a great way to make my character unique sword and bow skills were all about straight damage fire also applied damage overtime water could freeze enemies wind could push enemies around and contain a valuable heal spell and earth, where I dumped almost all of my resources, did the damage and stunned enemies.

These skills become very useful in taking out large mobs of enemies at one time and especially necessary to take on the cast of bosses in the world most zones have a wandering optional boss that wins slain drops much more valuable loot some even drop rare golden keys or special equipment like the king GUI who drops his magic resist crown or the Dracul I that will occasionally drop the evil bone wings that provide 10 life steal these drops create farming opportunities to keep trying to kill the same bosses over and over for the best loot on top of all the farming you can already do to get crafting materials to upgrade your weapons and tools this mechanic can also get tedious but I found the combat enjoyable.

Kitaria Fables Review: Enough that I really didn’t mind fighting the same monsters repeatedly the last large mechanic that I’d like to bring up is the farming which really feels tacked on in Kitaria fables this is definitely a casual action RPG first and foremost and that’s most clear and how the farming really has no impact on the rest of the game.

There are a handful of side quests designed to get the player into farming but it’s never more intricate than please go plant these tomatoes like everything else it does start off slow and once you unlock farming the starting tools are pretty lackluster crops don’t really yield that much money until you can fill up at least half of your plot or more with them and until you upgrade your tools you can really only till and water a single square at a time so I’d advise you completely ignore it until you unlock silver and gold later on and the process becomes much quicker you can also turn these crops into useful food items with nice buffs but honestly as a casual game.

Kitaria fables available on steam and the game was released in September 2 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S. I definitely recommend it to those interested in farming, crafting, fighting RPGs as long as they’re ready for a slower more casual experience. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy this review article. If you play this game please comment below section.

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