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Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Lost in Random and what we all know so far.

Lost in Random Review :

Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Lost in Random and what we all know so far.

Today, we are going to look at Lost in Random, Lost in Random is an action-adventure game and It was developed by Zoink based in Sweden that is focused on immersive storytelling and has created titles like fey or ghost giant.

Lost in Random Review
Lost in Random Review

Before the game is set in the dark kingdom of random that is ruled by a mad queen who determines the lives and the future of every citizen with a role of her mysterious black dice the kingdom itself is also parted into six different realms matching with the six faces of the dice.

Each realm has its own unique environment characters lifestyle and problems one croft, for example, is the poorest realm, and the other five discard all their trash into this part of the kingdom and don’t care much about its inhabitants two towns, on the other hand, a second realm is a place of dualities where even the people have split personalities but the greatest of the realms is six topia the home of the queen and a magical paradise of luxury where anyone would be lucky to stay and everyone has indeed the chance to live there.

Because when a child turns 12 years old it is given the honor of rolling the queen’s dice and depending on the number it shows they have to spend the rest of their lives in the corresponding realm if they want it or not that also means if a child was born in 5 tropolis and rolls a 1 it is destined to live a life of struggle and poverty in one croft, on the other hand, it would also have the chance to live a life of luxury in the queen’s palace if it rolls a 6.

But I’m sure you can imagine that there’s something fishy about that and that the queen likes to give the dice a little extra push every once in a while and that’s exactly what happens to odd a little girl who lived in one craft with her younger sister even and her parents when art turns 12 years old the queen herself shows up in one craft to watch her roll the dice and to everyone’s surprise she rolls a six and is taken away by the queen and her nanny to spend the rest of her life in 6 topia even though odd herself is not very happy about it and so is even not long after her older sister was taken from her.

Lost in Random Review: Even leaves her parents house one night and starts on a journey across each realm of the kingdom to bring her beloved sister odd back home and that also when she discovers another secret of the dark kingdom the power of the dice because in the past every citizen in random used to own a magic dice and also a set of cards with which they challenged each other in arena battles but one day the queen banned all the dice from the kingdom and kept only one for herself not knowing that there was still a secret place where dice could be found but even finds it by accident and because of her presence.

One of the dice gets reactivated and turns into her companion a charming magical creature with a lot of strange wits and special abilities with dicey at her side even is not alone on her journey and can also use his magical owers in arena battles and giant board games because besides the story with its main and side missions combat is a big part of lost and random even and dicey frequently find themselves in different size, Daren, as with a variety of enemies spawning simultaneously or wave after wave each enemy type has different spots across their body where blue glowing crystals appear that even has to hit with a slingshot or by dodging through them then energy shorts fall to the ground that can be picked up by daisy to charge his abilities that come as cards when at least one card is fully charged even can throw dicey to freeze the time and depending on the number rolled she receives tokens with which she can play one or more cards.

Lost in Random Review: So for example, if even rolls a 1 she can activate cards with a value of 1 card with a higher value are locked if she rolls a 2 she can either play 2 chords with a value of 1 or 1 card with a value of 2 and so on it takes a bit of time to get used to it but once you got the hang of the system you can play and combine cards for maximum effect and powerful combos but at the beginning.

You will mostly be playing low-value cards that give you the ability to summon a sword or a bow to heal yourself or to place bombs that explode on a timer by progressing through the journey you will unlock more powerful cards and can customize your personal card deck depending on your play style there is also a merchant that you will encounter frequently where you can buy new cards.

So that’s how the combat system basically works collect energy shorts throw dicey and play cards to use weapons and abilities in addition to the simple arena battles there are also giant board games.

Where you have to move a playing piece with the numbers you roll and fight the queen’s minions on the side in the early game you won’t be able to roll numbers higher than the 2 as dicey is missing some pips these are little creatures like glow worms that are needed to activate dicey’s black dots and make them usable to upgrade dicey you will have to find more pips throughout your journey and also a good mechanic that helps you to install them so later on you will be able to roll higher numbers and unleash more powers and abilities, in addition, you can also find different storybook pages and coins in the game storybook pages can be found across each realm and tell a bit more about the background story of random the coins are needed to buy new cards and can be found by destroying little clay pots or sending dicey through flap doors that can be found all over the kingdom the preview version.

I played took me through the first two realms from the beginning of the story to the end of town and I needed about 5 hours to complete everything. So, I think an overall playtime of 12 to 16 hours for the game is realistic which would be around 2-3 hours for each realm.

If you take your time to complete the side missions listen to the dialogues and find collectibles if you rush through it you might be able to beat the game in 8 to 10 hours but I don’t think that’s why you should buy it what I really liked about lost and random besides the beautiful graphics and music the lovely characters the challenging strategic combat and the exciting story is the fact that you never feel alone dicey is always at your side talking to you with its gibberish and giving you hints on hidden objects and collectibles.

Lost in Random Review: I also love the storytelling with the dialogues cutscenes and an additional narrator that tells parts of the story from a third-person perspective with a bit more background knowledge unfortunately even is not voice acted in the dialogues only in the cutscenes so, during the dialogues you only choose your questions or answers but even is not actively speaking them but that actually the only thing I have to complain about besides this.

There are a lot of strange but lovable characters you will meet that offer different sides and main quests if you want to you can dive deeper into the background of the kingdom and each character with the dialogue options but you don’t have to it also doesn’t change the outcome of the game or keeps the side missions locked you will always have access to all side missions and there’s only one ending no matter what you do plus lost in random is not an open-world game.

It has some room for exploration and hidden collectibles to find within the realms but besides this, it has a pretty linear storyline and environment another thing.

I really enjoyed was the combat system and I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but it turned out to be very well conceived especially with this time freeze mechanic that gives you the chance to think about your next move and the cards you want to play and combine it takes a lot of pressure and stress from the combat makes it more strategic and lets you find your own flow and play style. That’s all today and I hope you like this review. Please support and share the article.

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Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Lost in Random and what we all know so far.Lost in Random Review | It's worth buying?