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Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Tales of Arise and what we all know so far.

Tales of Arise Review :

Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Tales of Arise and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Tales of Arise. Tales of Arise is an action-adventure JRPG game and this game was developed by Bandai Namco. Let’s get into the story, the story and tales of arise center around two neighboring planets dana and Rena.

Tales of Arise Review
Tales of Arise Review

Rena is technologically superior it has enslaved the people of dana for 300 years. The game begins with you playing as Alphin a Dana slave he’s quite mysterious as he has no memories of his past nor does he even know what he looks like thanks to a mask he wears.

Without giving away too many details he crosses paths with a running girl named shion the two share similar goals and decide to travel together despite being from different worlds. The dynamic of Dannon’s versus renin’s takes center stage quite often this could have been executed poorly but tales of arise manages to present the conflict in believable ways characters feel grounded and real making for plenty of genuine story moments while alpha and Xion are certainly the protagonists the rest of the party are all likable in their own ways you’re given ample time to get to know them before they join the party oftentimes they’ll join you as a guest character briefly before joining your party permanently.

Tales of Arise Review: I like this approach as it allowed for the characters personalities to breathe for a bit instead of jamming them into the party because the game needs you to have a new character. Past tales games have been guilty of dumping a lot of jargon into their stories making them hard to follow while tales of arise does this a little bit it’s to a much lesser extent you’re introduced to new terms slowly so you don’t get confused this felt much more natural.

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So when characters throw terms around later in the game you actually know what they’re talking about I’ll say that tales of rise has a bit of a dark streak to it. I wouldn’t dare spoil them for you but there were moments where my jaw dropped and I audibly gasped I wasn’t expecting the story to go where it did but I’m glad that it did it regularly hooked me and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next this is all aided by the fantastic voice acting Ray chase, Alfin, and Erika Lindbeck as shion give standout performances.

The rest of the cast even minor characters do an excellent job as well the option to play with the Japanese voices is available but I personally feel like the performances are strong enough across the board to keep the English voices on.

Tales of arise is unquestionably the best story in the series and you’ll want to soak up every bit of it from beginning to end. Every gameplay element of tales of her eyes has been thoughtfully woven together whether you’re exploring every corner of a zone catching fish or fighting monsters each system interacts with each other in rewarding ways, for example, to craft better gear you’ll not only need parts that drop from monsters in combat but also or from nodes scattered across environments.

Tales of Arise Review: Because each system interacts with each other in such deep ways it not only incentivizes combat and exploration but makes them feel rewarding the real-time combat system is the most fluid and dynamic the series has seen yet you have a basic string of attacks but that won’t get you far you’ll need to utilize special attacks called arts are more powerful abilities that help you string combos together and typically have some type of element associated with them.

Now, you can’t spam these forever you have an arts gauge that will deplete each time you use an arc. This gauge will fill back up over time so it’s a fine balance of knowing when and which to use supplementing arts are boost attacks these allow you to call in a particular party member to perform a special attack while powerful on their own each one serves a specific purpose. Rinwell can cancel enemy spells, kisara throws down a large shield that stops charging enemies, and law can break through enemy armor.

There’s also boost strikes which are finishing moves that have two characters pair up for flashy attacks once you get the hang of all these features and learn how to weave them together combat feels so satisfying there’s nothing quite like stringing together a long combo where you have party members constantly flying in and out to keep it going each character has their own unique fighting style giving combat even further depth.

Law grows stronger the longer his combo goes on, Rim well’s casting time gets shorter than more spells you perform in succession and kisara doesn’t have a dodge but instead is the only character that can block and you can swap to any character on the fly mid-battle even ones that aren’t currently in your active party. There’s also a new resource you need to keep an eye on called cp or cure points to use any kind of healing art.

You’ll need to expend cp you can restore it with items or resting at a campsite but it’s another factor to keep combat interesting at first.

I Wasnt sure if I liked cp but after a while, it made certain fights particularly bosses feel more intense when I ran low in the end I think it adds another fun dynamic to fights all these features put together make for a combat system that just never grows old if you’re ever sick of a certain character you can try another one and see how they feel each battle almost has its own meta-game.

As you try to take advantage of each character’s unique perk. I will say that normal felt a little easy so if you’re an action game veteran consider trying out the moderate difficulty you can change the difficulty at any time so there’s really no penalty for those worried about the amount of parts you can map don’t worry you can map 6 ground arts and 6 aerial arts for a total of 12. The least you should have plenty of ways to keep combat constantly interesting on top of earning experience points and battles you’ll earn skill points.

Skill Points are spent to unlock new skills and attributes for each character this is great because it allows you to build your team however you want you can prioritize unlocking new skills or increasing your arts gauge.

One of my biggest criticisms of past tales games has been their uninteresting world and dungeon designs thankfully tales of arise has addressed these head-on in-between areas are giant zones to explore certainly not open-world by any means but big in their own right littered throughout our treasure cheats cooking ingredients and mining nodes.

One of my favorite things to do in RPGs is to explore and it always felt rewarding to dig into every corner of this world. The main collectibles in the game are costume items.

Tales of Arise Review: Each zone has a number of hidden owls to find once you find one it’ll reward you with a costume item like glasses, ears, or a tail. Once you find enough owls you’ll be given a new full costume at the owl forest. These are mainly color swaps but some look really cool and are well worth getting. Dungeons are equally as interesting to explore from a design perspective they’re not too different from the outside zones but compared to the cookie-cutter boring dungeons of past tales games they were a welcome change whenever you grow weary of combat and exploration.

There are a few side distractions to keep things interesting the first of these is camping here you can recover your health and cure points cook a meal and also interact with one of your party members cooking provides some temporary buffs like increased experience points to attack or defense if you’re out exploring or fighting it’s always a good idea to have some kind of cooking buff on you can also talk with party members after cooking for some supplementary dialogue it doesn’t add anything gameplay-wise but is nonetheless a fun way to learn more about your characters.

There’s also a ranch where you can raise livestock to help with your cooking this is a rather simple system that you won’t need to check on very often but is nonetheless a cool way to get more ingredients.

lastly is fishing what’s a good JRPG without a fishing mini-game. The one and tales of a rise are actually pretty fun essentially you cast out your line and use one of three techniques to attract a fish once you have a bite you follow the onscreen prompts to reel it in you’ll find different lures throughout your adventure that make catching certain fish easier and better rods that won’t lose fish as easily. Now you might be thinking that you’ll use these fish to cook but in fact, you only use the fish you catch to sell for money this is really helpful because the money comes at a premium in tales of a rise you don’t earn gold from battles but only from selling certain items or for completing side quests

Tales of Arise Review: The side quests are pretty easy to complete and track so it’s never too much of a hassle to get more money when you need it.

Tales of a rise is a feast for the eyes from the density of the world to the small details of each character the game looks incredible the tales games have never been visual showpieces and I think it’s safe to say that tales of her eyes is the best looking game in the franchise. Each new town and connecting zone felt so dramatically different from the last one whether it was the fiery crags of collagelia or the snowy mountains of siciliden it was a pure pleasure to take in each and every site.

My favorite location the entire game is Vicente a tropical town while it looks nice during the day it looks particularly great at night the way street lamps light up the town is simply stunning. The game also does a wonderful job of marrying a photo reel and anime art style in a way.

I’ve never really seen characters feel more expressive than ever before this is helped by the more dynamic presentation style and cutscenes the way the camera moves feels very cinematic and while the traditional skits are gone this new style does a nice job of mixing things up and looks great in its own right the music while not bad never really stood out to me it felt more atmospheric than anything else battle themes however do a nice job of jazzing things up and keeping things feeling appropriately intense.

This game will be released on September 10th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. That’s it today guys and I hope you enjoy this review. If you play this game please comment below section.

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Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Tales of Arise and what we all know so far. Tales of Arise Review | It's worth buying?