God of War coming to PC | Is it true?


God of War coming to PC :

Welcome to Gaming News this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of some interesting about PlayStation games and what we all know so far.

We got an announcement about an uncharted pc version and yet another awesome strong leak god of war is coming to pc. Yes guys you heard it right someone has leaked GeForce now database and if you don’t know what is GeForce now? then let me tell you GeForce now is a cloud-gaming service of Nvidia and in that database.

God of War coming to PC
God of War coming to PC

God of War coming to PC: We found some interesting game titles this list includes many games like grand theft auto trilogy remastered, Ghost of Tsushima, Demon souls remake, Ratchet and Clank, Returner, and many more. Most of the games are PlayStation exclusive games so it might be possible now PlayStation has its own cloud gaming service called PlayStation now and this is GeForce now.

You see that maybe in future we can see collaboration between PlayStation and Nvidia in future PC players can play PlayStation games on their pc with the help of cloud gaming service PlayStation game is running somewhere in the world on console but you can stream even you can play the game on your pc with the help of cloud-gaming. I know sounds really cool then PlayStation doesn’t need to put their games on pc and maybe that’s why Nvidia is making this list but out of all of these games.

I strongly believe one ps exclusive game is most likely to be true and that is the god of war is one of the most loved PlayStation exclusive games. God of war is an action-adventure game released in 2018 and I think the god of war could be the next ps exclusive game coming to pc.

I won’t be surprised if the god of war will come to pc because sony has already confirmed that many more PlayStation-exclusive games are coming to PC and god of war could be one of them and as you can see from this leaked picture this is a god of war game and showing steam platform.

God of War coming to PC: So definitely guys it’s the possible god of war is coming to pc and this is all just speculating nothing is confirmed yet but yeah I strongly believe that god of war could be the next big release on PC and That’s all guys and we hope God of War coming to pc as soon as possible. If you want more gaming information please click allow the notification.

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