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Marvel’s Wolverine 2021 :

Welcome to Coming soon game this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Marvel’s Wolverine and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Marvel’s Wolverine, Marvel’s Wolverine is an upcoming new standalone PS5 exclusive game that is currently in very early development and insomniac games the studio behind marvel Spider-Man.

Marvel's Wolverine
Marvel’s Wolverine

Marvel’s Wolverine 2021: The game’s development is being led by creative director Brian Horton and game director Cameron Christian. Both of which previously led the creative efforts on marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales.

As for gameplay, insomniac hasn’t revealed any details but PlayStation has assured fans that the team has already made something truly special with an emotional narrative and cutting-edge gameplay. Now, while not much else is known about the game the announcement trailer still gives us some potential clues as to what we can expect. For starters, we hear James cars the dark end of the street which is a very fitting song choice for Logan when you really break down the lyrics.

Marvel’s Wolverine 2021: We then see this shot showing broken furniture and five people scattered all over the bar after an off-screen fight which may give us a hint towards some of the game’s armed enemy types as we can see everything from a baseball bat to a pipe and even a chain lying on the ground not to mention what appears to be a fire extinguisher. So these guys clearly tried and failed to use everything they could to take Logan down.

We also later see someone stumbling towards Logan with a knife and I love the idea of him taking out all these guys of his bare fists before extending his claws simply as a last resort because this guy has now taken things too far so hopefully this is a hint that we might be able to fight with the claws retracted in this game as I always loved that we had that option in X-men 2 wolverine’s revenge It’s also worth mentioning that Logan’s hands are covered in the blood which could indicate that this game.

We get a full-back look at Logan who’s sporting a red checkered shirt and a stetson something that he has worn many times in marvel comics but what we want to focus on here is behind the bar because there are a lot of hidden clues and Easter eggs.

For starters, we see a sticker that reads radio low town 1048 FM, and lowdown is known as a district in Madripoor which is a fictional island that is located in southeast Asia in the comics.

Marvel’s Wolverine 2021: If you pause the trailer at the right seconds and you’ll notice what appears to be an eye patch on the bar in the next scene this could be our biggest clue yet as to what this game might be about because in the comics there was a time when the X-Men were presumed dead so to remain undercover Logan came to Madripoor and bought as take in the princess bar where he changed his appearance and established a secret identity known as patch Logan then used this patch to disguise to his advantage as an opportunity to be more subtle in his approach as he could investigate the city and look for information on criminal activity without causing as much trouble as his wolverine persona was typically known.

If this game will be open-world or level-based but the idea of being able to patrol major poor as Logan on a motorcycle is an extremely exciting thought finally if you look at the text that is displayed on this cash register you’ll see the numbers 1974 which is the year that Wolverine made his first appearance in the comics as a cameo in the incredible hulk issue 180.

So it’d be pretty awesome if these Easter Eggs are a hint that hulk and wendigo might appear in the game potentially even as boss battles but of course, we will just have to wait and see. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy this information. If want more game information please comment below section.

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