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Welcome to Game Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of and Lemnis Gate what we all know so far.

Lemnis Gate Review :

Welcome to Game Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of and Lemnis Gate what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Lemnis Gate, a Lemnis Gate combat-strategy FPS game, and this game was developed by Red Loop, an indie studio based in Canada, and is a new attempt at first-person multiplayer shooters with an interesting time loop mechanic.

Lemnis Gate Review
Lemnis Gate Review

It is said in a fictional and futuristic version of a universe where a scientific project was created to save humanity from extinction. As part of the Landless Initiative program, there were so-called quantum highways, build devices that create a huge region of space around Earth backward in time by 50 years, so the distinction won’t happen.

Lemnis Gate Review: You as a player, take control of a whole team of operatives who tried to defend these devices. Your opponents are players from other realities that also want to protect the devices, but only the ones that will save their realities. The game comes with different modes, match types, and maps that are all based on the same gameplay mechanic. Each match is played over five rounds in a small arena where you either have to retrieve an object or capture a point. At the beginning of your turn, you choose one of seven operatives with different weapons and abilities that are unique to the operatives, and within a time frame of 25 seconds, you need to take action. Each operative can only be played once in a match, so you have to choose them wisely.

Then it’s your opponent’s turn. While they are moving on the map, you can use the reconnaissance drone to watch every step of them and all movements of former turns as well, so you can spectate the whole game and gather all the information you need to plan your next move. With each turn, you add another operative to the match, and so does your opponent.

But all the operatives you added before moving on the map as well. Every move you and your opponent did during the 20 seconds of a turn happens over and over again and following rounds, and it’s up to you to develop the best strategy to win the game. When you send out your first operative, you might be playing the objective to 100%, but then your opponent will disturb this turn by killing your operative before it even reaches the objective. So with your next move, you need to defend the first turn or kill the operative of your opponent, but the more turns are made, the more complex will the game be, and the more different strategies are possible. And even if you should get killed during your turn, it’s not the end of your move because there’s a ghost mode that allows you to keep on playing and end your turn even when you die.

Lemnis Gate Review: You might not be able to have an effect with that operative on the math right now, but you might be able to save your character in one of the next turns, and then your actions will matter. So you basically team up with yourself and try to figure out the best strategy to win the game, and there’s an unlimited amount of strategies in so many different ways to play, and not only because of the time loop mechanic itself but also because of the different game modes and match types that can be combined at launch, there will be four game modes available. Retrieve XM, Domination, Deathmatch, and Seek and Destroy retrieve XM is an attempt on Capture the Flag, where players have to collect exotic meta modules on the map and return them to their base.

The player with the most modules collected wins the match. In Domination, there is a number of particle accelerators scattered across the map that you have to capture by shooting at them.

Capture more than your opponent to win the match. In Seek and Destroy, there’s one at Tacker and one defender, and the attackers are trying to destroy two objectives on the map while the defenders are trying to protect them, and then there’s the team does match the classic shooter mode, where you try to do as many kills as possible.

In addition, these modes are all available in different match types, which means there are one will be one mode were only two players have to face each other and either add a new operative to the loop, one after the other, or even simultaneously. And then there are two vs. Two modes where teams of two players compete against each other, also with a variation that operatives are either added turn-based or simultaneously.

The game can either be played an online multiplayer where you get matched with and against other players of similar skill with a matchmaking system or completely offline and couch co-op with your friends or in local coop against yourself. If you want to try things out, train a specific strategy, or simply learn the game. At release, there will be eleven maps available with different settings and environments, but not all maps can be played in each mode. In fact, there will always be three maps available for each mode, except for Team Deathmatch, whether it’s only two maps.

Lemnis Gate Review: So Lemnis gate is not a classic shooter with run and gun mechanics. It has classic shooter elements and also amazing gunplay and movement that reminds me of Titanfall or Apex Legends, but it is combined with a lot of strategies, and I would even say that strategy is a bit more important than skill in this game. It is pretty easy to pick up and learn, and I can guarantee that you will get the hang of it pretty fast. The small arenas and the good map design provide a fast-paced gameplay experience and the different modes and match types and a lot of variety to it.

The time loop mechanic forces you to plan your next steps wisely and is always up for some good surprises because every move you make and every bullet you fire can affect the match in an unpredictable way, and the more operatives are added to the match, the more you have to think about your next move as you have to react to the actions going on right now, but also to the old runs of you and your enemy. You have to learn how the operatives and their abilities can support your playstyle and which operative fits the current situation.

This game is definitely challenging and it can even be a brain twister, sometimes especially when you play against stronger opponents and for the ones of you with a love for competitive play. There will also be ranked matches available with a liter board and ranks from Bronze to diamond. This game was released on Sep 28th for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series X, and S. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy this game. If you like this post please share it.

Edifier G4 TE 7.1  USD 60.24
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