Farming Life Game Review| It’s worth buying?


Welcome to Game Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of and Farming Life.

Farming Life Game Review :

Welcome to Game Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of and Farming Life what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Farming Life, Farming Life is a casual farming and management simulation. Farming Life you like so many in the genre before move out of the big city into your grandpa’s old farm as you work to restore it to its former glory as a huge sprawling rancher’s paradise while also doing your part to help out your nameless community and gain the trust of its, residents.

Farming Life Game Review
Farming Life Game Review

As the game begins you’re dropped off at your family farm on the edge of town run down and ragged you clear enough trash and trees away from the properties the game’s tutorial guides you through the basic process of creating gardens orchards and living enclosures for your animals that can be expanded and merged later on many of which depend on one another to create sellable products, for example, you could just sell your carrots or you could use them to grow rabbits, in turn, you could stop at just selling rabbits or you could even use the rabbit meat in your smokehouse to create an even more valuable commodity.

It’s a familiar system to fans of the farming sim genre but farming life attempts to make it into a much more casual experience by removing some of the deeper staple mechanics such as seasons rebind able hotkeys building upgrades and employee automation.

Farming Life Game Review: Some of the developmental cuts I was okay with while others I really feel would have made it so much more satisfying to play the first is really more of a personal preference but I’m always looking for a good character creator which you find out right away is missing from farming life you instead sort of play as sam and Linda who are the couple that actually owns the farm and is the only two characters in the game that you can’t fire even just being able to rename them as you can with your farm would have given me a stronger connection to them as neither has any real story attached to them and this kind of rolls into my second issue with the game is in how the employees are managed as a whole.

At the start of the game, you only have a few employees and it’s up to you to decide where to devote your efforts as a fledgling farm personally my most successful farm started off with honeybees, and eventually, my whole property revolved around making sure those little dudes were as productive as they could be before finally branching off to try my hand at corn and wheat and eventually ostriches.

Farming Life Game Review: The issue with the employees is really once you start to have a multi-faceted farm with several operations going on at once you can have a maximum of 200 employees working for you at one time and it really isn’t a great way to organize and manage their tasks in a streamlined way it’s very easy to assign workers to a single task and have them executed over and over again days in and day out but it’s much more difficult to give them multiple tasks and assign them priorities.

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Farming Life does advertise itself as a casual farming sim but once your farm gets huge it really stops being casual and having better automation tools would really help keep things running smoothly this is especially noticeable in the game’s farming equipment there are several tractors and harvesters that you can buy with loads of attachments to make your farms run more efficiently but none of them seem to work with the game automation tools and since you have to manually use them each time including swapping out attachments for each stage of plant growth.

It’s way too much of a hassle since you can instead just hire a couple of dozen people to do it automatically instead of a big disappointment for players looking forward to utilizing these pieces of equipment there are still lots of fun ways to run your farm however that gives players a lot of freedom of choice in how they want to earn their pay and complete missions in the game there are missions for both the town’s mayor and its residents to procure certain items for rewards the mayor’s quests are really where it’s at once completed they allow you to buy plots of land to massively increase the size of your farm the potential for building here is really great is even when I’d beaten the game I’d probably only use about a third of the overall map.

Farming Life Game Review: The resident quests are a bit less interesting though as they could ask you for any item in the game even if you don’t currently produce it and the cash rewards that they offer are almost always less than how much you would get if you just took those items to market.

It’s an overall enjoyable and addictive farming sim with a peppy soundtrack and mostly simple mechanics but it doesn’t really do much to stand out on its own as a unique experience amongst the genre. This game will be released on Oct 18th for PC. That’s all today and If you enjoy this review please comment below section.

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