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Welcome to Game Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of and JETT: The Far Shore what we all know so far.

JETT: The Far Shore Review :

Welcome to Game Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of and JETT The Far Shore what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at JETT The Far Shore, JETT The Far Shore is an atmospheric story-driven adventure game where you carve your way across a mysterious ocean planet with a squad of fellow explorers overcoming the challenges it throws at you and studying its flora and fauna to ultimately lay the foundation of what will be the new home for your people.

JETT: The Far Shore Review
JETT: The Far Shore Review

JETT: The Far Shore Review: You play as Mei, the mystic member in a roster of elite scouts that were hand-picked as their society’s last hope their mission to find and understand the source of the hymn wave an alien signal that they have been receiving for generations jet begins with no fanfare or even a main menu when you boot up the game for the first time the prologue begins immediately you’ll find that Mei is part of a tribe who is in the middle of seeing her off as she leaves them behind no one gone before.

This whole section is really well done you get a sense that everyone is inspired by the brave souls about to take flight they’re coming out to see you off but there’s also an eerie kind of somber undertone to it all almost like they know that they’re not gonna make.

Isao your co-pilot essentially functions as the narrator of the game since mei is a silent protagonist he will show you the ropes teaching you how to control your ship and he endlessly comments on anything and everything that’s going on at the moment flying around is pretty straight forward you’ve got your scramjets that when you turn them on propel your ship forward and you can hold down the right trigger to increase your speed but you want to keep an eye on that gauge to not overheat and damage your ship left trigger naturally is break and you can press x to jump or as the game calls it pop.

JETT: The Far Shore Review: Popping is kind of your main ability for interacting with the environment and even attacking certain enemies if you tilt your ship up before you pop you can also gain an incredible amount of height the Jett also comes with a bunch of tools that are mapped to your d-pad including a grappling hook to pick stuff up a flashlight and a scanner to fill your logbook with everything there is to see. The game is divided up into four different chapters each with its own description and estimated time to completion displayed on the selection screen while this is appreciated as it does give you an expectation of just how long you’ll be playing before the next natural stopping point I do think that these are way too long having to prepare for a 3 or even 4-hour play session before starting is a bit daunting and given that there are so few of these chapters I think that there was room to break them up a bit.

Even if there are checkpoints layered throughout as you make your way through the game accomplishing all of these tasks Zhao is awaiting your signal from orbit in the mother structure which also contains thousands of your people in hypersleep the last of your kind waiting to begin a new life on the planet once you’ve completed your objectives.

The game expertly maintains an ominous sad but still hopeful tone throughout the adventure which is appropriate since these are characters who are facing oblivion if they don’t overcome the obstacles ahead they’ve been training their whole lives for this through its incredible sound design and original score Jett wraps you in a soundscape of the overwhelming unknown and the cold and frightening indifference of space is represented really well here and the game evokes memories of science fiction films like interstellar, sunshine, and even alien.

JETT: The Far Shore Review: Jett features a unique art style with stylized character designs which keep everyone distinct and recognizable I thought at first that I would never learn who all these crewmates are but as the adventure went on I got to know each of their names their responsibilities, personalities, and ultimately grew pretty fond with them. so with all that said let’s get into some of the issues that I had with Jett Isao and the rest of the crew endlessly comment on the situation at hand how they’re feeling at the moment and whatever your next objective is it can get to be a bit much especially because they all speak in this made-up language so you need to stop what you’re doing to make sure that you can read those subtitles even during really intense moments of action you often have to split your attention because what they’re saying maybe super important if you want to understand the solution to the issue at hand, believe me, I got stuck on more than one occasion because I didn’t catch a tiny bit of dialogue that was hinting at what needed to be done.

Jett the far shore it’s a unique and beautiful title with a few problems but there’s really nothing else like it out there I very much enjoyed my time with it and if you’re at all interested in what you’ve seen I definitely recommend it the story has plenty of twists and turns that are compelling spiritual and satisfying. That’s all guys and I hope you enjoy this post. If you want more topics please comment below section.

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