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Welcome to Game Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy and what we all know so far.

Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy Review :

Welcome to Game Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy, Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy is an action-adventure single-player story-focused game. I personally never had any issues with marvel’s avengers as I found the story campaign to be very enjoyable and just what I was after out of an avengers game.

Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy Review
Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy Review

Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy Review: I had two concerns with guardians of the galaxy the first one was they had a seemingly quick development period and my second was that you can only play a Star-Lord from what I’ve experienced so far these two concerns have been put to bed I’ve experienced no bugs so far which is pretty impressive considering there hasn’t even been a day one patch released secondly whilst I’d enjoy playing as the other guardians as well the game plays peter quill is enjoyable enough and the way that the other characters get involved with the combat is enough to make them feel important and live up to the title of guns of the galaxy.

The gameplay is melee and shooting in standard combat with each of the characters having four special moves I’ve only unlocked a couple of these at this point but from what I have seen these make the combat fun and varied. The game also has some very good set pieces and quick-time events which create some very interesting cinematic visuals.

The story and writing of this game so far have been excellent to the point where the characters do feel like they have the same chemistry that they have in the comics in the films the basic premise of the story are that the guardians are trying to get hold of a rare monster for a client and whilst doing so they get busted by the nova corps this results in them having to pay a hefty fine or face jail whilst this is a basic story the way itis told and the writing surrounding itis brilliant which makes it far more enjoyable the script is laughed out loud funnier a lot of the times and the voice-actors do a brilliant job.

Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy Review: In terms of the wider guardians of the galaxy and marvel lore, this game is packed with fun pieces from marvel history whilst playing it is possible to find artifacts that prompt conversations with the crew on the Milano these conversations whilst they may not link with the game’s story flesh out the history of these characters and represent the source material extremely well.

So far my personal favorite has been the discussion with rocket regarding the experimentation of him and Lila another animal turned super soldier that he, unfortunately, could not save when there was escaping the laps and this backstory was beautifully done in tell tale’s garden to the galaxy.

I feel that marvel studios have missed the trick by not including missing the stories in the films the easter eggs do not stop there either there are multiple outfits calling back to the comics in the films something I felt that was missing in marvel’s avengers where the outfits were just color variations a huge smile was brought to my face when I got a star-lord outfit from annihilation conquest as the annihilation story arc is my all-time favorite comic series from marvel.

Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy Review: In terms of presentation, this game looks good the planets and landscape pop in a similar way as they do in star wars fallen order I played this game on the ps5, and whilst it does not look quite as good as marvel’s spider-man miles morales, in my opinion, it still looks extremely good in terms of the soundtrack all I can say is wow and more impressive. There are even music easter eggs findable within this game which I will not spoil the story starts with a young peter quill listening to an 80s metal band called Star-Lord which is a fictional band with a whole album worth of music made just for this game.

Overall in the game, guardians of the galaxy show great promise I’m thoroughly enjoying the story in the game there is little I can say in terms of negatives however if I had to pick what the weakest aspect it would be the combat but this is by no means mad even if the combat is not for you and the story, soundtrack, script, and voice acting is more than good enough. I would recommend this game to everyone. This game will be released on Oct 26th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Switch, Series X, and S. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy this review. If you want this game please click below the link.

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