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Welcome to Game Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Mario Party Superstars and what we all know so far.

Mario Party Superstars Review :

Welcome to Game Review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Mario Party Superstars and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Mario Party Superstars, Mario Party superstars is the 12th console title of the series and the second for Nintendo switch after super Mario party that was released in 2018 and technically it’s not a completely new game instead it’s an iconic collection of more than 100 classic Mario party mini-games such as Facelift, Hot rope jump, or Pushy Penguins and fan-favorite boards of the Nintendo 64 trilogy of the franchise that has been reworked and remastered.

Mario Party Superstars Review
Mario Party Superstars Review

Mario Party Superstars Review: These boards are peach’s birthday cake and Yoshi’s tropical island from Mario party Spaceland and Horrorland from Mario party 2 and Woody woods from Mario party3.

The boards have not only been updated graphics wise but also reworked and new items and events have been added and you choose one of 10 characters that are well known from former Mario party games like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Wario, and so on and play against up to three friends family members random players or ai.

Compared to its predecessor the online multiplayer is available right from the start and features random matchmaking for both board games and mini-games but you can, of course, also play in classic local or online co-op with family and friends when playing with friends or against ai you can save matches mid-game and return to them at a later time starting at the beginning of your the last turn.

So you don’t have to be afraid to go for longer matches the game autosaves at the beginning of each turn and you can save up to 10 games and return them at any time. Another new feature at least compared to super Mario party is that the game is fully played with button controls and not motion controls so you can easily play with a pro controller in handheld mode or on switch light. Fans of the series might also be happy to hear that Birdo will return as a playable character for the first time since Mario party 9.

But what if you haven’t played Mario party yet no worries here’s a quick overview on how it works. In general, there are two match types you can choose from board games and mount mini-games.

Mario Party Superstars Review: Board games you play on one of the aforementioned boards that come with different spaces and events by rolling the dice block above your head which is back on 10, by the way, you will move on the board and the goal is to collect coins either on the board or in mini-games that you can then trade for stars that randomly appear on the board one-star costs 20 coins and whoever collects the most stores wins the match and you move along different spaces that will either grant coins directly give you the opportunity to buy items or events or trigger them.

There are for example ghost spaces where you can pay Boo to steal coins or stories from another player or you plant a strawberry that grows into a piranha plant causing your opponents to drop coins and so on and then there are also items and you can use for your own advantages like the double dice or the golden pipe so items or events can be used to manipulate your opponent’s game or give you a direct advantage, in addition, you can also find hidden blocks and other surprises on the boards and there are global events that happen frequently like the bowser coin beam on Spaceland, for example, that will make you drop all your hard-earned coins if it hits you.

So it won’t get boring at the end of each turn one of 100 mini-games starts with which you can collect even more coins.

Mini-games are either available as free for all or (2 vs 2) or (3 vs 1) team matches. Before the start of each mini-game, there is a short practice round where you can learn how the game works and figure out the controls when a set number of turns is reached the game ends and different bonus stories are granted for the one who bought the most items or the player that rolled the lowest numbers and so on and the one with the most stars collected wins the match by using different stickers you can communicate with others during the match and also try to confuse them.

Mario Party Superstars Review: Fans of the series might be happy to hear that there have been a few changes made to annoying mechanics of the former title like I already mentioned the dice block is back on 10 again and the price for 1 star is now 20 coins the same for the golden pipe that could easily be abused informer titles it now costs 25 coins instead of the 10 coins it was in super Mario party also chance time is back as a space boost bases and item spaces are back as well alongside skeleton keys and the Koopa bank and the board duels from Nintendo 64.

So there’s a lot to look forward to for fans of the series and in addition to the classic board games, there’s also mount mini-games available that offers 7 different courses in somewhere you can only play mini-games in online matches against random players or friends so if you don’t want to start a full board game but simply hop into your favorite minigame this is the place for you with modes like survival where you compete against others for the longest win streak sports and puzzles where you can play special minigames that are not available on the boards or the co-op mode tech match where you have to work together in teams of two players there’s more than enough opportunities to have fun on mount mini-games.

So overall Mario party superstars is a good mix of refreshed graphics and gameplay mechanics but with the style and charm of the classic boards and games a lot of things have been changed for the battery compared to its predecessor super Mario party and it seems like the developers listen to the community to create a game that fans of the series and new players will enjoy alike. This game will be released on October 29 for Nintendo Switch. That’s all guys and I hope you enjoy this review. If you play this game please share your thoughts about this game.

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