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Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Starsand and what we all know so far.

Starsand Review :

Welcome to Gaming reviews this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Starsand and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Starsand, Starsand is a survival crafting adventure game and you play as a marathon runner who gets lost in a powerful desert sandstorm and collapses in a nearby house awakening to find a mysterious new world surreal in both its differences and similarities of the world.

Starsand Review
Starsand Review

Starsand Review: They knew as you embark on your journey into the vast desert expanse you quickly realized that survival won’t come by accident and even the elements alone pose great dangers to your well-being star sands tutorial will guide you from the house to your first humble yet precious oasis as well as teach you various rudimentary skills for survival like crafting tools and building shelters star.

Sand does come with a very healthy learning curve and one of my first lessons with the game was just how dangerous it is for starters it’s a huge static map and at this point in the game’s development there is a lot of open desert space-between landmarks leaving the comfort and safety of your well-provisioned as is on foot generates no small amount of anxiety because you can walk for five or even ten minutes straight and see nothing but sand when your hunger and thirst are critical it’s so nerve-racking to be headed up the nearest dune.

Hoping to use the elevation to spot another oasis to cling to only to be met with sand as far as the eye can see in every direction to compound this feeling there’s no compass in stars and the map is a blank sheet of parchment that you have to fill in by yourself using craftable waypoints and even once my map was mostly filled out it took me a long time to realize that the top of the map doesn’t seem to be north making it really easy to get turned around and lost a recipe for disaster to make travel even riskier you can’t even save your game whenever you want but instead, only at craftable beds or tents.

Starsand Review: The resources of which are generally pretty cheap the tipping point for me was when I discovered that you can tame and ride the camels that wander the dunes of star sand with 5 times your speed and 10 times your stamina taming one of these vehicles should be every player’s top priority they can be outfitted with saddlebags to allow you to really extend your reach to the very edges of the desert and they make hunting and combat significantly easier especially once you craft a bow and you can just casually shoot vicious aliens and hyenas while your camel keeps you a safe distance away.

Once you have that kind of mobility you’re now able to discover secrets crafting recipes and all the food and materials that you didn’t even know existed while on foot exploration really isn’t rewarded well at all and it’s generally a coin toss on whether or not you’ll even make it back alive but with transportation, I was able to find some really great locations in the game that really made me appreciate how small I was in this desert and how I could feel me slowly overcoming its unrelenting nature this was definitely the most addicting aspect of star sand as well.

Slowly growing to be able to handle the extreme temperatures of day and night and gearing myself to stand toe to toe with giant alien centipedes.

Early access title and content is pretty limited however there are only about 50 different crafting recipes in the game a small handful of enemies to fight and only a couple sets of weapons and armor also it definitely has a dune stargate tremors feel to the game yet its current state is devoid of any real technology-based gameplay elements so you’re limited to only very basic tools.

Starsand Review: Even some of the things that are shown in the steam trailers don’t exist yet and the base building mechanic really isn’t fleshed out at all right now it takes so many resources that it’s really only an end game endeavor if at all the real problem is that the things you can build really don’t provide enough of a gameplay impact to feel meaningful but still at the very least allow you to create a base of operations wherever you.

The final negative issue that I want to talk about with star stand at this point in early access is that it’s strictly a solo experience, for now, the developers have stated that they will add cooperative play towards the end of early access but for the next 6 to 12 months it’s likely to be a hard pass for many players who prefer survival crafting games with a friend or two. This game was released on Nov 4th for PC. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy this review. Let’s give a comment about this game below section.

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