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Welcome to Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Cricket 22 and what we all know so far.

Cricket 22 Review :

Welcome to Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Cricket 22 and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Cricket 22, Cricket 22 was developed by Big Ant Studios. Let’s talk about some features.

Cricket 22 Review
Cricket 22 Review

Free to Roam: The biggest improvement I’d like to see is a career mode with things to do in between matches the on-field stuff is really good but gameplay elements outside the pitch will make the career more infinitely better.

It could be mini-stories with the player or training camps between matches that games like UFC 4 have, one way to improve is to add cutscenes that are an effective way to get rid of the feeling that you’re playing a series of exhibition matches.

An idea that’s quite far-fetched but could be implemented in the next five years is Free to Roam within the training area and the dressing room like smackdown vs raw games give and receive tips maybe some fitness challenges and you have something really fun to do in between matches.

If began studios really want to make this part engaging they could and contract negotiations haggling with managers anyone who’s played wrestling empire games will know how awesome this is.

Auctions: Auctions for domestic leagues probably won’t get licensed players but even then auctions should be added auctions are probably the easiest thing to add of all the things on this list but will surely make the game a lot more interesting.

Manager Mode: I don’t know if this will work managers play a very important role in football. So it works there but even managing an IPL team should be fun right going to auctions team selections may be something similar to cricket captain, player aggression could be controlled field sets so basically you’re a manager coach, and captain. I’m sure began studios can add something of their own as well.

Cricket 22 Review :

Umpire Mode: This is probably just me but I’ve always wanted an umpire mode there could be more than usual lbw shouts caught behind every other ball. I just love playing this game for quite a long time.

Longest Six Competition: A few years ago the IPL did these players like Albie Markel and Chris gale against each other to see who can hit the longest six it was a lot of fun to watch and I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun to play as well they really don’t need to add all that much either take the practice mode to add a menu to see who’s hitting the longest success and there you go you have a fun game mode. Playing this mode in offline multiplayer would be very enjoyable.

Batting Stances and Bowling Actions: Developers can’t get licenses for every team we get it but they do have licenses for England and Australia yet only a few batsmen like steve smith get their own stunts to add actions and stances for the top 20 batsmen and bowlers in the world they don’t have to be absolutely accurate either but something that at least resembles the real thing is completely fine at least for me.

All they need to do is bring in a couple of decent domestic players and they could motion capture a lot of animations.

Fully Licensed Teams: This probably belongs in a fantasy list more so than a wish list but a fully licensed cricket game that not only has names but also physical features of the players is a dream that might never come true.

If they can somehow get the licenses from all the Cricket Boards ECB, BCCI, PCB, and all. For others it would feel like a game on the level of FIFA and NBA playing with created players isn’t as much fun as playing with real ones.

Cricket 22 Review :

Commentary: This is a problem with almost every single sports game but more so in cricket games, because there are very few lines recorded, to begin with, and it gets repetitive really fast we don’t necessarily need a professional commentator they’ll spend less time than say a relatively unknown voice actor who knows some cricket they can record a lot of lines, to begin with and after the game’s release they could keep giving us patches that way commentary remains fresh for a long time hearing the same thing over and over is really annoying and potentially game-breaking.

Animations: I think began studios have done an excellent job over the past few years adding new animations and improving the ones already there but there’s still room for improvement like instead of one or two defense animations let’s add 10 multiple animations for a one-shot will keep the game engaging for some time same with balling different variations like a googly and a normal leg break should have a few differences in their respective animations

Better AI: Playing against a dumb computer gets old really fast fielders will throw the ball at full force for no reason without anyone backing up to give five overthrows is funny when you are the batsman but not so much when you’re on the fielding side. Big hand studios have definitely improved from their first few games the AI in Cricket 19 is dumb but in DBC 14 it was brain-dead.

AI players who form their own plans and have the ability to adapt to your own plans is what I mean I’m not just talking about batsmen who’ll go hard if the required run rate is high. Something even deeper like batsmen who’ll attack a batting pitch and captains who set very aggressive fields on a bowler-friendly wicket. A packed slip cordon on a grassy wicket or fielders around the bat for spinners on a dust bowl.

Cricket 22 Review :

Fielding: I think we all can agree on fielding in cricket games has always been a mess and cricket 19 does not break the trend at all catching, ground fielding, running, towards the ball throwing, the ball with the right trajectory, or even facing in the right direction are things that almost never work batting and bowling ai are geniuses compared to fielders they’ll run off the ground with the ball in hand instead of cutting the angle they’ll run behind the ball like kids and just as you get frustrated with their incompetence a fielder will catch an impossible catch breaking every law of physics known to man. Let’s hope the fielders in the next game are like jaunty Rhodes and not as a middle-aged spectators in the crowd.

Graphics: I’m not saying cricket 19 is a bad-looking game but compared to other sports games it’s not even in the same league I know different budgets resources and all but considering almost every other sports game is released annually and well we barely get a cricket game every two years the next one should definitely look better. I’m not expecting something similar to FIFA but a somewhat significant jump from Cricket 19 will do.

This game will be released on Nov 25th for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Series X, and S. I hope you enjoy this review and so what improvements would you like to see let me know in the comment section.

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Welcome to Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Cricket 22 and what we all know so far.Cricket 22 Review | It's worth buying?