Wartales Review | It’s worth buying?


Welcome to Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Wartales and what we all know so far.

Wartales Review :

Welcome to Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Wartales and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Wartales, Wartales is an open-world turn-based RPG adventure game and you lead a band of mercenaries as you journey through a war swept kingdom that is fraught with plagues and banditry. You’ll decide your own fate as you carve out in existence for your team by whatever means necessary be it trade, roguery might, or the scholarly arts.

Wartales Review
Wartales Review

Wartales Review: Wartales takes considerable inspiration from games like Mountain Blade 2, BannerLord, and battle brothers. And as an early access title that checks off most of the boxes that make those titles great.

At the start of the game, you’re able to create your opening team by answering a few questions about your background Wartales isn’t a game where you’re going to be leading hordes of enemies into battle but instead, usually, only a handful of hardened warriors, once you’re released into the huge open-world map very little, is explained to you and beyond one scripted bandit fight you’re almost completely on your own to figure out what to do.

The first task I set myself to is finding civilization Anytown with an end meant gold to be had so off I went in the early stages of the game war tales is really a slog to travel around your movement is painstakingly slow you can’t move the camera away from your party to look around and there are loads of little fights curios to explore and treasures to pick up constantly beckoning you off the beaten path. On top of this you have a fatigue meter that forces you to rest and eat somewhat realistically.

Fortunately, there’s the knowledge system and compendium whenever you do something for the first time you gain knowledge points to spend on learning new things in your compendium. This can be recipes for all your unlocked professions or general skills like rationing food or the ability to run on the world map which I highly recommend.

Once I made it to the first town there was no shortage of things to do not only were there jobs and bounties of varying difficulty to sign up for but also plenty of goods to trade and professions to discover at this stage of early access there are nine jobs that you can assign to your team members but you can’t use them until you first unlock them, for example, upon discovering a smithy you can start crafting weapons and armor adventurers gain experience with their professions as they use it and so far my favorite is definitely the thief you can barter with most NPCs in the game and you can steal anything you can barter as you take things your suspicion will grow until it reaches a certain threshold and you become a wanted criminal.

Wartales Review: As With most of the wartales, there isn’t as much rng involved but instead becomes another resource you have to manage an important note here is that this is actually how I lost my first game and yes you can definitely lose this game each time you steal you’ll gain suspicion but you don’t know exactly how much it’s a range based on your skill so mine got a little out of hand and I was hunted down by some guardsmen types they threw my assassin in the dungeon and captured my primary tank.

In a last-ditch effort to rescue them, they slaughtered all of my companions and it was game over war tales does offer the ability to restart any battle from the beginning free of charge and you can also save your game at almost any time so this outcome is far from unavoidable but I wanted to start over anyway since I knew so much more of how the game worked at this point.

Combat and war tales can be very satisfying because of their tactical difficulty and balanced character classes each of which has its own skill trees battles really begin on the overworld map you can’t see what the enemy troops’ levels and quantities are but you can tell generally how difficult a fight is before it starts by the indicator over a group’s head letting you know if it’s best to charge in runaway or sneak upon him in the woods.

Once a fight begins you can place your teams on markers across the battlefield and you always get to go first. I’m not a huge fan of the level design of these battles however no matter what the circumstances of a fight are for some reason your companions are always split up or intermingled in with the enemy troops it would be so nice to see more cause and effect if I get attacked in my sleep I should probably be surrounded if I sneak up on a group I shouldn’t be flanked by boars when the show starts.

In battle, each of my companions felt useful it was great how my professions played a clear impact on how I was able to perform and recover from these battles. Crafting and equipping new weapons, for example, was a huge boost in the early game after a fight you get all of your health back but you will need to repair your armor and heal any injuries you may have picked up.

Overall the fights are right now the best part of war tales and they even come with a unique take on the turn-based system at the bottom of the screen you can see the turn order the nice part is that it specifically shows each the enemy’s turn but when it’s your team’s turn you can decide which team member gets to take that turn.

It has a lot of depth as some enemies will prepare large attacks or your team will be on the brink of permanent death and you’ll need to move them right away instead of it being based on when they moved last turn or an initiative score.

The last issue that I have with combat is the enemy scaling the one thing that I noticed in my travels is that if I recruited more companions the enemies just grew their numbers right alongside me and I never actually got any stronger in comparison to having additional troops meant that my party could carry more and spread professions out but since recruiting new members often meant picking up a level one or two allies, it actually felt like it was making my fighting capability weaker overall.

Also, there really isn’t any sort of interaction between characters in the form of relationships or dialogue so I definitely don’t recommend trying to max out your party limit at least for now.

The last really big mechanic that should be talked about here is the paths. As each character has its own skill tree the party also has paths that help define it as you perform actions you’ll earn path points in a certain tree that unlock boons for your playstyle if you roam the countryside fighting everything you can forging armor and hunting beasts then you’ll earn points in power and might and so on.

Wartales Review: There is four total with the other three being trade and wealth mysteries and wisdom and crime and chaos which I quickly leveled up with all that thieving advancing these paths can unlock new equipment missions, Abilities, and much more. And it did make my playthrough feel unique even though if you really went for it there’s nothing stopping you from eventually unlocking everything on each path.

You can pick up war tales on steam right now for 35 dollars but like most early access titles it’s not going to be worth that right out of the gate it does have loads of quality battles and lands to explore while leveling up your team’s professions paths and combat, capabilities creating a highly addictive gameplay loop that fans of the genre are sure to love that being said.

There are still some issues that really prevent it from standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other similar titles that I’d like to see fixed during EA.

The first of which is the overall lack of personality in the game world outside of the great scenery and great sound NPCs are oddly robotic and only seem to interact with the player but never with each other also you can’t really customize your companions and there is no character creator whatsoever there is the occasional morality choice in the game but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on anything except for your rewards.

Additionally, right now there really aren’t any actual gameplay settings in the game outside of graphics, audio, and difficulty and it would be nice to fine-tune my experience and maybe rebind some hotkeys.

All things considered, it is still a fun addictive, and stable adventure RPG that offers countless hours of content to the right player. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy this game review. If you play this game please share your experience with this game.

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Welcome to Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Wartales and what we all know so far.Wartales Review | It's worth buying?