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Welcome to Coming soon games this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Arc Raiders and what we all know so far.

Last night we got to see the first trailer for the new shooter and it looked absolutely stunning but what is the game about and what do we know so far let’s have a look.

Arc Raiders is a third-person co-op shooter set in a far distant future where the earth is attacked by huge machines from outer space the so-called arc that is trying to eliminate all humans or at least the ones who are still there how we came to this point and why the machines are attacking us was not answered in this first short trailer but I’m sure we will get much more info about that in the coming month.

ARC Raiders
ARC Raiders

You as the player take on the role of one of the raiders resistance fighters who tirelessly keep defending earth against the machines in order to be able to defeat the sometimes huge invaders you have to team up with other players as a squad and also play as a team as a lone wolf you won’t get far you choose one of a variety of characters with different background stories and strangers. Two of these raiders have been revealed so far celeste and lance.

Celeste is a fully-human character who lost everything to the ark and forged the resistance group with other fighters she met along the way while lance is a droid giving his best trying to fit into the group and is very talented in crafting weapons because in addition to team play it will also be important to use high-tech tools gadgets and the right type of ammunition in the fight against arc and combine them with the load outs of your allies.

All of your equipment can be crafted from the scraps of defeated enemies like roller bots for example these vicious little balls of pain are traveling in packs and will chase you to death if you let them but once defeated they are a good source of arc machinery to craft and upgrade your equipment but there are not only weapons that you can easily carry around or helpful gadgets like the snap hook with which you can latch on to bots ledges or ridges. There is also heavy artillery like the howitzer that needs to be loaded aimed and fired by three raiders throughout the fight so choosing the moment and target wisely for each attack and playing it out with your team will be key in this game.

In the trailer, we already see how it will look like when a group of raiders takes on a huge mechanic spider and also some smaller scouting drones we’ve also got a small glimpse of the huge open world of operators it’s impressive photorealistic graphics and the dynamic weather effects. The game will be free to play and multiplayer-only and is scheduled for release in early 2022.

It will be available for PC on Steam. The epic game store and Nvidia now and on the two consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. The developer behind all graders is the studio embark which is based in Stockholm Sweden and led by Patrick Soderlund who might be very well known to battlefield veterans is former CEO of dice and the chief design officer of electronic arts. In 2018, he founded the new studio together with other industry veterans and former dice colleagues. Our greatest is their first project and they’ve been already talking about it at the beginning of 2019 back when the studio was only a team of 50 developers embark.

Now employs around 200 people and is already working on another game which seems to be a team-based PVP shooter but there’s nothing known about it yet so it seems like there’s much more to come in the future from the studio and during the next few months we will also learn much more about operators before it gets released. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy these details. If you want more details please comment below section.

Released Date: TBA 2022.

Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and S.

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