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Star Wars Eclipse:

Welcome to Coming Soon Games this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Star Wars Eclipse and what we all know so far.

Today we going to look at Star Wars Eclipse, Star Wars Eclipse aside from the announcement of the Kotor remake in an untitled Ubisoft open-world game this is the first solid bit of star wars gaming news we’ve had in a while.

Star Wars Eclipse
Star Wars Eclipse

Star Wars Eclipse: There’s not a huge amount of detail given so far but according to the site eclipse is an action-adventure game following multiple characters and storylines similar to prior quantic dream games a couple of years ago the studio also did announce that they were no longer going to be making PlayStation exclusive games so especially that tied with the fact that there was no exclusivity in the announcement means that we can probably expect this to come out on multiple platforms.

Well, it was all pre-rendered footage rather than any gameplay so it doesn’t give us a great idea of what to expect from the game itself I thought the trailer was super visually impressive and it made me excited to see more of what they have planned for the environments in the game which the site says is set at least partially in the unexplored regions of the outer rim. The trailer includes a few different planets two of which seem to potentially be Naboo or Kashyyyk and there also seems to be some characters going around that are members of the disciples of the wills from rogue one on jedha the architecture of each of the planets at least reminded me of Kashyyyk and Naboo but it’s entirely possible that this is two new planets in the new system that we see.

And there’s also a few brief seconds of a crashed n1 starfighter from episode 1 which is the yellow Naboo starfighter, so that would potentially lend credibility to the possibility of Naboo being in the game but we’ll have to wait and see what happens there we also know that the game is set in the high republic period which I’ve seen caused some confusion since the announcement with the prominent inclusion of many prequel-era ships including the n1 Lucra hulks and other smaller transport.

Aside from the possibility that the history of those ships stretches farther back, it’s worth noting that the high republic period while it starts hundreds of years earlier potentially goes as far forward as just before episode 1 which then starts the fall of the Jedi period in the new canon. There’s already at least one book that is in the same century as the prequel trilogy which does count as the high republic and I believe one of the shows that were announced last year the acolyte is supposed to be towards this tail end of the high republic period as well my guess would be that this game is set within a few decades of episode one rather than being set centuries in the past.

One thing that I thought was really cool was that they already showed off what seems to be an entirely new faction with new ships just in this announcement trailer. That comes with a new capital ship of a pretty significant size considering it’s up next to Luca hulks albeit what seems to be a new variant of the Luca hulk based on its whole protrusions along with at least two new starfighter types from the trailer and a massive new tank-type.

Star Wars Eclipse: There are so few capital ships in the pre-clone wars period that we ever get to actually see so I always get excited when a new one gets shown off there seem to be at least two new antagonistic groups introduced just by this trailer there’s the group which has the v symbol primarily shown fighting the trade federation in what may be a trade dispute or possibly a group local the outer rim fighting against the encroaching massive trade conglomerates of the period. So I’m interested to see which direction that story could go there are the people with the massive tanks the capital ships that we see fighting in space and based on the similarity of the symbols also the base on the icy planet.

Secondly, we have the group who are drumming throughout the trailer which is seemingly the group also facing them the Jedi on the ice-planet it’s possible the drumming group is some remnant of the nihil from the high republic novels who do tend to use a lot of music and be a more mixed-species group I’m a lot less confident on that because this is in my opinion probably set significantly after those books where I kind of expect that threat to be mostly taken care of so it’s potentially a new group but if it is a remnant of the nihil that could be cool as well having that tied more into other works.

Based on the fact that the only other ice planet moments we see are with that fortress it’s possible that’s the same planet and that will have all four of these different groups the Jedi the trade federation the new v symbol people and the drumming group could come into conflict on that planet again as a pre-rendered cinematic trailer there wasn’t a lot to give us an idea of what the gameplay will be like and well EA is exclusivity on releases is coming to a close we still have at least until 2023 for that so I probably wouldn’t expect to see too much more out of this game for a while but it is nice to know there is some more coming that’s gonna do it for our first look at star wars eclipse. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy these game details. If you want more details please comment below section.

Released Date: TBA 2023

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