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Welcome to the Gunk this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Gunk and what we all know so far.

The Gunk Review:

Welcome to the Gunk this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Gunk and what we all know so far.

Today we going to look at the gunk, The Gunk starts promising enough two scavengers on a spaceship come to this alien planet to look for resources a planet that looks gorgeous lush and green and the characters are well voiced and there’s some fun banter going on you control one of these scavengers to explore the levels on the planet.

The Gunk Review
The Gunk Review

The Gunk Review: The other one sort of hangs around the spaceship all the time doing nothing so that’s a bit an immersive i guess it would be nice if you could control both of them or play co-op you know one can do this and one could do that but no you’re just playing one of them and it’s basically a platform game and soon enough you’ll run into gunk or the gunk it’s sort of a corruption that has overgrown parts of the planet and you need to clear that stuff up with your multifunctional glove that works like a vacuum cleaner revealing usually a way forward or a platform that sort of pops up asyou know when you remove the gunk then everything seems to blossom again.

So you’re sort of cleaning up the planet but after a couple of hours of doing that it becomes very apparent and it’s sort of a shame that the talent is wasted on just this mechanic that cleaning up of the gunk and that sort of becomes repetitive over time you know after an hour i just i knew what the game had in store for me even though the environments look really nice and well designed it’s just basically cleaning up the planet again very repetitive it’s basically that cleaning mechanic although you can upgrade your glove so it can also shoot sort of bolts or it can alsoum you can also pick up things with that but it’s still the same thing and again a waste of talent.

The Gunk Review: Because I do like the style of this game and it’s one of those games that you will forget overtime and as I was playing it I paused it at some point and i went do something else and i forgot that the game was still running so I came back i wanted to do some valhalla and well it was still running I forgot to exit the game and that’s basically the worst thing you can say about a game that it is forgettable that it is bland and not just very interesting and not very engaging and that unfortunately is the case with the gunk. This game was released on Dec 16th for PC, Xbox Series X, and S. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy this game review. Let’s give a comment about this game below the section.

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