Top 10 Horror Games Should I Play in 2022


Top 10 Horror Games play 2022 :

Welcome to the Top 10 this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of top 10 horror games and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at  I make a list of the best recent horror games you should play in 2021 or during the first half of 2022.

Top 10 Horror Games play 2022
Top 10 Horror Games play 2022

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

The Number 1 House of Ashes, isn’t really super scary but it managed to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole game I mean apart from the long and boring intro which could have easily been replaced with a 5-minute cutscene and you only have full control over your character during exploration phases the rest is done through quick-time events.

The game takes place during the invasion of Iraq and if you speak Arabic like me then you’ll be weirded out by the fact Iraqi characters speak Egyptian which doesn’t make any sense that’s like if let’s say American characters had a British accent everybody would think it’s just weird but on the bright side house of ashes has local and online co-op and in local co-op, you only need one controller that you’ll be passing around until you and your friends get everyone killed and run out of character to play with. The house of ashes is, in my opinion, the best one in the series since until dawn plus the monsters are definitely real. If you haven’t played this game please try once.

Resident Evil Village

The Number 2 Resident Evil Village, you should play is a resident evil village which is a direct sequel to resident evil 7. So you still play as Ethan winters you know the guy who only gets hand injuries. Resident evil village’s atmosphere is great Romania is an interesting location and this lady is witch her last name is pronounced Dumitrescu. It’s still worth playing this game.

The Medium

The Number 3 the medium gives off some strong silent hill vibes because of the camera angles and also because of the soundtrack but the crappy animations will quickly remind you this is definitely not a silent hill game in all seriousness though the first thing that sets this game apart from most horror games is the fact it’s almost always in split-screen and that’s because it’s run in two worlds at once on the left side we have the real world and on the right side the spirit world whenever you’re stuck in the real world you can have an out of body experience that allows you to move in the spirit world for a limited amount of time. So this unique concept makes the gameplay even more interesting the environments look amazing and since you can’t really fight in this game you’ll have to either hide or run away from the monsters that will come after you.

Amnesia: Rebirth 

The Number 4 Amnesia: Rebirth, we have amnesia rebirth and if you’re new to the amnesia series then you should know that remaining in the dark for too long raises your fear levels so you have to stay near light sources but darkness isn’t the only thing you’ll have to worry about there are also creepy monsters that you’ll have to hide from the game takes between an hour and two to get going. It’s really worth your time.

Tormented Souls

The Number 5 Tormented Souls is a classic horror game that’s heavily inspired by the older resident evil and silent hill games. You wake up naked in a bathtub with a tube down your throat and you realize someone took your eyeball after solving a couple of simple puzzles and you’ll find yourself being chased by a guy in a wheelchair and when you tell the priest about it he gives you a nailgun so he can go back to the handicapped guy and shot him.

Top 10 Horror Games play 2022: Gameplay-wise it has some good ideas I don’t think everyone is gonna like the tank controls the typewriter safe system and the horrible voice acting that being said the game is scary and quite interesting so if you’re into classic horror games then I’m sure you’ll like tormented souls but for those of you who prefer more modern gameplay and graphics the next game more suitable for you.

Resident Evil 3

The Number 6 Resident Evil 3, which is way scarier than the resident evil 2 remake due to the nemesis being faster stronger and scarier than Mr x and don’t even waste your time on resident evil resistance you know the shitty online multiplayer mode that capcom shoved down our throats and it’s a real shame this remake doesn’t have the clock tower and the park two locations that are considered some of the best parts of resident evil 3 and that was simply removed from the remake on the bright side though the graphics are pretty impressive especially when it comes to character faces and the new dodge mechanic is a welcome addition.

Top 10 Horror Games play 2022: But all-around I feel like this one was rushed and too much content ended up being cut from the original game now even though like I said this one is scarier objectively speaking resident evil 2 remake was a much better game but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play this one too because both games are really good.

Maid Of Sker

The Number 7 Maid Of Sker forces you to rely on stealth, if you want to stay alive make sure you like walk-in simulators though because this is one of those you’ll be roaming the scur hotel while trying to avoid enemies and if they get too close you’ll have to hold your breath so they can’t hear you and that about everything I have to say about this game.

Little Nightmares II: Enhanced Edition

The Number 8 Little Nightmares II: Enhanced Edition, this puzzle-platformer adventure horror game doesn’t have any blood or gore in it but it’s still scary though so if you have kids and you want to introduce them to the survival horror genre I think little nightmares 2 would be the perfect game to do that. While playing this game you’ll come across some pretty disturbing enemies like the teacher and her long-ass snake neck the atmosphere and soundtrack are great the art style is amazing and the game just got a next-gen upgrade that looks and runs better regardless of the platform you own though you should at least try little nightmares 2.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

The Number 9 we have a remaster Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water originally came out six years ago and this remaster finally allows everyone to play it. So on this game, you’re basically a paparazzi for dead people shitty jokes aside though you actually fight ghosts by taking pictures of them but the most important thing in this game is obviously the jiggle physics hopefully if enough people buy this remaster we’ll get a brand new game on next-gen consoles with some breathtaking graphics for now though the fans will most certainly appreciate this version and It’s worth time.


The Number 10 we have Visage inspired by pt. Visage is a slow-paced extremely scary amazingly looking psychological horror game, in other words, a walk-in simulator in all seriousness though this one is pretty challenging and does a lot of things differently than most horror games so if you’re brave enough pick up visage and just hope that it doesn’t with your head too much by the way for those of you who managed to get a next-gen console visage just got an enhanced edition on PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. It features improved graphics 4k 60fps and haptic feedback support and that’s gonna be it for the best horror games you should play right now.

I did my best to pick all kinds of horror games and most importantly games that came out this year or last year. I hope you enjoy this article and If you haven’t played this game please at least try once.

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