Astroneer Review 2022 | It’s worth buying?


Welcome to the Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Astroneer and what we all know so far.

Astroneer Review 2022 :

Welcome to the Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Astroneer and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Astroneer worth in 2022, Astroneer is actually a crafting adventure game something similar to Minecraft but without an enemy, this game does not have any enemies there are some dangers and there are survival elements but there are other enemies that you need to fight or you can fight or that can kill you except for the plants there are plants that can kill you.

Astroneer Review 2022
Astroneer Review 2022

Astroneer Review 2022: Basically, start a game you land on a planet and the terrain of the planet can be fully manipulated meaning that you can actually destroy and rebuild everything as you see fit so that’s where the comparison to Minecraft actually goes you go around you mine resources, you build your machines and that’s where satisfactory settles in so like in satisfactory you actually can automate your different machines and build well more and more complex things.

You build these machines you mine for more resources and eventually, you will hit a wall where you actually need some resources that do not exist on the planet, and now you will actually need to build a spaceship and you can actually freely travel between different planets which there are seven of in that solar system and while entire game is actually all that you go around, you craft the resources, craft your bases, go around the planets, and build better bases, etc.

So overall the goal of the game does not look very interesting or rather very intriguing however this game is not about the goals this game is all about the gameplay and this game actually features very amazing and very cool gameplay. The survival elements of this game are basically based on two things.

Astroneer Review 2022: The first is that you need a constant supply of oxygen because yeah you need to breathe air and to do so you need to build a system of tethers basically that connects to your oxygenator on your base or you can use your vehicles that have an oxygen supply and you need energy and there are actually two main ways for energy production there is wind or solar but there are also fuel generators as well that you can just constantly run and gameplay loop is basically that you just build minor resources build the better machines, research more interesting stuff, and uncover more and more.

Interesting points on the planets which there are a lot of the planets are actually pretty beautiful and each one of them features various unique places that you can uncover but the main fun and the biggest downfall of this game is actually its interface or rather lack thereof as you can see from gameplay there is a very little interface or hud there’s practically none of it because everything is integrated directly into the game even an inventory system when you go and look into your inventory with a backpack you literally see your backpack and how things are actually sorted there and if you take any of the resources these resources take physical space and if you want to store these resources you literally use a physical space even in large storage facilities that you can build later in the game.

That actually makes the game pretty interesting and pretty fun and you actually see all the fruit of your work and it’s actually pretty fun and pretty amazing but why it’s a downfall well because it’s pretty difficult to get used to it I won’t be lying to you when I started the game first hour of the game was a pretty big chore for me I didn’t like how it worked but when I got used to it after an hour around an hour or two then it got pretty intuitive and it got pretty fun and interesting but you go through this one hour because yeah it’s pretty difficult to find out where the things are and how things work.

Astroneer Review 2022: Overall it can be a bit difficult at first but it’s actually not that difficult and you will get used to it pretty quickly so what’s the final goal of this game well there is none your goal is actually to build more and more and eventually encompass all of the planets of your solar system that basically it there is no overarching goal and no deeper meaning in this game. If you like crafting games and you like this relaxing type of games where you where it’s very difficult to die that this game is absolutely worth it. That’s all today and I hope you enjoy this post. If you play this game please share your experience below the comment section.

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