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Welcome to the Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Rainbow Six Extraction, and what we all know so far.

Rainbow Six Extraction Review :

Welcome to the Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Rainbow Six Extraction, and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Rainbow Six Extraction, Rainbow Six Extraction is a co-op multiplayer shooter game and this game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

Rainbow Six Extraction Review
Rainbow Six Extraction Review

Rainbow Six Extraction Review: Before you buy you know 7 things, Number 1, How it’s played? Extraction is a co-op game with three people or you can play the game completely solo which is a great thing because sometimes you just want to play by yourself and you won’t be held back from progressing in this game for playing solo.

Although it might not be that easy you complete a variety of missions while combating aliens with unique mutations and abilities with almost every enemy being different from the last so using tactics and communication you work with your team to accomplish the mission at hand.

Number 2 Operators, There are 18 total operators as of now with 12 announced and six more to be announced after launch the 12 operators confirmed are gridlock Nomad, Smoke, Ella, Sledge, Alibi, Lion, Vigil Habana, Doc, Finka, and Pulse. And once again six more will be announced after launch and each operator will be progressing I bleeding better equipment and abilities speaking of equipment and abilities.

Number 3 Gear, There are over 60 unique weapons designed for extraction with each operator having their own load-outs and equipment there are 25 gadgets each with specific use to help you and your team get through the containment zone or even help scope out the next area with a drone and my personal favorite block off the door then send grenades through the wall that’ll do it.

Rainbow Six Extraction Review: Number 4 Cross-play, Extraction will feature day 1 cross-play between all systems and there will becross progression meaning you can play on any system you have and continue to progress on the same account with more and more games becoming cross-play I’m glad to see extraction being one of them because in a game like this snappy mouse aim or smooth controller movement will only play a small part because this game is about cooperation and communication.

Number 5 Ranked game mode, After launch, you will be able to play the extraction version of ranked called maelstrom protocol designed for the most hardcore player and the one who has their operators leveled high enough this game mode will be a weekly challenge mode with tiered ranks you move through nine sub-zones that get progressively harder and all objectives must be finished before moving to the next zone, supplies get scarcer and the time limit is reduced in every zone making it increasingly difficult and the enemies in this mode will be much harder than the normal game mode and if you die without extracting you lose all your points gain that round resulting in a dent in your rank and reaching diamond will get you a set of cosmetics to keep in line with the style of rainbow six sieges.

Number 6 Post-launch content, They already have a lot of post-launch game modes cosmetics and operators plant including crisis events which are limited-time events that will have a theme game mode and a new operator for the roster. The first event will be called spillover it’s basically horde mode where you will fight tooth and nail down to the last bullet you can also unlock gadgets cosmetics and lore specific to that crisis event.

Rainbow Six Extraction Review: Finally, Number 7 Price change and buddy pass, The game has lowered in price and is now 39.99 they also announced the buddy pass so if you own the game you can invite two friends to play with you for 14 days which is a great idea if one person in the friend the group gets a game instead of trying to convince the others why they should buy it without playing now they can play and get the full grasp and idea of what the game is and then decide if they want to buy it for themselves and continue their progression.

This game is a bit different than siege if you were expecting something similar but a one to three players tactical co-op game might not be such a bad thing and if you want the game please check the link below. This game will be released on Jan 20th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X, S, Stadia, and Amazon Luna. That’s all guys and I hope you enjoy these details. Let’s share an experience about this game below the comment section.

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