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Welcome to the Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Blackwind, and what we all know so far.

Blackwind Review:

Welcome to the Game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of Blackwind, and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Blackwind, Blackwind is a fast-paced futuristic sci-fi game that includes aliens robots humans and lots of action that takes place in varied environments and this game was developed by Drakkar Dev.

Blackwind Review
Blackwind Review

Blackwind Review: In this game you play as James Hawkins he and his father saw someone shoot down their starship after which James lost contact with his father at the same time James is captured in a battle armor suit and sent down to the planet medusa 42 the planet is infested with evil aliens and the goal is to find James’s father and investigate what is going on on the planet you meet characters who play a vital role in the story some are there to help others want to hurt you in terms of design we talk about different cutscenes or conversations while playing I enjoyed the story it takes some unexpected turns and it’s not predictable.

In addition, most cutscenes have a reasonable length which means that all dialogue works well with the gameplay I didn’t find it boring it’s a smart solution to take part in conversations while playing yourself.

In blackwind, there are three different difficulties easy normal and hard there is the possibility to change the difficulty during the game in the options menu I recommend turning off vibrations if it’s activated it sounds like this when you use your ranged weapon you can also configure the control to your liking and adjust the sound and music the menus cover the most important things and have just as much as is needed for the game to be playable there are also options to play in docked mode or handheld personally I prefer to play docked with the pro controller because my hands are too big for the joy-cons but since you can change buttons on your abilities in the options menu it should work well to play with joy-cons as well.

The enemies mostly consist of insect-like aliens that have varying strengths some are strong in melee combat while others use ranged attacks actually this barrage of projectiles felt really dangerous other enemies havea large health pool and require patience you must damage them over a long period of time until they are eliminated this enemy is pretty cool actually it creates an impenetrable shield that can only be destroyed by a special attack it feels like the game developers have created ahuge variety of enemies that follow the classic template of ranged and melee combat.

Obviously, it seems that he also made smart movement patterns like thismob for example it has a large shelf pool and moves slowly but if you get too close it attacks lightning-fast and does proper damage I like it from time to time you fight against super enemies or bosses their attacks can be really dangerous but the fights are quite a straightforward tank and spank nothing special however some bosses act morelike rp fights this is interesting and it’s not entirely clear which tactic to use.

Usually, you meet a boss shoot it down and then win here the bosses aredesigned in a slightly different way which feels fresh. At the beginning of the game, you mostly run around and shoot down enemies there are a couple of occasional jump puzzles but nothing unique or special it gets monotonous quite quickly and it takes a while before the game takes a new turn namely when you activate the drone unlike the robot the drone has the ability to fly and is much smaller in size it’s a lot of fun because it contributes to a varied gameplay the drone is most often used to get through ventilation systems it’s another type of exploration the drone can find objects that open your doors or for example, new skins but the drone also has the ability to fire projectiles which mean that you go into battle both as a robot and a drone.

Blackwind Review: The game contains a lot of puzzles most often the purpose of the puzzle is to find keys to portals or new upgrades it can be especially difficult in outdoor environments because you don’t have a map available you can get lost you rarely get an indication in which direction to run it’s quite cryptic. This leads to exploration and the possibility to find new paths where new secrets are hidden the puzzles have a special design and often contain elements, where we jump between platforms, run at different height levels and interact with clickable objects for things to happen it’s quite entertaining and challenging at the same time, in addition, some puzzles require an interaction between the drone and the robot this may mean that a robot must open doors while the drone flies in and picks up an item, in my opinion, the puzzles are one of the better aspects of the game.

The camera gives a mixed impression it works well in top-down perspective or when running indoors it’s worse in the outdoor environments it isn’t possible to adjust or rotate the camera you must accept that the camera angle is fixed this becomes problematic because you don’t get a holistic perspective it becomes especially frustrating when you have to solve certain puzzles you simply don’t know what to do because you don thave a clear overall picture of the situation perhaps the camera helps to make the game more challenging but sometimes it just feels frustrating.

The controls are really good and maybe that’s what makes this game entertaining it’s so responsive whether you run jump or in melee combat or use ranged attacks the control works great and this leads to all the skills you have access to.

In the beginning, you can use a couple of basic abilities you have a couple of different melee attacks and quite weak projectiles however there are opportunities to upgrade weapons and attacks particularly cool or ranged attacks if you like the classic spread weapon well then this can be really entertaining. Personally, i thought it became much more fun to be in battlewhen you have a ranged weapon that fire slots of projectiles that do a lot of damage. You can also find new abilities that strengthen your jumping technique this takes the battles in a new direction because it’s now easier to get out of tricky situations by using dash and jump at the same time the new jumps are super long and fast really fun to use actually.

The graphics in the game are different depending on where you are inside the bases you experience the game from atop-down perspective while the outdoor environments give a more three-dimensional feeling above all I like to run around indoors here the developers have created modern and detailed environments that look good. In battle, you often see well-made explosions deadly animations and fights that contain lots of laser beams and grenades it creates a nice futuristic feeling the outdoor environments are perfectly okay but nothing special really but i liked the forest environment it was a nice contrast to many other outdoor environments the sandstorm effect is pretty cool.

Blackwind Review: The game flows well on the Nintendo switch no crashes to report and very few slowdowns sometimes a lot happens at the same time you fight against many enemies and despite all the projectiles moving objects explosions and the like it works well. However, I found a mirror glitch that allows you to leave the entire playing field and run around out of bounds it’s nothing that affects the gameplay itself though also I thought this looked a little funny I’m floating in the air on an invisible platform looks ridiculous as a whole this runs well at least on the Nintendo switch.

Blackwind is an indie game that contains many parts action and interesting story exploratory and puzzle-like elements it doesn’t feel like any part has been compromised but everything works well together, in terms of gameplay, you meet hordes of enemies and with good control the battles become a pleasant experience it’s especially entertaining to use the spread gun and the drone there is the opportunity to play co-op but I personally think that this game works best as a single-player experience.

The graphics are varied many environments to explore if you miss something there is the possibility to use fast travel it can be useful if you want to find all the skins or objects you missed and It’s really worthable. That’s all guys and I hope you enjoy this post. If you buy this game please comment about this game below section.

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