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Best 10 Video Games Storylines :

Welcome to the top 10 this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Best 10 Video Games Storylines and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at the 10 best story games with great plots we take a look back at some of the best games with the most memorable experiences ever made in the gaming industry without further ado.

Best 10 Video Games Storylines
Best 10 Video Games Storylines

Best 10 Video Games Storylines :

The last of us series :

Number one The last of us series, it’s an action-adventure game by the naughty dog the story follows Joel a grizzled and tired survivor tasked with escorting a teenage girl Ellie across the post-apocalyptic lush green world but it’s wild out there the two become virtually inseparable even if they are at first skeptical of one another. Forced together by circumstances in a world where trust and faith are in extremely short supply, they develop a sort of father-daughter relationship as their collective experiences bind them to the interplay between Joel and Ellie as well as the other characters you meet on your adventure is one of the great highlights.

In the last of us as Ellie has immunity against zombies she is captured and prepared for surgery to create a vaccine from her but killing her in the process Joel doesn’t accept this and escapes with Ellie while betraying others the last of us chapter 2 starts out seemingly simple taking place about four years after the end of the first and setting an older angrier but still, immune Ellie on quest revenge that also hones in on the cycles of violence that can plague humanity as much as any infection. Part 2 is peppered with brutal, tragic, and poignant moments that hit harder because you take part in them like it.

The last of us series is a true feat delivering a layered emotionally shattering story on top of stealth and action gameplay a true masterpiece worthy of its rank is number one.

The Witcher Series :

Number two The Witcher series, based on the book series by Polish author Andrei sapkowski. It is an epic action role-playing game the story takes place in a medieval fantasy world that follows Geralt of rivia, one of a few monster hunters who are known as witchers in the witcher 1 witchers suddenly get attacked by a group of assailants who escape with some formula of witcher creation then Geralt pursues this faction while trying to recover his own lost memories when Geralt finally slays the villain and returns to kingfultest with news of his success the king is assassinated by another witcher and Geralt is framed for the king’s murder leading directly into the witcher 2 game.

In this second chapter, Geralt starts his journey again to clear his name by finding the real culprit a concurrent plot of the game is Geralt attempts to recover lost memories learning more about his lover yennefer and the mythical wild hunt which leads to the third game where Geralt searches for his adopted daughter Siri who is on the run from the wild hunt due to her blood powers the Witcher games are known for many different paths and storylines along with multiple endings.

Often there is no clear good or evil you have to choose the lesser or more of two evils the many characters who play a part in the story are also one of the key factors through the quest heavy main story is epic the option of truly amazing and award-winning side quests is where the witcher series really shines they elevate the witcher series to a plane only a few other RPGs inhabit.

Red Dead Redemption 2 :

Number 3 Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland an action-adventure game set in 1899 showing the end of the wild west era. We play Arthur morgan as a gang member after a robbery goes badly wrong Arthur Morgan and his gang are forced to flee. With federal agents and the best bounty hunters in the nation following them, the gang must rob steal and fight their way across the world in order to survive.

The massive world of red dead redemption 2 features so much to explore from the muddy, livestock town, the growing, metropolis of saint, Dennis, snowy mountains, gator infested swamps to thick forests and flat deserts the main story missions themselves are a cocktail of high stakes, heists, deadly shootouts, desperate rescues, and thrilling chases mixed with a lengthy list of other activities red dead redemption 2 stands as one of the greatest games of the modern age it’s a gorgeous depiction of an ugly period that’s patient polished and a huge amount of fun to play and it’s combined with rockstar’s best storytelling to date.

Bioshock Series :

Number 4 Bioshock series, it’s a first-person action RPG set in the late 1940s after world war ii players find themselves trapped in an underwater utopia gone wrong and must genetically enhance themselves to survive the city is called rapture a metropolis built under the sea by the person named Andrew Ryan the driving force behind the game is your quest to discover why this Andrew Ryan’s alluring vision of an artistic utopia failed so completely and why you’ve stumbled upon it.

Best 10 Video Games Storylines: Even though Ryan spits out what seems to resemble totalitarian propaganda you can’t help but sympathize with him the thematic blending and twining of BioShock’s personalities are so powerful it acts like any good book or movie assaulting you with its ideas popping into your thoughts when you least expect it. There is an art of BioShock in the gorgeously realized watery halls of rapture it’s in a little sister’s expression of thanks when you choose to save her or the utter silence if you harvest instead. BioShock stands as a monolithic example of the entertaining gameplay and sinister and engrossing storyline.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Series :

Number 5 Telltale’s the walking dead series, originally released as five episodes starting in 2012. The walking dead game casts us as lee Everett a convicted murderer on his way to the big house however the zombie apocalypse breaks out and gives lee new goals in life. Namely surviving and protecting a little girl named clementine the walking dead is an adventure game but it’s not the kind of adventure game you will expect the big moments come when you choose how lee responds to situations and what he says in conversations with his fellow survivor’s.

Choices in dialogue pop up on the screen with timers and you have seconds to pick exactly what you’re going to do or say whatever you choose and the game moves on adapting its story to each decision every player is tasked with the same goal of protecting clem but the way you do it might be completely different the decisions you’re making at the moment have ripples that go throughout the entire adventure the story is what drives the action here and it’s a tale no one should miss.

Firewatch :

Number six Firewatch, on the strength of its gripping story brilliant branching script holy convincing voice acting performances and stunning art direction it’s easily one of our favorite and most memorable game experiences of this decade once you arrive there in the woods you are the lone ranger fire watch’s powerful ambiance takes hold very quickly.

The story takes place the entire summer with different days and different hours. You’ll rappel down cliffsides climb up rock formations explore the lookout tower that doubles as your home for the summer and more in fact fire watch’s script, unlike most video games, is really tense scary, and funny, sometimes all within a few minutes of each other not a lot of games can successfully claim that it is among the very best of the first person narrative genre and it reminds us what video game storytelling is capable of in the right-hand.

To the moon :

Number seven To the moon, In this little RPG you control two scientists who live in a world where it’s possible to recreate memories this enables you to give dying people a chance to live out their final requests even if only in their minds our scientists start by arriving at the house of a dying elderly man named John, whose last wish is to visit the moon he doesn’t seem to have indicated why so scientists infiltrate his mind and search for clues to discover the root of his desire.

Best 10 Video Games Storylines: Once they’ve traveled through stored up memories from senior citizen to child the plan is to effectively relieve his entire life in reverse to find out why as players explore john’s mundane and heartbreaking life they encounter several strange mysteries, for example, why is his house full of origami rabbits why does his wife seem obsessed with lighthouses the revelations to these miniature mysteries are often as surprising as they are heartbreaking to the moon may be light on gameplay but it is a storytelling powerhouse that explores the themes of love and regret and by the end, you will feel encouraged to reflect on some of the most important relationships in your own life.

Disco Elysium :

Number eight Disco Elysium, it’s an indie masterpiece of the RPG genre that will certainly impact other games in the future. It does what it aims to do in the best way possible that is to tell a story you wake up in a hotel room with no memory of where you are or even of who you are but you’ll quickly learn that you are a detective in charge of solving a murder case as the game progresses the mystery of your identity and the murder case slowly unfold you talk to people and learn important bits of information about everything and it really fits your job as a detective there are a few plot twists that make things incredibly interesting but we won’t spoil them for you.

Instead of getting, a list of main and side quests you only have a list of tasks organized by the date you got them as you play you get to learn how the city you are in was shaped by wars and political events, not only the world in which you’re in has great depth but also do its inhabitants it an engaging thought-provoking and incredibly satisfying experience that you’ll certainly remember for a good while.

Mass Effect Series :

Number 9 Mass Effect Series, Bioware is known for creating some of the most engaging popular, and impactful narratives in the gaming industry. With the mass effect trilogy as one of the best, the world of mass affects the choice is the alien’s romances and above all the characters have become staples of modern pop culture the story of the mass effect trilogy follows Commander Shepard a member of humanity’s systems alliance in a future version of our universe where humans live with co-existing alien races.

During a mission, Shepard comes across a machine that came from a civilization called reapers who are hell-bent on destroying all life in the galaxy, and the shepherd has to save all of them in typical space soap opera fashion, friendship, romance, and politics also present themselves in the narrative a major reason why mass effect has so much appeal even today is how well it blends traditional sci-fi tropes with the videogame genre and is still a grand adventure.

Persona Series :

Number 10 Persona Series, since its arrival in 1996 the series has undergone massive changes each new title has been an impressive improvement on the last coupled with new characters and concepts the franchise explains personal manifestations of the characters personalities more specifically they’re described as a mask each character wears in the face of hardship also shadows, for example, the unconscious aspect of one’s personality a concept that has a lot of negative connotation in the persona series shadows are major foes characters rely heavily on their personas in battle using them to perform more powerful attacks in the early days of the series characters could equip multiple personas in battle.

Later, the gameplay was restricted to the game’s protagonist as of June 2021 the series has sold over 15 million copies worldwide it is often cited as the modern-day horror stories the game has been named as a cult classic and is considered as one of the best jrpgs of all time.

That’s all guys and I hope you enjoy this list. Which one is your favorite game please comment below section.

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