Boundary Game Review | It’s worth playing?


Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Boundary and what we all know so far.

Boundary Game Review :

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Boundary and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Boundary, Boundary is a multiplayer space shooter game and is in an open alpha test right now. Unfortunately, it’s only available on pc at the moment.

Boundary Game Review
Boundary Game Review

Boundary Game Review: When I realized that this is an alpha test and not some open beta shortly before release because the game is so good and runs so smooth without having high system requirements. It’s not lagging or stuttering and doesn’t seem to have any major bugs at least none that I encountered so far. When I started to play this on Monday the only problem was that the game only had a very small player base which resulted in long matchmaking times and hyping servers but luckily this has changed by now after a lot of bigger content creators and streamers have picked up the game and shared it with their communities as well.

So matchmaking times and ping is not a problem anymore but even on those high ping servers the game was running fine and I never had any issues with rubberbanding or bad head wretch, at its core boundary is a classic first-person shooter set in outer space that is kept pretty simple but still offers a lot of great and well-conceived mechanics and unlike other games of the genre where you fly around with spaceships or fight on different planets or space stations you just float through the dark space in zero gravity and the only thing that helps you move around is a booster in your suit and that might sound like the game is slow and clunky but no it’s not.

It is, of course, a bit slower than fast-paced run in gun titles but the movement is still agile and fluent and the controls are very intuitive you have a little bit more time to look around makeout your targets aim and shoot which makes the game less stressful but you also have to be more precise especially since there are different types of damage in the game soldier and booster damage.

Boundary Game Review: The booster is covering the complete back of the soldiers so shooting someone from behind is much harder and takes more bullets than shooting them from the front and when your booster is damaged you need to repair it when only your soldier itself got a few hits you can simply wait behind cover for automatic healing to start and that makes precise shots and wise movement and positioning on the maps even more valuable.

The maps in general mostly look like remains of old space stations and provide loads of cover and room to slip through and flank, the only thing that could be improved here is the notification for getting out of bounds because the boundaries of the maps are pretty small and you easily float out of bounds while flanking or during a gunfight and with a small on-screen notification you don’t really recognize it immediately and then the timer is over and you die and have to respawn, but that’s one of only two things that I found a bit annoying so not really any major problems to complain about.

The second thing is the character quips because they break the immersion and relaxing atmosphere a little bit but the game gives you the option to lower their volume or even turn them off completely in the audio settings, so not much of a problem, and besides these two small points there is a lot of great gameplay experience with different maps, modes, weapons, characters, and customizations. There are four maps available during the alpha, that are played in two game modes one is called purge which is a 5 vs 5 competitive mode and based on team deathmatch but without respawns.

So when you die you have to wait until the start of the next round to play again best out of 5 rounds wins the match if you shouldn’t be able to eliminate all opponents in time or one is hiding somewhere and you can’t find them you also have the option to capture a flag at the end of the round to win it, in addition, you can also revive your down teammates to get them back into the game.

The second mode is called capture which is similar to domination and call of duty or battlefield there are three objectives to capture and defend and the longer you hold them the more points you gain, halfway through the teams switch sides when you die and turn into this air bubbly thing you can instantly respawn without any significant waiting times which gives the mode a nice flow. As soldiers, there are three different characters available at the moment with different strangers and abilities but I’m sure we will see even more characters in the full game.

The one you start with is Sergeyev who is also the most versatile character and has pretty balanced stats of health armor and mobility. The other two Alexandra and Xiaomi can be unlocked by playing and increasing your overall level and having different stats.

Boundary Game Review: Alexandra is the heavy tank class with maxed out health and armor but on the cost of mobility for Zhao Ji it’s the other way around this character has the highest mobility but lower health and armor, in addition, they all have access to different weapons and special abilities that underlie in their general characteristics. Sergeyev, for example, has a compressor shield for his suit to be able to resist more damage Alexandra, on the other hand, can intercept incoming grenades and Zhao ji can equip a little repair drone that can patch the suits of you and your teammates on the side and then they all have access to different special weapons like rocket launchers or emp blasts.

So it’s definitely not getting boring in space and you can perfectly set up your character and the loadouts for your playstyle same with the weapons and customizations.Eeach character has access to different weapons like lmgs, assault rifles, SMGs, or sniper rifles but the types are all different Sergeyev issuing other weapons than Alexandra or Zhai Ji, for example, but they always fit to the characters themselves a lighter character is using lighter weapons while a heavy character has access to heavy weapons, in addition, you can unlock several attachments and skins for all of them that you can easily test on the shooting range just click add to try out next to a weapon or attachment and you get instantly set into the range to test everything when you’re done you simply exit with escape and you’re back in the weapons menu without any long loading times that’s a pretty cool mechanic and makes it is much easier to find the right setup.

All weapons attachments and characters are unlocked with your overall level and only some of the cosmetics like weapons and soldier skins can be bought with in-game currency that you also receive after each match. In the full game, there will also be a premium currency available with which you can buy cosmetics with real money and a battle pass but for now, this is marked as work in progress the gunplay itself is also pretty good even though the huge crosshair seems a bit strange at the beginning but you quickly realize that your bullets always go where you shoot them if your aim is precise for some reason sniping is even more satisfying than.

It is in a normal shooter maybe because of the higher difficulty when aiming due to the zero-gravity or simply because of the great sound design I don’t know but it’s a bit like ASMR for shooter players to make your shots more accurate you can also land on all parts of the map and slowly walk on them. So overall I’m really surprised how good boundary already is in its alpha and I can honestly see me playing this for hours and hours once it is fully released at some point this year.

It is relaxing has a lot of good gameplay mechanics a good map design great gunplay loads of different customization options for your character and their weapons and most important no major bugs or issues that would break the immersion or gaming experience. That’s all guys and I hope you enjoy this game review. If you like this review please support us and join our gaming community.

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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Boundary and what we all know so far.Boundary Game Review | It's worth playing?