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Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Babylon Fall and what we all know so far.

Babylon Fall Review :

Welcome to the game review this is often more of an informational Post about all or any more details of the Babylon Fall and what we all know so far.

Today we are going to look at Babylon Fall is a third-person action RPG with hack and slash combat lots of loot to collect a painted art style and some live service elements.

Babylon Fall Review
Babylon Fall Review

Babylon Fall Review: The game has two main focus points and those are the home base and the missions, of course, there is going to be some inventory management and a gear screen to consider but you can’t actually do any of that during a mission. The demo gives you a somewhat limited character creator and asks you to pick a faction you can choose from the huisian, who are refined seafarers from the east the agrarian, who are noble soldiers from the mountains or the galleon, who are noted as skilled hunters from the western isles.

The faction that you choose at the start of the game affects which abilities will be available to you and your choice can not be changed later on after you’ve sorted all the character stuff you’ll get some story and some cut scenes that give you context as to what’s going on although as you’d expect it is quite vague you’ll then be dropped into the hub area of the game where you do all of your character management. Some services and vendors are gated off until you’ve spoken to certain characters and cleared a few of the missions but there’s a couple of things you’ll have access to there’s a general store run by pygmalion and galatea where you can buy and sell most items such as gear emblems and banners.

The in-game money that you earn is called conchs and as far as I can tell this is the common free currency that doesn’t cost any real cash if you look at the tabs at the top right corner you’ll notice that the free currency shop is the third one along because you know of course it is and the first page that opens up when you enter the shop is, of course, the premium currency page because again, of course, it is it looks like you’ll be able to buy a currency called guerras or garage or something like that which will have its own section in the shop.

Babylon Fall Review: Now obviously, I wish this wasn’t a thing at all but I have no idea how bad this will turn out or what the prices will be looking back however the history of live service pricing does not fill me with confidence you’ll also be meeting the blacksmith the mission giver and the lady in charge known as Sophia as you explore the hub. When you’re ready to go out on a mission you simply need to head to the mission board and pick one up you can play solo with friends or with randoms although I could never get the matchmaking to work not even once and that is not a good sign.

The game is not the open world and from what I’ve played it seems very limited in scope you have the hub area and then you walk to the missions which are all rather linear and then you walk back to the hub when you’re finished and that seems about it the mission structure is also pretty lackluster and underwhelming at least as far as I’m concerned you warp into the mission and then you move through the linear level until you reach a large room once in this room the exits will all be sealed and you’ll need to defeat all the enemies that spawn in order to move on then you move along through the linear level again and you get to another room rinse and repeat you’ll also be scored and get better rewards based on how well you do in each encounter.

There are some items to collect and chests to open along the way but apart from that it always points a to point b to point c and then back to the hub combat wise you have to access to four weapons at any one time and you can dodge and jump if need be weapons act differently depending on where you slot them in your inventory so as an example I’m playing this on PS5 so the square button is always a weak attack and triangle is always a heavy attack so if I put my sword into the square slot and the hammer into the triangle slot the sword will produce quick weak attacks by pressing square and pressing triangle will result in slower harder-hitting attacks with the hammer.

You could then decide to switch them up if you want to and have the hammer slotted to square for quicker attacks and the sword as the heavy attacks equipped triangle you’ll also be able to equip two more pieces of gear to l2 and r2 and these can be activated at any time even during your own attacks and when you’ve been knocked down you essentially have two weapons that you wield and two weapons that attach to some sort of ghost arms that you can use at any time and again you can put anything you want onto any one of these four buttons you could even puta shield onto the r2 button and have it up defending you while you’re attacking as an example as you might expect all of the gear has its own stats and bonuses as well as a power level which is essentially an overall gear score like you would find in destiny or the division.

When you discover and acquire gear from chests or dropped from enemies you won’t be able to do anything with them until the end of the mission you can’t find a new pair of boots and then equip them during the mission as an example as always gear has a rarity color and in this game starts life as a relic at the end of a mission those relics are appraised which reveals what they actually are then when you arrive back at the hub you’re free to equip your new stuff or sell what you don’t want and so as you can probably see the game seems to be very repetitive and you know that’s not always a negative.

Babylon Fall Review: If I find the gameplay fun enough I can play the game over and over with no issue I mean I did it for years with destiny 2 until they started getting too greedy for my liking and of course I love the warriors and muso style games I think this game could have been fun but the combat is and this is just my personal feeling awful it’s not the worst I’ve ever played but to me, it does not feel good to play as I said earlier this game is being developed by platinum games who have a great track record with action-RPGs they’ve given us some great games including Bayonetta near automata astral chain and transformers devastation to name but a few the first Bayonetta game had a combat feature that followed through into all of those games and that was called witch to time a state that’s triggered.

When performing a perfect dodge that slows downtime for all of your enemies but not for you allowing for some very satisfying counter attacks that feature is present in Babylon’s fall but in my opinion, it feels very poorly done and implemented like it’s an imitation or a copy by a studio with much less experience and you know I don’t say this kind of things lightly but the entire combat system in Babylon’s fall feels like a huge miss from such a legendary studio. It really is quite strange I mean during a fight the character’s movement feels really sluggish and imprecise trying to target the correct enemy feels very clunky and your character will often swing at completely the wrong monster despite you holding the stick in the correct direction even the witch time perfect dodge mechanic doesn’t work very well.

In games like transformers devastation slowing downtime with a perfect dodge allowed you to get a few hits on the enemy and then they would stagger allowing you to further your combo and provide a satisfying end to the counter-attack.

In this game, though you slow down time and before you can even connect your first attack just kind of fizzles out and they slap, you in the face anyway now, of course, some people might just say we’ll get better at the game and sure that is a valid point but it’s something you really have to feel for yourself in the gameplay it feels like the enemies barely have to look in your direction for you to flinch and stop your attacks whereas they rarely stagger and soak up hit after hit like it’s nothing they have an incredible amount of hp and it feels just I don’t know irritating annoying and intentionally frustrating to play and on top of that the enemies you fight are really quite bland and generic looking except perhaps for one of the bosses he was pretty cool but the fight he was in was not you fight this huge humanoid boss named xenon and it was like pulling teeth I mean honestly I don’t know maybe it was just me or something but locking onto him and trying to attack him.

In certain ways just made the camera screw up constantly plus the chains that are all over the ceiling don’t have that translucent effect so they were always blocking my vision the whole fight just felt really off and I did manage to kill him the first time which is the footage that you’re seeing here but it really to me was not fun at all. And lastly, I have to talk about the visuals now I get that it’s a choice and it’s something that the developers chose to do here but in my opinion, I think it looks absolutely abysmal it just flat out doesn’t work for me there were a few moments where I was like oh that looks you know kind of nice but ninety percent of the time it just looks bad to me I don’t know what to say.

They’ve gone for a painted look with some things looking like watercolor paint and other things looking like acrylic paint smears but instead of just applying these as a texture to the in-game assets they’ve used what seems to be a filter over the entire screen it kind of ebbs and flows constantly and moves around like it’s not a static image it doesn’t stay still and it just kind of moves everywhere it’s really off-putting and really kind of ugly in my opinion.

There was one cool use of it though I don’t think I got footage of this I’m not sure if I did you’ll be seeing it here but you know in some games where buildings and details switch to a lower res version of the same thing the further you get away from the well in this game it does kind of do that but it changes the low res details into a sort of smeared paint effect this means the further away you get the more it looks like a painting and I thought that was kind of clever and I thought it looked quite good in most instances but then you add that weird filter back over it and it just ends up looking horrible also.

I don’t know how you guys feel about it but I’m not keen on having the gear floating around behind you like that I get that it’s thematical and it does make sense in terms of the narrative and the story but you can already see what you have equipped in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Babylon Fall Review: So why do you need to see it floating behind you like that and so I think at the end of the day you’ve got combat that feels like a chore to play visuals that in my opinion make the game worse linear lackluster missions and then live service crap on top and I just don’t know what to say really I don’t like to tear into games I want games to be good and I want them to succeed but I’ve barely heard or seen any hype surrounding this game at all and if I had to guess I bet that it’s going to be absolutely dead-on-arrival. so all in all if you have some kind of interest in seeing how this game plays for yourself there is a demo available right now for free.

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